Fine Food Broadcaster – 0009 – Super Dark Horse

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0009 – Super Dark Horse

Chapter 9 – Super Dark Horse


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In front of every was a small monitor, displayed on the face of the monitor was a typical table format with the topmost line displaying the data category and followed by list of numbers ending with a total at the bottom. On the far right column was the list of the broadcaster’s names.

Right now the one right on top was a broadcaster called Unending Appetite, after his name was a list of rewards collected that day: Claps – 300, Flowers – 500, Bicycles- 10, Electric cars – 5, Sports cars – 3, Holiday van – 1. The total reward collected was worth HX$ 25,500.

Second place was someone called Little Greedy Cat, with a total reward of HX$ 20,000.

Third place was someone called Eat the Mountains and Rivers who had challenged himself to break his own record and managed a to collect respectable reward of HX$18,000.

The other broadcasters were nothing special, most of their rewards barely made it past HX$ 10,000, and there were even a few who only managed to scrape less than a hundred dollars.

However, the thing that had captured the attention of the statistician was none of these. Just yesterday a newcomer had registered his name around 11 o’clock last night, a newbie called Ye Fei!

Just an hour ago nobody had ever laid eyes on the name Ye Fei, which meant this Ye Fei never even made it to this list.

However, in just one hour, this name shot up the table as though it had been blasted out of a cannon. The speed in which his name rose through the list was insane.

“He’s reached 8,000? Then, he’s gone past Little Roll.”

“The f**k, it’s 9,000 now? He’s overtaken Salted Egg Man.”

“Eeeehhh~~~ are my eyes right? 12,000 now? Just how many breaths was that, ah?”


“18,000? He’s overtaking Eat the Mountains and Rivers, he third now?”

When the reward amount reached HX$20,000 Ye Fei’s name finally stopped moving.

However, the statistician within the office was still milling about in shock. They of the Fine Food Section had never seen numbers like this before, it seemed to defy the natural order of things. The motherf***er had just went from an absolute nobody to break into the top three contenders, very nearly kicking out their second placer. Furthermore, Greedy Cat was their veteran broadcaster, the f**k, what if he had really kicked her off second place? Is this person still human, ah? Just what did he do?

“Fuh~~ your mother, almost freaked me out, ah. Just who is this deity, ah? That’s just too scary, ba?”

“Ye Fei, I’ve never seen this screen name before. But, I really don’t think he’s using his real name here, ba.”

“That was just too exciting, my balls, I’m all sweaty now. That’s was just too crazy.”

“This is big new, ah. We must report to the supervisor at once.”

At that moment, a voice came from behind them, “No need to report, I’ve seen it all.”

Everyone scrambled to look, and saw Supervisor Feng Tian Lai standing there, wearing a broad smile on his face. It was clear that he was very happy.

“Supervisor? I believe I can feel the winds of change within our department.” a female statistician called out.

Feng Tian Lai nodded, and said in a commanding voice, “That’s right, we who have suffered much shall soon make a comeback. All of you pay strict attention to this newbie Ye Fei. Oh yes, make sure to give him a recommendation each week.”

“Ah? A weekly recommendation? Supervisor, must we be so aggressive? You know how little weight the company give to our department. Even great deities like Little Greedy Cat and Eat the Mountains and Rivers were pushed out of the recommendation list for other people. If we were to push a new guy up, wouldn’t, wouldn’t it…”

Feng Tian Lai snorted, “If those so-called deities could give results like Ye Fei, I’ll gladly give them weekly recommendations. Right, enough with your nonsense, just do as I say.”

With that, Feng Tian Lai turned to leave. However, he had not yet fully turned around when the a chorus of scream pierced the air.

“The f**k, it moved again?

“Your mom, this is an actual flight, ah. HX$ 3,000 right off the bat, it’s now 25,000?”

“Little Mei, pinch me. Am I dreaming?”

“Why don’t you pinch yourself?”

“I can’t bear to…”

This time, Feng Tian Lai pushed pass the people to stand in front of the monitor, his eyes fixed upon the rising numbers.

