Fine Food Broadcaster – 0010

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0010

Chapter 10 – Have I Been Tricked?


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After getting the confirmation from Zhao Sen, Feng Tianlia was grizzly with joy as he walked out of the room.

After Feng Tianlai had left the room, Zhao Sen sent a message to the company’s group chat.

“Dear Colleagues, a good day to you. I am the manager of the food channel, Zhao Sen. I am pleased to announce a good news: Today, we have a new superstar who just joined our channel named ‘Ye Fei’. His lives stream broadcast was less than 2 hours in length, but he had already earned $32,000 yuan. This is a new record. Let’s us applaud him and at the same time, and celebrate the arrival of a new superstar at our QQ live broadcast network. “

The message that Zhao Sen sent out was like a bomb as it sent ripples throughout the entire QQ live broadcast network employees. They may not believe Liu Ping, but Zhao Sen is not one to joke. The company group chat immediately exploded with comments once the news was announced.

“….. F**k, this is real?”

“Fine Food department managed to attract a superstar like this? Heavens! This seems surreal!”

“The world is very big, there are a lot of hidden talents.”

“Ai yo yo! How did this man do it? How did a rookie make so much money in his life broadcast? What did he do?”

“We also want to know!”

“Do you need to guess? This type of people probably pays the money to himself. The audience is probably his family and friends that pay money to lift him up.”

“Hey, Ma Tao, you are too much! It is normal for your song and dance department to have a superstar. But if our department has a new superstar, then he must be cheating? How did you know that he was cheating? Do you have any evidence?”

Mao Tao just sneered, “Do we still need evidence? There are few people that watch the food channel. So how could he earn so much? $32,000! This is not a sum that most superstar can make in one live broadcast.”

“There is no relations.h.i.+p between the number of gifts and the number of viewers. I tell you, just one rich man can give more than a few hundred or thousands of your viewers. Also, your logic is twisted. How did you know that there were few people watching Ye Fei’s channel?”

Liu Ping sent out the messages to the company’s group chat. But he was also curious. How did Ye Fei manage to earn so much? He wanted to take a look.

At this time, there are a lot of people with the same thoughts as Liu Ping. After all, great minds think alike. They were curious to find out how many fans does this Ye Fei have to end up with this impressive result.

Therefore, everyone secretly watched Ye Fei’s live broadcast.

Ye Fei had never eaten such a tasty potato thread before. He even licked the plate in front of the camera.

“Haha, brother, there is no need to lick the plate anymore. If you continue to lick it, the plate will be broken by your tongue.”

“That’s right, I feel sorry for that plate.”

“Let go of that plate! Let me lick it for you!”

“Gulp~ Frankly I also want to lick that plate.”

“Oh…. Me too!”

“Me too +1”

“Me too +2”

Seeing this group of fans discussing the licking the plate, Ye Fei did not know if he should laugh or cry.

He placed the plate on the table and was about to speak to the audience when the Broadcast System [BS] voice rang out.

“The dish is eaten. The live stream had ended.”

Ye Fei: “….. I had just eaten the dish and you want to end the live stream? BS, can’t I chat with my fans a bit and build good relations.h.i.+ps?”

BS replied, “Please follow my instructions, or I will forcefully cut off the live stream.”

Ye Fei was unhappy. What kind of BS is this? Right now is the best opportunity to build good relations.h.i.+ps, but the BS forced him to end the broadcast now. He wanted to ignore the BS, but it had already threatened to cut off the live stream. He could only greet them goodbye and log out.

The fans watching the live stream were stunned when the host greeted them goodbye and then the live stream is cut off.

“d.a.m.n, what happened? Why did he suddenly left?

“This host is ready strange. He had eaten, and he had profited, and this mother**ker had left!”

“Hey when is the next live broadcast? Host, your schedule?”

“I really got to hand it to this host. Your actions are really rude! Just grab the money and run? This is the first time I have seen this. You should at least say thank you!”

“Arrrhh…., he had swindled me! This s.h.i.+tty host! Next time I will definitely beat him up!”

“Next time? He did not say when will he broadcast again. Who knows when is the next time?”

“Yi, you are right, why didn’t he advertise his next live broadcast? Then how will we know when to watch it?”

Ye Fei had logged out and wanted to chat with the BS. This is not good for long-term plans. He had no time to build relations with the fans. Even the iron-cladded fans will fly away if he continues like this.

“BS, I feel that doing this is not good. Why should I log out immediately after eating the food? I did not even have the chance to tell them my feelings. Also, they have gifted me with so much money. At least, I should say “Thank you” to them, right?” Ye Fei voiced out his unhappiness.

BS, “All you need is me. The rest is not important!”

Ye Fei was rendered speechless. This reply is really arrogant and he could not find the words to refute it.

“All right, this answer is indeed incredible! I concede defeat!” Ye Fei helplessly sighed.

BS: “Today’s live stream had ended. The rest of the time is your free time. You can decide what you want to do.”

“Yi~ I have some privacy and free time? Not bad! I thought that I will be led on the nose by you!”

Saying this, Ye Fei could not help feeling that this BS is very intelligent and human-like. After the broadcast had ended, he could do as he pleased. This is such a refres.h.i.+ng change from his boss who will a.s.sign an neverending load of work.

Ye Fei asked, “When I am not broadcasting, may I use the computer?”

BS, “The computer is yours, of course, you may use it. But the hidden camera is turned off, and you may not live stream again.”

Ye Fei nodded his head. Without the BS, even if he had a choice, he will not engage in the live stream. He does not have the talent for it.

He just wanted to use the internet to find out more information about the world of live stream hosts.

He is a rookie in this world. Although the BS said that it will handle everything, there are some things that he could earn on his own as well.

Before doing these, he needs to fry more potato threads. Just one potato thread is not enough for his breakfast.

Ye Fei went into the kitchen and opened the ingredients box. Then he stood there, stupefied by what he had seen.

The box is empty. There is nothing inside. No potatoes. No rose oil. Nothing! Not even a speck of dirt!

“BS, where is the food? The potatoes and rose oil?”

BS, “It will only appear during a live broadcast. If you want to eat, you must buy it from me.”

Ye Fei was very angry. Isn’t this creating difficulties for me? After eating the fine food, I would not have any appet.i.te for ordinary food.

“I seemed to be to tricked!” Ye Fei cried in his heart.

“BS, didn’t you say that you had prepared ingredients for me? Why did I still have to pay for it?” Ye Fei thought of a possible loophole.

BS slowly replied, “If you recall the exact words I used, I said that all ingredients will be provided during a live broadcast, and did not say that the ingredients you eat outside of the broadcast hours are included.”

Ye Fei could not recall, but it seems that the BS is right.

“This is a trap for me! You actually play words game with me!”

“It is you who a.s.sume things.”

“d.a.m.n it, you win!”

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