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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 006

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 6 – Mission Accomplished



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“Brother, you are so petty!”


Ye Weiling stomped her foot in anger. The scent of the food continued to linger, and it smells so heavenly. She was tempted by the smell, and could not resist it.


Ye Weiling pulled Luo Xiu’s sleeves and begged. “Please, may I just try one small stripe of fries?”, saying this, she reached out in an attempt to grab the food.


“Pai!” Luo Xiu slapped her hand that was trying to grab the food and gruffly replied, “It is not ready yet!”


“Are you kidding? This Deeson Fruit can be eaten once you fried it!”


Ye Weiling continued to mutter, but Luo Xiu shook his head, “If we have flour and eggs, we can eat it immediately after frying it. It is a pity that we did not have any other ingredients!”


Flour, eggs, water and cornstarch, combined with potato, and fried in a wok until it is golden colour, could be used to make a famous Japanese dish – Tempura.


But right now, there is no flour or eggs available.


Therefore, Luo Xiu could only cook the most simple dish – French fries.


Looking at the golden colour Deeson Fruit, Luo Xiu mouth curled into a smile.


“Almost ready!” he muttered.


This golden colour Deeson Fruit, after it is frozen, will be similar to the frozen fries of McDonald’s and KFC’s. Of course, because of the superior quality of the ingredients, and Luo Xiu’s skills in cooking, the taste will be much more superior.


“Now, we need to let it cool down!”


Luo Xiu had not finished speaking, when Ye Weiling gave in to her temptation. Like an eagle swooping down on a chick, she grabbed a spoon and scooped a single fry, blew on it to let it cool down faster, and put it in her mouth.


“Oh, you greedy cat!”


Luo Xiu wanted to stop her, but he was too late.


The allure of the fried French fry was irresistible to Ye Weiling, who had not eaten for half a day.


“Woah… delicious!”


The half-completed French Fries effuse a fragrance that is highly intoxicating.


‘Ka cha!’


Ye Weiling bit down on the Deeson Fruit. At the same time, the crisp, rosy flavour of the Deeson Fruit was released, and instantly spread all over her mouth.


The slightly sweet and exquisite flavour of the Deeson Fruit, infused with the fragrance of the [Bi Duan] oil, released in her mouth.




Ye Weiling’s eyes opened wide in surprise, “It is good … it tastes incredibly good!”




Luo Xiu was momentary stunned. Just this much is described as ‘incredibly good’?


Then after he had added an extra step to the fries and had a bit of salt, wouldn’t it be heavenly?


Luo Xiu was sceptical – he could not taste anything as he does not have a sense of taste. But by looking at the expression of delight on Ye Weiling’s face, he could tell that Ye Weiling had really thought that the food tasted delicious.


“Isn’t this too exaggerated? “


“Just this half-finished product is …. tasty?”


Luo Xiu just stood there in a stupor, lost in his thoughts as he carefully scanned Ye Weiling facial expression to determine if she is telling the truth. He could not believe it.


This is really a half-complete product, and it had not been completed yet.


So how could it be that tasty?


Ye Weiling closed her eyes as she savoured the flavour, and enjoyed the taste. It was as if she was melting.


“Looks like this world’s standards of cooking is really low!”


Luo Xiu shook his head, and wanted to continue to finish cooking his half-finished product. Then he discovered that while he was momentarily lost in his thoughts, Ye Weiling had already finished a large portion of the freshly fried fries. This girl seemed like she had been starved for 3 days and 3 nights, and wolfed down the fries in rapid succession.


Even Luo Xiu could not fry the remaining stripes fast enough to keep up with the speed at which his sister consumed the French fries.


Luo Xiu quickly stopped her. “Enough, Weiling, I promise you that after I have finished cooking, it will taste a lot better!”


“Really? You are not lying to me?”


Ye Weiling face turned a bit pinkish red, and her face showed that she was full of admiration for her brother.


She had never expected that her brother would be this skilled in cooking. Everything seemed like a dream.


“Brother, I am not dreaming?”


“You…. you can finally cook!”


Ye Weiling was so touched that she almost cried again. The brother of hers that could neither smell nor taste anything could actually…. cook such delicious food.


This is something that Ye Weiling could never in her life imagined.


Luo Xiu murmured, “We are really not on the same page. This type of French fries is only a half-completed product!”


Also, this type of ‘French Fries’ could be eaten, but the taste of the fries could not be compared the taste of ‘real’ fries.


The most important reason is that the oil is too hot. As a result, the outside of the fries may look as if they are cooked, but the inside of the fries is still quite raw. The end result is that there is no crunchy taste.


To resolve this problem, many factories will freeze the fries at a temperature of minus 29 degrees Celsius. In this way, the fries will harden. At this point, you will have the factory processed frozen fries that you can purchase at the supermarket.


And what Luo Xiu wants to do is to cool the fried stripes.


After the stripes of the potatoes were fried and then cooled, they should be baked for another hour or so. Then the real French fries will be ready.


It should be the same for this world’s Deeson Fruit.




Luo Xiu lifted up the remaining stripes of Deeson Fruit that was still being fried in the wok, and placed them on a strainer to drain any excess oil.


Ye Weiling stared at the stripes that were left to cool, and drooled.


This is the first time she had ever taste such a yummy Deeson Fruit.


