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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 008

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 8 – Spiritual Test


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“Li Yuan….”


Luo Xiu was about to enter the kitchen when saw the man who just walked into his restaurant. He suddenly smiled.


It is this man who wanted to take over the restaurant and even tried to kill Luo Xiu.


This man thinks that just because he is a chef, he can do anything and get away with it.


This time, Luo Xiu will teach him a lesson!


“Boss Luo, Li Yuan sends his greetings!”


Li Yuan face was full of smiles as he walked into the restaurant. Besides him are several aides. These aides are his students, and normally they also protect him.


In this world, chefs reign supreme.


Therefore, there are many people that desire to learn cooking from the chefs and willingly be their aides.


“I dare not receive your greetings!” Luo Xiu turned around and retorted.


The neighbours who were standing beside Luo Xiu looked at Li Yuan in anxiety. They did not say a word.


They all knew about the grudge between Luo Xiu and Li Yuan.


In not for the help of these neighbours, Ye Weiling and Luo Xiu may find themselves a lot worse off.


Many times, they had lent a helping hand to this pair of brother and sister.


That is also why Luo Xiu agreed to let them eat the Deeson Fruit French fries that he had made.


“Hehe, just now, one of my aides told me that you are willing to sell the Nine Gates Restaurant to me?”


Li Yuan found himself a seat, and sat on a chair. Looking at Luo Xiu, he sneered, “It is great that Boss Luo could think things over!”




“Young Boss Luo, do not sell the restaurant. This restaurant is old Ye’s blood and sweat!”


“Right! If you have any difficulties, let us know. We will definitely help you!”


The neighbours heard Li Yuan words and immediately panic. Luo Xiu just calmly waved his hand, “I will definitely not sell this Nine Gates Restaurant!”


“You want this Nine Gates Restaurant?”


Luo Xiu stared at Li Yuan, and slowly he said, “I give you a chance. Fight a chef battle with me. If you win, the Nine Gates Restaurant will belong to you….”


“Brother—“  Hearing this, Ye Weiling turned pale.


This is not selling Nine Gates Restaurant?


Chef battle is a culinary competition and a way to settle grudges between chefs. But both parties must agree to the stakes in this chef battle for it to proceed.


“Shut up!”


Luo Xiu glared at Ye Weiling. Ye Weiling was shocked. She did not say another word out of curiosity. From Luo Xiu’s face, she saw a fierceness that she had never seen before.


It was as if a legendary weapon had been suddenly unsheathed, and displayed its amazing sharpness.


The neighbours in the restaurants were also shocked by Luo Xiu’s aura.




Li Yuan suddenly laughed out loud, and laughed happily, “Chef battle? You and me?”


“Luo Xiu, you must be kidding!!”


Suddenly Li Yuan’s face look very fierce as he sneered, “You are just a worm that could not smell or taste anything! You are not fit to  challenge me to a chef battle!”


“Me, I am a qualified chef that is certified by the Templars!”


Li Yuan was very proud, arrogant and haughty, and his face revealed that he looked down on Luo Xiu.


“Woah….. very impressive!” Luo Xiu sneered.


Luo Xiu just shook his head, and ignored Li Yuan’s haughty tone as he asked, “So you do not want this Nine Gates Restaurant?”


“Want, of course, I want!”


Li Yuan suddenly stood up, and he looked very pleased, “Since you just give it to me, how can I not… don’t accept your gift. [1]”


“Then why did you spout so much rubbish?”


Luo Xiu continued, “I thought you were scared of me.”


“What? Me? Scared of you?”


Li Yuan face was asking if Luo Xiu is an idiot, “I am a qualified chef, why should I be afraid of you, a man who cannot smell or taste anything?”


“Then you should agree to the chef battle, and invite the Templars to witness this battle. But before we do that, we need to make clear the terms of the chef battle. If I lose, the Nine Gates Restaurant will become yours. But what if you lose?”


“Me? Lose ?”Li Yuan snickered, “How can I lose?”


“If you lose, you commit suicide in front of me!”


Luo Xiu stared intently at Li Yuan. Seeing Luo Xiu glare, Li Yuan suddenly and inexplicably felt a chill going down his spine. This guy, why are his eyes full of confidence?


