Fine Food Broadcaster – 0012

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0012

Chapter 12 – Oh, So Fine Food Broadcasting Could Be Done This Way


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Everyone was curious how Ye Fei managed to get so much money, and they eagerly watched the rerun with Liu Ping.

Liu Ping searched all the live broadcast episode that was saved and found Ye Fei’s live broadcast and immediately played it on the computer screen.

“Yi~ This man is not facing the screen and eating?”

“What is he doing? This is the Fine Food channel. Where is the fine food?”

“He seems to be making something. “

“Oh, my gosh, this man’s knife skills are really something. Look at the way he cut the potatoes! This is not possible without 7-8 years of cooking experience.”

“Oh, this is a cooking skills demonstration. But I am still sceptical. How could you get so much money from the fans just by cooking something?”

“Shut up! Just watch on.”

The group of employees did not work and just crowd around Liu Ping’s workstation as they watched the re-run on Liu Ping’s large monitor.

On the rerun, Ye Fei had finally cut all the potatoes into strips. He will be frying it next.

“Frying potato strips is a skill. Especially since the potato strips are cut so finely. If the fire control is not good, the potato is easily overcooked. “

“That’s right, watch, it had begun.”

“Yi? Why didn’t he use normal cooking oil? What type of oil is that? Why is it pink in colour?”

“This is strange. I have never heard of a pink colour cooking oil before. Does anyone know about it?”

Suddenly, one of the female employees with a pair of cried out in shock, and used her hand to cover her mouth. Her eyes were glued to the screen.

“Ah Zhu, why are you crying out? You frightened me.” A colleague next to her said unhappily.

Ah Zhu’s fingers were trembling as she pointed at Liu Ping’s monitor, “He use rose oil to fry the potato threads. This guy…. Is too wasteful.”

Liu Ping turned around and asked Ah Zhu, “Is rose oil very rare?”

Ah Zhu nodded her head, “It is not only rare, but is very precious. This is a special type of edible oil. The main raw material of itself is gourmet edible oil. Through the use of high-tech, the scientists added various trace elements beneficial to the human body into this oil, so that the various nutrients in this oil can reach the best balance. In order to adapt to different people’s tastes, the scientists also added a variety of gourmet flavouring elements to make this kind of oil – for example, this rose oil is flavoured with rose scent.”

“This type of oil is a top-grade luxury product, and it is very expensive. There is a high demand for this product, and limited supply. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that this product could not be easy purchased even if you have the money to do so. Those who can eat this kind of oil are all rich and powerful, but then, they usually use this type of oil to show off to their peers, instead of consuming it themselves. This Ye Fei dares to use this high-grade oil just to fry the potato threads. Isn’t it such a waste?”

The more she said, the more excited and aggravated Ah Zhu becomes. Then she even up scolding Ye Fei for wasting such a fine ingredient to fry a potato. “You are such a loser! You own a bank, is it? Even if you can afford to use this oil to cook, but how could you use so much edible rose oil just to fry one plate of potato thread! d.a.m.n it! How big a loser this man is to be so extravagant!”

After listening to Ah Zhu’s rants, everyone was stunned.

“Holy s.h.i.+t! This guy is a rich man?”

“No wonder he could earn so much money from the fans. Regardless of his skills in cooking, he had already spend $30,000 just for purchasing this oil.”

“Aiyo, this oil is something that money cannot buy! You heard Ah Zhu, even if you can afford it, there is a limited supply. Before today, I have never heard of this oil before. Today, I finally opened my eyes!”

“Right now, I suspect that the fans are people whom he had hired to boost his ratings. Because he is filthy rich!”

“You have a point, I also suspect this.”

“Hey, don’t be sour grapes ok? Look at his apartment. If he is really rich, would he stay in this type of house. And from the design of the house, it looked as it is rented.

“Shua La~~~”

With this sound, everyone saw Ye Fei frying the potato silk in the hot oil. It did not even last for 30 seconds, before Ye Fei took it out of the hot oil onto the plate.

When they saw the final product, everyone understood why Ye Fei managed to earn so much money.

“This is superb! This fried potato thread looks heavenly!”