He saw how Ye Fei’s name made a hop, skip and a jump and was suddenly in the first place. Even the veteran great deities of the Fine Food Section had been kicked off their spots.

“I… f**k, this is just madness, ah.” Feng Tian Lai looked very shaken as he muttered to himself.

Behind him, the group of statistician were also stunned, they stood there in silence. They have, in their years working as statistician, watched newbies become deities, however this kind of speed was just unnatural. Your mom, are you sitting on a rocket to success? Let’s forget about the FF Section for the moment, not even the Song & Dance or Languages Section had ever encountered this kind of growth, ah.

Feng Tian Lai had no idea how to express the shock to his system. He turned suddenly and ordered one of the statistician, “Open up the company forum, make an announcement. Fine Food Section has a new deity, announce it now. We must retain this Ye Fei in our section at any cost. I’m going to meet up with the manager now.”

With that, Feng Tian Lai hurried off.

The person who had been ordered to make the announcement was a statistician called Liu Ping. He quickly made his way to his own computer and sat down to do… nothing. He just sat there breathing deeply, trying to calm himself, his hands were currently shaking too much to do any typing at all.

After a long while, Liu Ping finally managed to calm himself down and opened up the company forum. There was already a group of people chatting up a storm in the forum.

“Everyone, our Harmonious Music’s reward had just reached HX$ 20,000, hahaha. He almost broke our Song God’s record, just lacking a few thousand more dollars.”

“Our Gift of Gab’s reward had just reached HX$ 19,000, Liu Tao, you guys at the Song & Dance Department better be careful, oh.”

“The f**k, you guys are really merciless, why don’t you let different departments a chance to shine, ah. At least give us some hope, okay?”

“Hahaha, you guys are welcomed to put up new people also, ah.”

“While our Fitness Section have plenty of people, it doesn’t mean new deities are easy to find, ah.”

“That’s right, ah. It’s the same for us Outdoor Sports, while our broadcasters are happily running about, none of them are as popular.”

“I say, you guys should be satisfied, ba. Even our number one great deity couldn’t make it to HX$ 20,000 today.

“Hahaha, no worries, no worries, you still have the Fine Food Section there to ensure that you won’t end up in the last place.”

“That’s right, ah. Those Fine Food people are very consistent, even thunder won’t move them, ah.”

Just as everyone was busy kicking down the FF Section, a sudden unexpected announcement popped up.

“The Fine Food Section is pleased to announce that as of 11:10 am, with a live broadcast totalling up to one hour twenty minutes, new broadcaster Ye Fei had managed to collect a total reward of HX$ 25,000… apologies, according to the most current statistics, the reward collected currently sits at HX$ 30,000.”

Everyone: “… …”

“The f**k, that’s impossible!”

“Liu Ping, have your motherf**king brain burnt up under a fever? This is the company forum, can you please not play jokes like this?”

“If you’re talking about a deity from Song & Dance I might have believe it, but a noob from Fine Food? Hehehe.”

“Haha, what a joke, I almost died from laughing. You guys at the Fine Food have gone crazy, haven’t you? Little Ping Ping.”

“If a noob really managed to get much reward in one go, I really want to know just how many catties of food he had eaten in that one hour.”

“Pu~~ those people at the Fine Food are all big eaters, so scary.”

… please read this a …

Feng Tian Lai stood in front Director Zhao Sen, his face serious, “Director, everything I said is all true.”

Zhao Sen narrowed his eyes as he leaned back on his sofa, “So, what do you plan to do?”

Feng Tian Lai said, “Recommendation, I wish to put him on the recommendation page for at least a month.

Zhao Sen said nothing.

Suddenly, Zhao Sen’s phone chirped, he pulled it out for a look and then showed Zhao Sen the message, “Latest news, Director Zhao, just a few moments ago Ye Fei ‘s total reward had reached HX$ 32,000. What’s more, his total broadcasting time has only been one hour forty minutes.”

Zhao Sen took a closer look at Feng Tian Lai’s phone, and suddenly laughed out loud. Finally, he returned Feng Tian Lai’s phone, “Very well, I agree.”



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