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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 007

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 7 – Li Yuan Has Come!


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Looking at Ye Weiling, Luo Xiu did not know if he should laugh or cry.


But the neighbours who rushed into kitchen had finally found the source of the delectable smell.


The golden colour Deeson Fruit stripes continued to release a heavenly aroma that they found simply irresistible.


A small moustached man swallowed his saliva, as he asked,  “Young Boss Luo, is this a dish that you had made?”


If not for the fact that Luo Xiu was standing beside him, he would have rushed forwards and grabbed a stick to try it. The scent of the food is really tempting, and seemed so seductive.


“Yeah, I made this dish!” Luo Xiu replied


The moustached man scratched his head, “Please… may I try one stripe?”


“Me too!”


“Me also! The smell is simply too alluring, I can’t stand it. Now Young Boss Luo can cook and is a chef?


The neighbours continued to gossip as they chatted with one another. Ye Weiling stopped bawling, and unwillingly took the plate of Deeson Fruit French fries and offered it to her neighbours.


As the plate inched closer to the crowd of neighbours, the bewitching smell thickens in intensity.


“Then…. I will not stand on ceremony and help myself!”


The moustached man was the first to reach out with his hands. He did not care that he had not washed his hands yet. He grabbed a piece of the Deeson Fruit stripe and immediately shoved it into his mouth.


‘Ka Cha!’ The sound of the crispy fries rang out.


The crunchy feeling, as well as the piping hot goodness that melted in his mouth, made him opened his eyes wide in astonishment and delight.


There is no oily aftertaste, and the sweet goodness of the Deeson fruit immediately filled his mouth and enraptured his taste buds.


“What…. What is this?”


“It is absolutely deliciousssss…. !” The moustached man immediately cried out, and his eyes seemed to look at Luo Xiu with suspicion.


“Woah, I cannot resist it any longer!”


A man who is standing next to the moustached man reached out with trembling hands and quickly grab a few stripes of the Deeson Fruit and stuff them into his mouth,


The crowd seemed like a bunch of starved beggars who had found some food. Their eyes opened wide, and immediately they rushed forward to grab some of the food.


“Oh, how can it be so tasty?”


“This is much better the [Fine Food] that Inkfusion restaurant offers!” Inkfusion restaurant is the best restaurant in Snow Moon City.


“This dish is definitely ranked higher than [Fine Food] grade!”


The crowd continued to gossip, while helping themselves to the food. Very quickly the plate of Deeson Fruit become empty as all the stripes were devoured.


“Brother, please cook one more portion. I want to eat more ….. This is the first time I have tasted such a delicious dish…. Really! This dish…. Definitely could be ranked as a [Fine Food]!”


The group of neighbours immediately nodded their heads,  “Right….. right, [Fine Food]!”


“[Fine Food]?”


Luo Xiu was momentary stunned by this term. Then he recalled that this world would grade each dish.


This world is the Country of Fine Cuisine.


And in this world, there are very strict guidelines and ranking for each dish, just like there are strict ranking for each restaurant. From the lowest ranked to the highest ranked food, the dish as ranked as [Commoner Food], [Fine Food], [Delicious Food], [Spiritual Food] etc.


The [Commoner Food] rank is for ordinary dishes that are considered tasty.


If you can cook dishes of this rank, you can be promoted to as a trainee chef. This means that your cooking skills are passable.


And you may open a [Commoner] class restaurant to train your cooking skills.


As for [Fine Food], it is considered one category higher than [Commoner Food]. To be eligible for this category, the most important thing is that it is delicious. In addition, it should be beneficial to the human health, or the dish show glow, or it should diffuse a mouth-watering aroma that whets ones’ appetite.


A chef that can create [Fine Food] is considered a qualified chef. As a qualified chef, the restaurant can be upgraded from a [Commoner Restaurant] to [Fine Restaurant].


Luo Xiu and Ye Weiling’s late father, Ye Zhong, is a qualified chef.


And there are very few qualified chefs within Snow Moon City, not to mention great chef. Great chefs are considered one grade higher than a qualified chef.


In the entire Snow Moon City, there is only one great chef – it is the chef of Inkfusion Restaurant, Mo Xiangxie!


A great chef is someone who can create a [Delicious Food] category dish. To be eligible to be considered a [Delicious Food], the food must be able to increase their mental strength, or increase their physical powers. To Xiuzhen practicers, eating this category of food can speed up their cultivation.


This type of dish could be considered legendary.


But the strangest thing about the [Delicious food] is that if a person caught a whiff of the food, it may create certain side effects. For example, a person may tremble or cry for no reason at all!


This is the power of a great chef!


When he thought of these, Luo Xiu just shrugged his shoulders. Looks like that the standards in the Country of Fine Cuisine is not very high!


