Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0156

Chapter 156 – New Ways to Make Use of the Dragon Maid

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“What you said may sound reasonable, but to not damage properties or cause injury? You might as well demand us not to fight outright.” Klaus’ lips curled into a sneer.

Bradley could only laugh awkwardly at this. From the view of the Grey Temple, it’s best that these Fire and Ice pair not fight at all within the Chaos City. Otherwise they would have to be prepared to lose half of the city from collateral damage.

“Don’t worry, we won’t fight, for now. Also, this morning was not the Fire vs Ice Battle, it’s the Sweet vs Savoury Battle.” Klaus said mildly. He gave Bradley another look, and said, “I have my own servant, there’s no need for a little chap like you to run errands for me, since you don’t look like you’re very swift on your feet. I plan to settle in Chaos City for a while, but since you’re here, I’d like to borrow a magical workshop, I’d like a new place if possible.”

“Our newest magical workshops are built within the past two years, if Grandmaster Klaus wish so, please feel free to use it.” Bradley said with an ingratiating smile.

Bradley really wanted to mention that he was still quite swift on his feet, but in the end swallowed his argument. It was obvious that Klaus did not want the Grey Temple people following him around, also, he had to report on the fact that Klaus planned to settle in Chaos City. With Julian operating as a potions seller in Aden Square, it was like having two fireballs waiting to explode any time.

“The main Grey Temple hall won’t do, it’s too far.” Klaus shook his head after some consideration, “the child needs to go home for her meals.”

“Well, you see…” Bradley looked hesitantly at Klaus. There were indeed plenty of magicians in Chaos City, since most of the workshops belonged to the Grey Temple, there was no issue in lending Klaus one of them. However, it was quite unexpected that that the reason Klaus wanted a workshop outside was so that it’s easier for the little girl to go home.

“If I remember correctly, the Chaos College also taught magic, ba? How about you get them to lend me the use of one of their workshops?” Klaus said after some thought.

“This, well, I’m afraid the Chaos College is…” Bradley hesitated, the College and the Temple were independent entities, and though there were some magicians from the Grey Temple working as teachers at the College, he had no authority to let Klaus use their workshop.

This matter had to be reported to the Round Table Conference, no matter what, they were not allowed to disturb the normal day to day lessons of the College. They would have to make a formal request to the headmaster of the College and then leave the decision on their hands.

At the very least, this would take a couple of days to process. From what he had overheard between Mike and Klaus, the grandmaster planned to solve the issue of magical workshop by today, and this was just impossible.

“Let’s go, just take me directly to the headmaster of the academy, I shall deal with the rest myself.” Klaus turned to walk in the direction of the College. His lips quirked up into a smile, “It’s been some years since I’ve seen that little brat Novo.”

“He knew Headmaster Novo?” Bradley’s eyes stared at Klaus’ back with some surprise. Novo was the only Level 10 grandmaster within Chaos City. The College could remain independent because it was lead by most powerful magician in Chaos City.

Novo had a rather disagreeable attitude, even the temple master and city lord had to give way to him. If he had never seen the headmaster smile at the children, he would have thought that this man never smiled at all. Each time after a Round Table Conference, there would be a serious argument about who should be sent to speak with the headmaster. It was kind of like trying to decide who should be sent to the guillotine.

“This is luck, luck and not misfortune! Who cares, let’s just get on with it, if I die, just die, ba!” he was still anxious, but seeing Klaus’ slowly moving back, Bradley gritted his teeth and hurried forward. He must have been infected by something, for an old man like him to run the barricades like this, even as a young man he would never have dared to do something so exciting.

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Back at the restaurant, once the last customer had been sent out, Mike breathed a sigh of relief. He rotated his wrist and shoulders, his arm and hands had gotten a little stiff from cooking up so much fried rice. About a thousand customer had visited the restaurant today, and there was an additional 80 plus new customers, bringing up his new customer mission to 632/1000. At this rate, he shouldbe able to access the new recipe in about 3 days. This thought brought a smile to his face.

“Daddy dearest, you’ve worked really hard today. Let Amy give you a massage.” Amy trotted up, her little face was a little distressed as she stood up on tiptoes trying to reach her father’s shoulder. However, she was too small, and there was not much strength in her hands. The massage was actually more ticklish than comfortable.

However, when Mike saw Amy’s serious face, his heart warmed. In this world, his precious little daughter loved him the most.

“That, Boss Mike, would you like me to try? My… well, I am quite a bit stronger…” Abbé Mia timidly approached, her hands twisting together behind her back. Her cheeks flushed red and she almost regretted her offer.

“Oh, you know how to give massages too?” Mike looked at her in surprise.

“When I was a child I sometimes give my mother massages. Her shoulders would get really stiff after washing dishes all day, to the point that she can’t even stand straight when she got home.” said Abbé Mia, a slight mist covered her eyes when she talked about her mother.

“Very well, Mia, if you please.” Mike said with a smile as he settled down more comfortably in his chair and closed his eyes. He really didn’t need more persuasion. After a little pause, he added, “Just make sure you don’t break my bones.”

“Pu—!” an anxious Abbé Mia suddenly laughed out loud, startling herself out of her nervousness. She shook her head and said, “It’ll be fine, please be at ease, I will make sure to keep my strength under control.”

“Then, I shall leave it to you.” Mike smiled.

Abbé Mia walked to the back of Mike’s chair, looking down at her boss who had his eyes closed. Her hands raised, and hesitated for a moment before settling gently on Mike’s shoulders. Her little face flushed red, her fingers trembled, it looked like she was still quite anxious.

“I’m going to take a nap, you go on ahead.” Mike said with a little smile, and then allowed his breathing to grow regular, appearing as though he was really asleep.

“Oh… alright…” Abbé Mia nodded quickly, a good amount of her nervousness disappeared. Finally, she took a deep breath, and properly smoothed her hands over Mike’s shoulder, and began to knead, slowly increasing her strength.

Mike could feel the pair of strength slowly chasing the stiffness and fatigue away, the amount of force was just right, and her skill was good too. It was so comfortable that he almost groan out loud a few times.

“Looks like I’ve found another use for my dragon maid, this is really not bad.” Mike thought happily to himself.


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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.

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