The Luo Xiu standing right in front of him is totally different from the Luo Xiu he knew. The Luo Xiu he knew is a coward and have little to no confidence.


But the Luo Xiu right now seemed to be full of confidence, and he bravely challenges Li Yuan. It was as if he had a strange encounter [2].


“Strange encounter…..”


Once he thought about this, he could not help feeling worried.


Li Yuan had been wondering why Luo Xiu did not die. Looking at Luo Xiu now, he did not have 100% certainty that he would win the chef battle.


“This guy seemed to be intended on challenging me to a chef battle, he must have some advantage that would allow him to win. But …… I must get hold of the Nine Gates Restaurant!”


Thinking of these, Li Yuan secretly put his hand into his sleeve, while his other hand immediately covered his nose.


“Chi La!”


The bag of spice that he had just purchased was dispersed into the surrounding air.


In a very short span of time, the entire Nine Gates Restaurant was covered in a pungent smell.


“Arhh choo!”


Countless people within the restaurant suddenly sneezed repeatedly. But Luo Xiu….. he just stood there, as if he was unaffected by the sneezing fit.


“His senses of smell and taste….. had not been recovered!”


Li Yuan eyes immediately lit up. He was able to become a qualified chef, of course, he is not stupid. In reality, he could be considered a very clever man.


This bag of spices that he had opened and scattered had a strange property. Anyone who smells it will immediately sneeze. But looking at Luo Xiu, who seem unaffected, it would mean that he could not smell the spice at all.


“Almost…. got tricked by you! There is no such thing as a strange encounter! Having lost your senses of smell and taste, I bet you could not cook properly!”


Li Yuan thought. But he was a cunning man, and would not risk his life. “There are countless people who wanted my life. You really thought that this Nine Gates Restaurant could be worth what my life is worth?”


“How about this, if I lose, I will swear to the Templars that I will never again try to take over Nine Gates Restaurant in my lifetime!”


“Add an arm and it is a deal!”


Li Yuan shook his head, “Luo Xiu, are your crazy? If I lost an arm, how do I cook?”


“Then if you lose, you will give me your spot for the spiritual test!”


“Spot for the spiritual test?”


Li Yuan frowned. This spiritual test is to test if a person could become a kitchen Xiuzhen practicer or become a spiritual chef.


All chefs who are below the age of 18 could accept the Templars’ spiritual test.


This spiritual test will reveal a person’s talent and reveal if he had any spiritual inclinations.


This is also the reason why chefs are so well regarded. Once they were found to have a shred of spiritual inclination, they will become soaring dragons and become a kitchen Xiuzhen practicer. If their spiritual inclination is fire or light element, they could even become a spiritual chef.


A spiritual chef stands at the apex of this world!


Even the templars had to pay their respects and greet a spiritual chef!


“Is there a problem? You seemed to be really scared of me!” Luo Xiu continued to provoke Li Yuan.


And Li Yuan was also very clear that Luo Xiu was trying to provoke him.


“Just a spot for the spiritual test! If I lose, I can still ask my father for one more spot!”


Once he thought about this, he immediately let out a roar of laughter, “Just a spot for the spiritual test! Did you really think that….. I am scared of you!”


“The fact is, you are really scared of me. If not, why did you not bet on your life?”


Luo Xiu grinned. He wanted Li Yuan to bet on his life and kill himself when he lost.


And Li Yuan also knows this, and his eyes flashed his killing intent, “I am not a crazy man!”


“After this battle, I must definitely come up with a way to get rid of this man once and for all!” Li Yuan thought.


Li Yuan made his way out of the door, “I will invite the Templars to be a witness to the chef battle. As for you, you should quietly prepare for your funeral!”



[1] it is a double negative, i.e. I will accept your gift.


[2] 奇遇 is translated in the text as ‘Strange Encounter’. Usually, by this word, we mean having ‘an encounter that granted superpowers.’ E.g. found a fruit that bestows superior strength or increased cultivation, found a cave of a very powerful Xiuzhen practicer and gained superior skills etc.




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