The taste of this Deeson Fruit is totally different to the taste of a baked Deeson Fruit. There is a strong fragrance, and the crispy taste that made you long for more.


Seeing that Luo Xiu had walked out of the kitchen, Ye Weiling kept an eye on the door, and pinched two more stripes of Deeson Fruits.


Although these stripes of fried Deeson Fruit are just half cooked, Ye Weiling loves them anyway and had a great time stuffing them into her mouth.


After a short while, Luo Xiu [1] carried some block of ice into the kitchen.


After drying the oily Deeson Fruit stripes, the stripes seemed to sparkle with a golden hue, and looks picture perfect. This strange wondrous feeling is much stronger than the fries that he had cooked in the human world.


He threw the strips of Deeson Fruit into a fresh pot, and used ice shavings to cover them.


The golden fried Deeson Fruit stripes provided a nice contrast with the white of the ice shaving, and looked like bars of gold sparkling on ice. Then he closed the lid of the pot.


“Brother, why did you do that!”


“Now, it is inedible! How do I eat it?”


Ye Weiling harped and harped at Luo Xiu, but Luo Xiu paid her no mind.


After some time, these fried Deeson Fruit stripes hardened. At this time, he then turned up the fire, and placed the BBQ net over it. Then he picked up the stripes of fried Deeson Fruit from the freezing pot and began to bake them.


This method of baking the hardened stripes of the Deeson Fruit quickly softens them, and they turn to a rich yellow colour fries.


As they were being baked, they diffused a rich, tantalizing aroma that quickly spread to the surroundings.


“Woahh, it smells wonderful!”


Yee Weiling could not remove her eyes from the stripes of Deeson Fruit on the BBQ net, and she could not control her saliva as they dripped down from the corners of her mouth. The new aroma of the Deeson Fruit stripes is 10 times more alluring than that of the half-completed Deeson Fruit Stripes.


The entire kitchen is filled with the thick scent of the roasted Deeson Fruit. It was as if the Deeson Fruit wants the entire world to know the hidden taste that it offers, and tempt them with an enticing aroma.


In all of Ye Weiling’s life, she had never ever felt this hungry before. Her body began to tremble and shake as she stood there, captivated by the sight and constantly taunted by the mouth-watering scent.


This Deeson Fruit that was half complete is already the most awesome food that she had ever tasted in her life.


How will the completed product taste? Ye Weiling was full of anticipation and could not wait. She wanted time to fly faster so that she could taste the complete product.


As just Luo Xiu was about the declare the French fries as ready for consumption, the two of them were startled by the sound of fevered knocking on the main door of the Nine Gates Restaurant.


“Boss, please open the door…. there is such a tantalizing smell coming from within…. what is that? It smells heavenly!”


“Yeah, I smelled this fragrance from the street and trace it to this restaurant.”


“Just a whiff of the smell, and my stomach rumbled non-stop!”


“It is now lunch time, I want to order this dish!”


There is a throng of people standing out the door to Nine Gates Restaurant and knocking on the door of the restaurant. Luo Xiu was surprised and shocked at the crowd, but he quickly understood why the crowd was there when he overheard their shouts.


The fragrance of the roast Deeson Fruit had already diffused out the streets, and tempted everyone who happened to be nearby.


Luo Xiu did not have a sense of smell, and therefore he did not know about it. The Deeson Fruit may resemble a potato, but it has a unique characteristic that Luo Xiu could not tell. It would release a thick and tempting aroma when cooked.


The aroma quickly diffused over a large area, luring the crowd to the door of the restaurant.


“Weiling, the Deeson Fruit is ready for consumption. You try one, and if it tastes good, you may eat it.


Having said that, Luo Xiu proceeded to open the door of the restaurant.


‘Zhi Ya!’


Luo Xiu had just opened the door, and the crowd immediately rushed in.


“Hey, Boss Luo, what did you made, it smells so good.”


“Yeah, I have already salivated just from smelling the food!”


“I smelled it from a distance away!”


“When did you learned how to cook?”


The crowd of neighbours looked around the restaurant, as if they are trying to find the source of the tantalizing scent. Although their faces showed hints of scepticism, they still rushed towards the kitchen.


Luo Xiu could not help laughing. Looks like the Deeson Fruit really release very potent captivating smell!


That should mean that the taste of this Deeson Fruit should be similar to the potato on Earth.




At this time, Luo Xiu heard loud sobs coming from the kitchen.


Luo Xiu was astounded. Everything seemed to be fine just a moment ago. What had caused his little sister to cry out so loudly?


When he entered the kitchen, he saw a scene that made his jaws dropped in astonishment and wonder. His sister was frantically grabbing and gobbling up the stripes of Deeson Fruit, while tears were flowing down her face as she cried and shout, “Wu, wu, wu [mouth full and chewing sound], Brother….. really…. Wu…. this is the first time….. Gulp….. that I had ever eaten ….. Wu….. such a tasty Deeson Fruit!”



[1] The name here is 叶辰, which reads Ye Chen. But I think that the author had made a mistake, and it should be Luo Xiu. Checking the rest of the chapter, there is no mention of the character Ye Chen, and hence I had changed it to Luo Xiu. If, at a later time, this character is introduced, I will change it back to Ye Chen. But right now, I have no idea who is Ye Chen.




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