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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 010

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 10 – Kitchen Battle, Start!


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“Who decreed that the Deeson Fruit could not be used to cook?”

Luo Xiu words momentarily stunned Li Yuan and Manager Chen. For a moment, both of them were rendered speechless.

Then the laughter of Li Yuan rang out, “Hahaha, yes, you are right! Deeson Fruit could be used to make a dish!”

“Haha, using Deeson Fruit as the main ingredient?”

Li Yuan’s expression become extremely arrogant as he sneered, “I think you had become stupid from being soaked in the sea water for too long!”

“I think that a chef like you is nothing to be proud of!” Luo Xiu retorted.

After saying that, he returned to the stove.

From the beginning, he remained calm.

Li Yuan was about to argue back, but when he raised his head, Luo Xiu, who was standing in front of him, had disappeared. He turned his head and saw Luo Xiu was looking into the broken urn. Overcame by anger at the perceived rude gesture, he said, “Luo Xiu, I, Li Yuan swear that if you can use the Deeson Fruit to create a dish that would win me in a chef battle, I will not ever be a chef again for the rest of my life!”

“Deeson Fruit!” Li Yuan snickered.

Li Yuan could not help but feel that Luo Xiu was courting his own death. A chef using this sort of inferior ingredient is not worthy to challenge him to a chef battle.

“I will let you know why I am a qualified chef, while you…. are just a commoner!” Li Yuan leered.


A stove that is several times larger than Luo Xiu was carried by 3 of Li Yuan’s aides and placed in front of him.

That stove seemed to be made of metal, and from the crashing sound as it was placed on the floor, it looks extremely heavy.

“Tibetan iron melting stove!”

Luo Xiu had heard of this stove before. It is made using a rare metal found in this world – Tibetan iron.

This type of stove can withstand very high temperatures, and get heated easily. As well, it is very good at keeping the temperature constant.

After using the fire to heat up the stove, you can turn off the fire, but the temperature of the stove would remain constant.

This appliance is almost like constant temperature furnace in the modern world [2].

Luo Xiu’s father used to have such a stove, but it was sold by Ye Weiling.

“Did you see that? This is the difference between you and me!”

“You could only use the most basic type of stove. As for my stove, it could control the temperature of the dish, and is much better than yours by many times!”

Li Yuan sneered, and his eyes could not hide his disdain for Luo Xiu, “Your ingredients could not be compared to mine! Your cooking utensils could not be compared to mine! And you still think you can defeat me? You are dreaming!”

“Young master, here are the ingredients that you asked for!”

At this moment, the figure of an aide of Li Yuan’s carrying an egg that was half as big as a human head came into view. He carefully placed the egg on the makeshift stage.

In addition to the egg, there were several small packets of spices as well as a big jar of mountain spring water.


Li Yuan nodded his head in satisfaction. He examined the large egg. On the eggshell there were numerous complex red coloured lines, and it looks very impressive.

[Ban Zhi] egg!

[Ban Zi] is a creature that is domesticated as ‘livestock’ in this world. It is similar to a chicken, except that it is a lot bigger.

In this world, [Ban Zi] is considered a low-level beast.

The horse-like creature that Li Yuan had ridden on is called a [Feng Yu]. Like the [Ban Zi], it is considered a low-level beast. But the [Ban Zi] is much faster than the [Feng Yu] and could travel 1,000 li a day.

“This egg that I am using is the top quality [Ban Zi] egg. A [Ban Zi] can only produce 10 such eggs in its lifetime!”

The red colour marking on the eggs resemble a Phoenix Tail. Therefore, this type of egg is named ‘Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] egg!’

This type of egg is guaranteed to hatch into a small [Ban Zi] chick. In addition, it has a small chance to evolve the [Ban Zi] chicken into a medium level beast, [Fire Ban Zi]. But this requires the help of a spiritual chef with the Light attribute.

In this world, chefs are highly respected. But among all the chefs, there is a group of people who are considered at the apex – and these are the spiritual chefs.

Even the Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers are all servants to spiritual chefs.

You can say that spiritual chefs can control the lives of the Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers and determine if they live or die.

Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers with the Metal attribute are specially selected to cut the ingredients, and the lower level kitchen helpers may be required to catch spiritual beasts to get the meat; Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers with the wood attribute is required to grow all kind of vegetables. Regardless of the attribute that a Kitchen Xiuzhen practicers have, they are all servants of a spiritual chef.