[Delicious Food] actually depends on the ingredients used. Using the meat of a high-level beast or the fruits of rare and wondrous plants would naturally impart more benefits to the body than using the meat of a low-level beast or common plants. It has little to do with cooking ability.


This is to say, the standards of cooking in this world are relatively low when compared to Luo Xiu’s standards.


Just one sentence summed up the standards of cooking in this world: Just Luo Xiu skills in cooking alone should be more than enough to conquer the entire Snow Moon City.


After all, accordingly the words of the crowd, just by using the most simple ingredient, the Deeson Fruit alone, Luo Xiu had created a dish that was much better standard than [Fine Food].


What would happen if he had access to other quality ingredients?


This dish of Deeson Fruit French Fries, is considered superior in terms of taste, smell and beneficial to the body.


“I just made a very basic and simple dish, and I would be considered as a qualified chef? And this is considering that I have only used one ingredient. If I have more ingredients and spices, what would happen?


Luo Xiu had lost all interest in creating [Fine Food]. Now he set his sights on creating a dish that is ranked as [Spiritual Food].


[Spiritual Food] is a category of food that is said to contain spiritual energy.


Nobody knows what does it looks like. This is because, in the entire Snow Moon City, nobody knows how to cook a dish that meets this standard.


If he could create a [Spiritual Food] dish, that would be amazing. He would be considered a [Spiritual Chef], and would enjoy great prestige and honour.




After recalling these memories, Luo Xiu bitterly chewed the Deeson Fruit in his mouth.


The feeling of not being able to smell or taste anything is a very wrenching feeling.


An inability to taste the ingredients in the world is just like having a lot of money, but you could not spend these monies.


“Young Boss Luo, you … you finally learned how to cook?”


The group of neighbours stared at Luo Xiu. It was obvious that they found this fact to be unbelievable. But when they thought about the food that they had just tasted, they could not resist wanting more.


The moustached man immediately cried out, “One more portion, please. I will pay for the food!”


“Oh yes, this is a restaurant! One order of this dish, please! We will also pay for one more portion!”


“I also want to order one portion. God, what the f**k is this, it is really tasty!” Even butcher Huang who lives next door could not help swearing as he placed his order.


Ye Weiling could not help but giggle. “Hehe, old man Huang, and moustached brother, I bet you could not guess what ingredient is used to create this dish.”


“He, Little Ye, you are testing me? Let me guess…..”


The moustached man fiddled with his moustache, “This is so crispy, I guess it is fried [Ban Zi] meat. Am I right? [Ban Zi] is a type of chicken in this world that is about 0.75 to 0.80 meters (for US readers, it is approximately 3 feet) tall.


“Wrong! You guess wrong! Try again…..”


“Then what could it be? Do not tell me it is [De Tun]’s skin or meat?”


[De Tun] is a type of boar that is much better than Luo Xiu.


“No, that is not made from animal meat. It is made using a type of vegetable that grows underground.” Ye Weiling cunning smiled.


Hearing this, everyone in the room turns incredulous. Cannot be? This tasty food was made using a type of vegetable that grows underground? It is simply impossible!


What type of vegetable that grows underground could create such a delicious taste?


“It is made from Deeson Fruit!”


Ye Weiling took out the remaining unused portions of Deeson Fruit. Looking at the cut Deeson Fruit pieces, all the neighbors were shocked to the core.


Deeson Fruit!


It is actually made from Deeson Fruit.


“This….. This……”


The moustached man could not believe his eyes. The Deeson Fruit that they usually eat could be used to make such a tasty food?


“Young Boss Luo, is this true?” The moustached man asked Luo Xiu in amazement.


Luo Xiu nodded his head, “Right, this is Deeson Fruit. I cut them into stripes then I fried them.”


“Not possible! I had fried them before. It immediately turned black!”  One of the men cried out.


Luo Xiu almost facepalmed. The outcome of the dish is also dependent on the chef that made it.


“If you do not believe me, I can make one more portion!”


The crowd immediately chatted, “Do it! We want to eat one more portion!”


“Me too!”


Having a few stripes of Deeson Fruit French Fries is barely enough for everyone.


“All right!”


Luo Xiu did not feel worried or nervous about having a crowd in the kitchen observing him when he cooks. When it comes to cooking, he is invincible!


But at this moment, a group of man on horseback suddenly stopped outside Nine Gates Restaurant. The leader of the group of the men jumped down from an animal that resembles a horse. He had a cold look on his face.


With his own eyes, he had made sure that Luo Xiu was tossed into the river. But now his aides come and reported to him that Luo Xiu was still alive?


How could that be?




Li Quan stepped into Nine Gates restaurant and saw Luo Xiu. At the same time, Luo Xiu turned around and saw Li Quan.


The two enemies met, and their eyes turn bloodshot!


Next Chapter:

What would happen when the two enemies met?




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