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Kitchen Xiuzhen – Chapter 003

Kitchen Xiuzhen, Chapter 3 – A Better Potato Than the One From My World


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The fact that Luo Xiu did not have a sense of taste nor a sense of smell is the reason why he did not become a chef.


According to what he knew, this lack of taste and smell is inborn.


Base on what he could recall, his foster father has once told him that when he was adopted, he was already in this state.


It was as if he was discarded as a child because of his inability to taste or smell food.


“Arhh…, in this world where chefs are the most important vocation, the last of taste and smell will definitely result in someone being devastated.


As a chef himself, he understood the despair of not having a sense of taste nor smell.


Therefore, he could understand how much scorn and degradation that Luo Xiu had to endure.


Luckily, Luo Xiu has a relatively bright and cheerful sister who did not mind all these.


“Let’s go! Your brother will bring you to eat tasty food!”


Having said that, Luo Xiu walked toward the kitchen.


For someone who lost a single sense, they may be traumatized, but this does not include Luo Xiu.


For Luo Xiu, the feeling of not having a sense of taste or smell is a more of a minor inconvenience than despair.


After all, once your cooking skills reached a certain level, you need not use all five senses to determine if the food you cooked is tasty or not.


Luo Xiu quickly made his way to the kitchen.


Although Nine Gates Restaurant has been degraded to a commoner’s restaurant, other than the status, everything is still as grand and imposing as ever. The décor, the facilities, the furnishing all resemble an ancient Chinese kitchen.


Therefore, the kitchen would be a very interesting place indeed.


“Brother, please, I am kneeling down and begging you, please don’t cook.”


Ye Weiling also hurriedly followed Luo Xiu and grabbed him with her arms, as if to drag him away from the kitchen. Her clear eyes seemed to hint of a strong desire to not to let Luo Xiu into the kitchen by hook or by crook.


Luo Xiu understood his sister’s concern. She is not worried that the food Luo Xiu cooked is inedible. But rather, she is worried that Luo Xiu may be devastated and give up on himself.


This is because each time he cooked is a type of torture for Luo Xiu.


It is extremely difficult for a chef without a sense of taste or smell to consistently come up with great tasting food.


This is especially true for beginner chefs.


“Weiling, believe me, this time…. I will definitely succeed!”


“I really do not want to see this Nine Gates Restaurant that was left to us by our late father, falls into the hands of Li Yuan.”


As he said these words, he looked very sincere and trustworthy.


Ye Weiling was astounded by her brother’s demeanour, and unwitting stop resisting and let go of her brother’s hand.


Now Luo Xiu can finally examine the kitchen in this world.


Pots and pans are within easy reach.


The knives and other kitchen utensils are neatly arranged in an accessible position.


Although his sister could not cook well, she is really good at keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.


Of course, all these cooking tools are left behind by their late father.


After looking at the utensils, the next task is to examine the seasonings that the chef used. Seasonings are used to add flavour to food and are the second most important thing a kitchen should have, after the kitchen utensils. But a quick look at the rows of bowls containing the seasonings made Luo Xiu frown.




In this world, to replace the commonly used seasonings, the chefs use spices extracted from commonly used plants and animals. And these bowls were empty.


And in the next second, Luo Xiu saw something he can use as the main ingredient – Deeson Fruit.


Deeson Fruit is a common ingredient used in the Country of Fine Cuisine. But the strange thing about this ingredient is that it resembles the potato on planet Earth!


The only difference is that Deeson Fruit is a lot bigger than the biggest potato found on Earth.


The smallest Deeson Fruit is as big as Luo Xiu’s head. But looking at the various pits and dents on the skin of the fruit, Luo Xiu was very sure that this is something that greatly resembles a potato.




He lifted up a Deeson Fruit and place it on the wooden table.


“Eh? So soft?”


A surprise shriek sounded out from his sister as Luo Xiu picked up a chopper and sliced apart a Deeson Fruit into two halves.


Deeson Fruit has a surprising high starch content, and in cutting the fruit, Luo Xiu’s hands were sprayed with milky white starch water.


“Eh? What a rich starch content. This …. This type of potato?!”


Suddenly, Luo Xiu’s heart was filled with great turmoil.


Frankly speaking, this is the first time he had encounter a potato with such a high starch content.


Normally, for a freshly dug potato, it normally contains about 9-20% starch. But Luo Xiu estimated that this Deeson Fruit has a start content of over 35%.


The feeling in his hands told Luo Xiu that this is definitely a potato, and it is an exceptional type of potato.


“The texture of this potato should be much better than the La Bonnotte potatoes [1] on Earth?”


In his heart, he was filled with joy as he examined the Deeson Fruit in his hands.


On planet earth, the world’s most expensive and the best potatoes are the potatoes from France, known as La Bonnotte potatoes. This type of potato is only grown in soil near the bench using seaweed as fertilizers. Each year, there are less than 100 tons of these premium potatoes available worldwide. The texture is also very fine and soft, and these potatoes must be hand-picked.


And La Bonnotte is not cheap. 1 kg of this potato cost more than 500 Euros!


And is considered heavenly potatoes.


As a world-class chef, Luo Xiu was fortunate enough to have tasted this potato before.


That was the only time Luo Xiu had a taste of this type of expensive potato, and it is truly an unforgettable experience.


But, Luo Xiu was sure that the Deeson Fruit in front of him is superior to La Bonnotte in terms of texture and starch content.


What does this imply?


It means that ….. this world has very impressive ingredients!


“Brother, are you ok?” Ye Weiling was surprised by her brother’s Luo Xiu looked. He looked as if he was lost in a world of his own, and seemed to be grinning like an idiot.


Just cutting apart a Deeson Fruit made him so happy?


In the past, he really hates this type of ingredient!


Her brother, as she knows him, is a cleanliness freak, and could not stand the messy stuff. Therefore, her brother hates Deeson Fruit with a passion, since once you cut the Fruit, your hands will be full of sticky white stuff. But today her brother seemed as if he had become a totally different person. Not only did he desire to cook, but he also chose to use the Deeson Fruit which he hated as an ingredient.


These unnatural actions of her brother had scared the wits out of Ye Weiling.


“It is all right. I was just deciding on what to cook for you!”


Luo Xiu laughed, his eyes gleaming manically, as he looked at the two halves of the Deeson Fruit.


The high starch content of the potato should taste extremely good.


After all, the higher the starch content, the sweeter it is, and the sharper the taste.


“No wonder in this world, chefs reign supreme. This is because the ingredients of this world are extraordinary!”


Luo Xiu tried to process as much information about this world’s ingredients as he could. The more he discovered, the more excited he became. After all, there is nothing a chef likes more than discovering unknown ingredients.


Ingredients that are much better than those of planet Earth, and there is also the mysterious “Spiritual Ingredients”.


This world’s Xiuzhen practisers all need the skills of a chef to cook dishes that enhance their cultivation.


Therefore, chefs stood supreme among all the vocations in this world.


“Having these strange and wondrous ingredients, my cooking skills…. will definitely increase by leaps and bounds!”


Luo Xiu let out a sharp breathe. He was excited about using these exotic ingredients to cook.


En, let’s cook!


I must try this strange and wonderful variant of potato!


In his mind, there is only the fantastic ingredient right in front of him. He had completely forgotten that he could not taste anything.


“This world’s ingredients are indeed terrifying. This type of potatoes is just the most common variety….”


Luo Xiu may be deep in his thoughts, but his movements seemed to be independent of his mind as he took the Deeson Fruit and washed them in the sink.




[1] La Bonnette is the world’s most expensive potato and really exists! For more information, see





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