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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 012

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 12 – Luo Xiu’s Knife


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With half-suspicious and half-believing in Luo Xiu, Ye Weiling stuck out her tongue and licked her lips, and then…. a strong taste of salty and bitterness immediately enveloped her taste buds.


“Pui Pui Pui! It is too salty and …. too bitter!”


“What the hell is this?”


Ye Weiling was spitting saliva all over the floor. Her hands had balled into fists and she was plummeting Luo Xiu.


Luo Xiu laughed out loud, and in his heart, he was glad to have tricked his sister. “Haha”




The rest of the people in the restaurant looked at the pair of siblings and their mouths fell open in astonishment.


This is the first time that they had seen someone who joked around during a chef battle.


Li Yuan had just managed to break apart the eggshell, and added some spices to the egg. He looked up and smiled as he asked, “Chen Lao, I think this guy had gone off the deep end.”


“Why else would he behave like this?”


Manager Chen shook his head at Li Yuan’s words, “Maybe. It could be because you tried to take over the restaurant left to him by his late father.”


“Remember to give him more money. This child…. from young he could not smell or taste anything, and is quite pitiful!”


Manager Chen sighed, and his eyes seemed to look at Luo Xiu with a hint of pity.


No sane people would engage in play during a chef battle, or do such a thing. Watching Luo Xiu, it appears as if Luo Xiu was not cooking, but was creating trouble for himself.


And he even teased his sister.


If they are not crazy then what are they?


Luo Xiu did not care about the pairs of eyes that were looking at him and giving him strange looks. He was still caught in the joy of finally refining the salt.


“Brother, you have become naughtier!”


Ye Weiling was quite annoyed with Luo Xiu, and her eyes seemed to be full of grievance.


Luo Xiu just shrugged his shoulders, “You are the one who wanted to try this. Now you blame me for it?”


Ye Weiling immediately pointed her index finger at Luo Xiu in anger, and was about to let off a tirade against Luo Xiu, when she heard the voice of her brother, “I am still engaged in a chef battle!”




The words ‘Chef Battle’ brought Ye Weiling back to her senses. She immediately behaved herself, “Brother, you are having a chef battle, and you still dare to joke with me?”


“I do not have to play around with you, I still need to cook!”


When he said the word ‘cook’, Luo Xiu becomes very excited. For a chef, there is nothing more exciting than to use rare ingredients to cook.


“Brother, you really are cooking, arh? Using that very bitter tasting stuff called salt and Deeson Fruit?”


As soon as Ye Weiling thought of the combination of these two foods, the hair on her body immediately rises up.




Then she shivered uncontrollably and her face turned green.


This type of dish should be…. extremely foul tasting?


“I swear, I will not eat this. I will really not eat this!”


“If you want someone to eat it, you better give it to Old Huang (the neighbour’s dog). I bet that even it will not eat the food you cook!”


Ye Weiling said this, and immediately retreated to a corner of the restaurant. But the face of Manager Chen immediately changed colour.


Because later, as a judge, he needs to eat it to judge the dish!


“Chen Lao, you really have to endure the taste!”


Li Yuan broke into peals of laughter.  But his hand movements were not slow at all. He placed the egg into a container, added some warm water, and insert the container into the Tibetan Iron Stove, and stewed it.


This stove has already been heated.


Now that it is still warm, it is perfect for braising the egg.


“Luo Xiu, you can start the countdown. In a short while, this restaurant and the land you are standing on will no longer belong to you!”


Li Yuan smirked, and looked at Luo Xiu. He was very confident that Luo Xiu is sure to lose.




Luo Xiu had picked up a Deeson Fruit, and suddenly he raised his head, “I feel that in the next few minutes, you would not be able to laugh anymore!”


“Oh?” Li Yuan was surprised.




Just when Luo Xiu was talking, a knife suddenly appeared in Luo Xiu’s hand. Then his hand with the hand descended and slice towards the Deeson Fruit.


‘Sha Sha Sha!’


The sound of few cuts rang out, but Luo Xiu did not seem to have moved at all. But the large Deeson Fruit in front of Luo Xiu suddenly become 10 + pieces.




Li Yuan facial expression seemed to have frozen. The face of his, which was full of laughter just a second before immediately stop in shock.


He really could not laugh anymore.


The most surprised person is Manager Chen. He had thought that Luo Xiu is nuts, and now he only saw a flash of light and the Deeson Fruit was slice into pieces. This gave him a fright.


“There are more surprises waiting for you. Look carefully, do not blink, arh!”


Luo Xiu smiled at Li Yuan and Manager Chen, “My knife speed is quite fast. But since you wanted to watch, I will slow down a bit!”


With the kitchen knife in his hand, Luo Xiu immediately focused on the task at hand and stopped the war of words with Li Yuan. He looked very earnest.




The strange sound rang out again, and the knife in Luo Xiu’s hand moved. But where are Luo Xiu’s hands? It had become a blur, and seemed to have turned into a large number of shadows!


‘Dang Dang Dang!’


Up and down straight cuts.


The sound of the knife hitting the chopping block was not noisy. On the contrary, the sound is still very sweet, forming an incredible melody and beat. But it is very scary to watch how this melody was created.


Then the melody changed. It became a very dense sound, like the sound of a heavy rain hitting on the banana leaves. It is not fierce, but constantly rang out, and seemed to fall into a rhythm, like the quick beating of a wet leather drum.


“Wow! Brother, you are amazing!”


Ye Weiling was the first to shout. This time, she could see it much more clearly.


She knew that Luo Xiu had superb knife skills. But this time, the knife skills that he had demonstrated seem even more impressively.


As for butcher Huang, his eyes nearly popped out of his head. He is someone who butchers and cut meat every day for a living. But compared to Luo Xiu’s knife skills, he seemed like a novice. He could not even see how Luo Xiu cut the Deeson Fruit. All he could see is the flash of the blade, as if each cut was very discreet and could not be detected. But the sound of the knife cutting the Deeson Fruit rang in his ears and told him that he is not dreaming.


“This…. This is after he had slowed down?”


The moustached man swallowed hard. He could not believe it as he remarked. His eyes were glued to Luo Xiu’s hands, and was trying to trace the movements of Luo Xiu’s hands with his eyes.


This is really incredible!


This is the first time he had seen such superb knife skills.


Even the legendary Metal attribute Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers are not as fast as Luo Xiu?


But he did not anticipate that Luo Xiu had heard his remarks, and turned his head around to smile at him, “It is already very slow, arh…..” But the latter’s hands did not even slow down when he did that.


Luo Xiu shrugged his shoulders. Frankly speaking, what Luo Xiu said was the truth. He had already slowed down a lot. If he really used the full extents of his knife skills, he reckoned that everyone here will probably kneel down in shock.


But just this much is already enough to let everyone who was watching him to stand there, dumbfounded. They were ready to kneel.


In their eyes, Luo Xiu’s slow movements are extremely fast, and had exceeded the boundaries of their knowledge.


“All right, I will demonstrate the fast speed!”


“Watch carefully!”


After he had sliced all the Deeson Fruit, he began to cut it into a thread. This thread requires very quick and precise knife skills, and must be completed in one shot.


Therefore, the speed of his knife suddenly increased


At first, everyone could see some shadows. But this time, they could only hear the sound of the knife cutting into the potato, and could not even see the shadows or the hand!


The ultimate knife skills, or probably better than that!





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