This is because their cultivation is dependent on the spiritual food that the spiritual chef cooks.

To become a spiritual chef, you must meet two criteria:

  1. To have achieved the [Grand chef] rank
  2. Have light and fire attributes

Fire attribute is a chief requirement for [Spiritual chef].

Without fire to cook, it is extremely difficult to make the food.

And Light attribute is considered an attribute that is superior to fire. It could make spiritual food that could heal injuries, improve cultivation etc.

And the dishes that were cooked by spiritual chef could be eaten by beasts as well.

Of course, using the Light attribute to improve the Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] egg could improve the chance of hatching a Fire [Ban Zi].

This is the spiritual chef’s ability.

And in the church in Snow Moon city, there is such a chef in estate. This chef role is to protect the peace in Snow Moon City!


“Are the two of you ready to begin?”

Manager Chen looked at Li Yuan and Luo Xiu. Both of them nodded their heads, and he immediately declared, “Then the chef battle begins!”

He glanced at Luo Xiu, and saw that Luo Xiu really chose to use the Deeson Fruit as an ingredient. He shook his head, and in his eyes, a trace of pity appeared.

This young man is definitely bonkers!

The group of neighbours also could not help breaking out into a sweat. They had thought that Luo Xiu will be making the Deeson Fruit that he had just made. Although that dish was delicious, it is not enough to defeat Li Yuan.

“Let’s pray for a miracle!”

“Yeah! This is the only thing that old Ye left behind!”

The moustached man and butcher Huang immediately broke into a gossip. To Ye Weiling’s surprise, she saw Luo Xiu poured the seawater in the urn into a pot.

The two sides had already begun the chef battle.

On Li Yuan’s side, they also begin to get busy. A few aides were carefully breaking apart the Phoenix Tail [Ban Zi] egg, and extracting the egg white and egg yolk.

“Brother, this is?”

Ye Weiling looked at the seawater in the pot.

This urn seemed to be something that her brother brought back from the sea.


Luo Xiu did not even lift his head as he barked back.

“Seawater? Why did you bring the seawater back?”

Ye Weiling could not make heads or tails of her brother’s behaviour. Today he is very strange.

“To cook! This seawater is a very good spice!”


Luo Xiu had not finished speaking, but a small, white hand had already been placed on his head, “No fever arh! Did you know that seawater is poisonous?”

“If you use it to cook, in the best case, the person eating the food will vomit. If it is a serious case ….. !”

Ye Weiling seemed to a have an expression on her face indicating that she is an expert, and that Luo Xiu should listen to her.

Luo Xiu had already picked up an iron pot. He filled the 1/3 of the pot with water, and placed it on the stove to boil it.

“Did you hear a word I say?”

Ye Weiling placed her hands on her hips, and looked very angry.

Luo Xiu turned around, flicked her on her head, and said, “Just sit somewhere quietly! All you need to do is to eat later!”

Having said that, he found a piece of clean cloth, and placed it on top of the iron pot.

Luo Xiu dared to bet that this iron pot is definitely heavier than the pots on earth.

Just a small iron pot is already several jin in weight.

What Luo Xiu wanted to do is to make salt from the seawater.

Just as what Ye Weiling had said, normal seawater can be poisonous, and also taste bitter.

If you drink just a bit of seawater, you may not feel any adverse effects. But if you drink too much seawater, you may feel dehydrated. In very serious case, you could be poisoned. Because seawater not only contains sea salt, it also contains traces of magnesium chloride, calcium carbonate and potassium. In addition, there may be traces of sand, mud and other stuff.

Therefore, what Luo Xiu wants to do is to remove all the harmful products from the seawater, and create sea salt.

You can make sea salt from seawater, and most children had learnt this in science class.

As a master chef, Luo Xiu had made use this common knowledge in the past.

“Salt… I will unleash this taste into this world!”

“The Country of Fine Cuisine will become more chaotic!” Luo Xiu smiled. Somehow his smile looks a bit sinister.

Li Yuan glanced at Luo Xiu, and felt that Luo Xiu was not cooking in earnest. What he is doing is nothing short of making trouble! He looked down on Luo Xiu and did not consider Luo Xiu a serious competitor in this chef battle.

But little did he know that what Luo Xiu is making right now is the most important spice for humans, and is also the most often used spice – salt!



[1] 地生果 – In Chinese, it is pronounced as ‘Di Sheng Guo’ – I translated it as Deeson Fruit.





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