“My goodness, I could not believe it! How could there be a plate of fried potato threads that looks so tempting. Look here, it is not just golden in colour. There is a light pink hue on it. So tempting!”

“I did not know that Fine Food broadcasts can be shown like this. I thought that all the people in this channel are big eaters!”

“These are just eating machine and only knows how to eat. They eat anything they can get their hands on. No art, no skills.”

“That’s right, Ye Fei is the type of broadcast host that create a new path for us. Fine Food channel is no longer just about eating. It is now also about cooking!”

“Aiya, I am drooling already from the picture.”

Everyone chatted as they watched on. When Ye Fei ate the entire plate of potato thread and licked the plate clean, the program ended. But everyone was still talking about it.

“If I did not guess wrong, this is a new type of fine food broadcast. Ye Fei becomes the first man to open the door to this new type of fine food broadcast!”

“I agree. I believe that a lot of people will copy this method of broadcast in future.”

“Maybe our fine food department can finally rise to the top.”

Everyone discuss the show, and believe in Ye Fei’s capable to earn the $30k from the viewers.

This is no joke! To fry a plate of potato threads, he could use edible rose oil. $30 k is peanuts to the rich men and foodies who love to watch this channel.

[Eat the mountains and Rivers] is a man who is worthy of this name indeed! He had a big mouth and a bottomless stomach. As the host, all he needs to do is to eat, eat quickly, eat a lot, and eat as if his life depends on it.

For this live broadcast, in order to get up to a higher rank, he had already outdone himself. He had advertised that he will finish 10 hamburgers, 20 jins of noodles and 20 pieces of fried chicken. This appet.i.te is very scary. For most people, they could not even finish 10 hamburgers and 20 pieces of fried chicken, let alone 20 jins of noodles.

[Eat the mountains and rivers] managed to polish all of these off in one sitting. This is like playing with his life.

And this guy even offers to eat more. For each $2,000 in gifts or donations, he will eat one more hamburgers.

Therefore many foodies were highly excited and wanted to watch his live stream.

And [Eat the mountains and Rivers] manage to do it! When he begins the live stream, there was a mountain of hamburgers, fried chickens and bowls of noodles in front of him.

One by one, he polished them off. Of course, he earned quite a bit. After all, he had a lot of fans. Each time he successfully finished a hamburger or a fried chicken, the claps and flowers come.

It took him only 30 minutes to finish all the mountain of food. At this time, he had over 30,000 viewers, and he earned more than $15,000.

For an iron grade broadcaster, this result is very impressive. Looking at the money he had earned in just 30 minutes, [Eat the mountains and Rivers] is very pleased.

He even ate more hamburgers for each $2,000 in gifts. But when the gifts. .h.i.t $20,000, [Eat the mountains and Rivers] could not eat anymore, and he immediately ended the live stream.

After he had gone offline, [Eat the mountains and Rivers] was so stuffed that he could not move anymore.

Beside him, a skinny young man was sitting there and looking at the laptop on the desk.

“Monkey, today we have earned $20,000. I think this should a new record for the iron grade broadcaster? I reckon that even the ‘G.o.d’ level broadcaster, [Unending Appet.i.te] could not earn so much while he was at my level!” [Eat the mountains and Rivers] asked.

Monkey show the statistics on the monitor of the laptop, “Of course you are right! Today there are 34,000+ viewers. Of these 8,695 gifted you with a gift. Using the metric from the QQ broadcast network, as long as they had gift you with a gift, they are counted as your fans. Therefore, you have 8,694 fans. To be a bronze level 1 broadcast host, you must have 8,000 to 10,000 fans. [Eat the mountains and Rivers], congratulations, you are now a bronze level 1 broadcast host! I guess that the [System] will inform you of your promotion shortly.”

[Eat the mountains and Rivers] rubbed his swollen belly, “I think that I should be able to become one of the top 3 earners today in the fine food category.

“I believe so as well,” Monkey smiled as he replied.

Just when the two of them were speaking, Monkey’s handphone vibrated. He picked it up, and saw that it is an SMS. He opened it and looked at the message, and immediately his face had a weird look.

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