Fine Food Broadcaster – 0011

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0011

Chapter 11 – New Superstar Ye Fei


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Ye Fei did not imagine that when he is not on live stream, he had to purchase all ingredients from the Broadcast System (BS). This is really unacceptable, but he had no choice.

“You are really mean! Give me a potato!” Ye Fei helplessly said.

BS replied, “A potato is $300. Your bank account only has $250 dollars. Insufficient for purchase.”

“….” Ye Fei’s face turned black. This system is really @@#$! It also knows how much money he had in his bank account. Does his bank account has only $250? This is such an ugly number [1].

He had no choice but to rush down to purchase 2 packets of instant noodles.

After having his fill, Ye Fei sat in front of the computer and opened his PP account. PP account is a chat messaging application that is similar to wechat, skype etc.

While Ye Fei was purchasing and having his lunch, his live stream room in QQ broadcast network was in chaos. The audience was very annoyed and insulted when he just left abruptly, and thought that he is an irresponsible broadcast anchor, an uncouth host, and a host that would never make it big.

Just when they were raging, someone suddenly entered this room. This made them curious. If someone were to come in when the live broadcast was turned on, this is normal. But now that the live broadcast had been turned off, it is strange that someone would enter this room.

And the stranger thing is that it is not one person. Rather, it is 20-30 person.

These people who entered the broadcast room did not make any movements, and just stood there in a daze.

[Eat the world] and the rest of those who had watched Ye Fei’s live broadcast was wondering what these people are doing here.

“Brother, you are late! The host had already end’s today live broadcast. You could not watch it anymore.”

“That’s right, you are unlucky! That show is really exciting!”

“I pity you all.”

“Pity +1”

“Pity +2”

In the offices of QQ live stream broadcast network, the staff immediately rolled their eyes.

This group of rascals even pity us? Do they know who are we? Oh, yes, what is the ‘exciting’ show that they were talking about? Is it that good?

“I say, is the show just now really that good? We missed it, can you tell us about it?” a person name ‘Xiao Ping Ping’ asked.

[Gluttony] coughed and type, “It is not just exciting, it is super exciting.”

Liu Ping recognised [Gluttony]. As an employee in the Fine Food Section, he knows most of the outstanding hosts, or the leaders of the viewers. He knew that [Gluttony] is a rich man, and a wealthy man that loves fine food.

Liu Ping did not imagine that [Gluttony] would be watching this show.

A show that could make even a wealthy man like [Gluttony] praised must be a superb show.

“Brother Gluttony, please elaborate?”

[Gluttony] replied, “That show – it is not possible to describe it in words. You need to see it for yourself to understand how attractive and shocking it is. Even if you asked me to, I could not describe it. For words could not describe this show.”

Hearing this, the employees of QQ live broadcast network is even more curious. What type of show is it that could make [Gluttony] praised it so much? And even used the words ‘indescribable’ to describe it? How on earth do we know what it is?

Xiao Ping Ping: “Is it really as good as you said?”

[Eat the World] replied, “This show is heavenly, and hard to find in the human world. You better experience it for yourself.”

Saying this, [Eat the World] went offline.

Liu Ping and the employees of QQ live stream broadcast network swore. This guy tried to describe it, but his description is practically worthless. Then he fled and left them wondering in curiosity and making them even more puzzled.

[Gluttony] also went offline. Shortly after, all the audience who have watched the live stream also went offline. On the 20-30 employee from the QQ  live stream broadcast network remained in the room.

Their result did not bear any fruits, and whatever they had learned is practically worthless. So the employees dispersed and left as well.

In the Fine Food section of the QQ live stream broadcast network, Liu Ping logged out of the room, and scratch his hair with a mixture of curiosity, puzzlement and fury.

“If I had known about this earlier, I would not have entered that room. Not only did I fail to learn anything useful, I end up piping my own curiosity. It is like an itch that refused to go away. Sigh. What exactly did Ye Fei do? It sounds super mysterious and exciting!”

“Di Di~~”

The company chat group was filled with news. Liu Ping looked at the chat group and discovered that it a message from a colleague.

“Is Liu Ping here? Is Liu Ping here? Is Liu Ping here? Important things should be said 3 times. Looking for Liu Ping. No any employees from the fine food section is also ok. Quick come out, come out, come out!” This is a message from an employee of the sports section called ‘Fierce Iron’. But because he had a huge head, everyone called him ‘Iron Head’.

Liu Ping type in a smiling emoji, and wrote, “:D Iron Head, what’s up?”

Iron Head asked, “Just now the new superstar Ye Fei from your Fine Food department, how many fans does he had to earn so much money?”

Liu Ping launched a crying emoji and replied, “;( I don’t know. When I went to his broadcast room to observe, he had already ended his broadcast and went offline.

Iron head immediately launched a rolling eye emoji, then he typed a disgusted looked emoji, and typed, ” ?    Are you so dizzy with happiness that your department had turned stupid? Why do you need to go to his room to see how many fans he had? You are a statistician, can’t you see it from the statistics? You guys are really dumb as f**k.”

Liu Ping faceplamed. “Aiyo, d.a.m.n, why didn’t I think of such a simple method? Iron Head, you are really smart!”

“d.a.m.n it, this is common sense, ok? There is no need to flatter me. Quick, check the statistics and a let us know how many fans does he had. I reckon he had 5,000 fans. If not it is not possible to get so much money.”

Another colleague from the Sports department typed, “It can’t be just 5,000 fans! If it is just 5,000 fans, it is impossible to earn so much money in so short a time period.”

The others chimed in.

“I guess at least 6,000 fans.”

“6,500 fans.”


“10,000. To earn so much in so short a time, he needs at least 10,000 fans.”

At this time, the employees saw that Ye Fei rewards finally stopped at $32,000, and his name had been greyed out. This means that the host had left the network and is no longer live streaming. They were very excited as they left the room.

A co-worker on good terms with Liu Ping turned around and saw Liu Ping frantically typing something, as he tried to pull the statistics from the computer. He was curious and asked, “Liu Ping, what are you doing?”

Liu Ping replied quite loudly, “I am checking to see how many viewers are there in that live broadcast room just now.”

His word immediately got everyone’s attention. They were also concern about this figure.

Then they immediately surrounded him and watch as he pulled the data and show it on his computer. When they saw the figure, they almost fainted. Liu Ping himself wobbled on his chair and almost fell.

“d.a.m.n it! This is impossible?”

“Aiya, my eyes, I have gone blind. How could this be?”

“This joke is really not funny?”

“That’s right, how could so little people give so much money? That is $32,000. Even a ‘G.o.d’ level broadcaster with over 10,000 fans could not earn this much.”

“My heart…. Urghh…. This is too exciting for words. How did this broadcast host do this?”

“Just 60 plus people had already donated so much. Imagine if you have more than 10,000 people! Help me up, so that I can calculate!”

“Go ahead and calculate! Why do you need me to help you up?”

“I am afraid as soon as I calculate, I will faint.”

“What on earth did he do? Why did they give him so much reward?”

“If we want to know the answer, all we have to do is to watch the reruns. The technical team should have recorded it, and it should be ready. Let’s open and watch it.”

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[1] 250 (二百五), p.r.o.nounced as Er Bai Wu, is a Chinese slang for ‘half-idiot’ or stupid idiot. Because this is a slang, it is not in most language dictionaries. See




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