Fine Food Broadcaster – 0008

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0008

Chapter 8 – New Superstar


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No matter how good is the golden thread potato looks, it is intended to be eaten. Ye Fei made this golden thread potato just to eat it in front of the audience.

But when Ye Fei said that he wants to eat this plate of golden thread potatoes, the audience watching the channel immediately reacts.


“No, don’t eat. Please do not eat it! Let us watch it like this will do.”

“How could you bear to eat such a cute plate of potato threads?”

“Where is the broadcast host? I pay $200 to purchase this plate of golden thread Potatoes.”

“Are you joking with me? Just now didn’t you see a few sports cars as gifts? One Ferrari is one thousand dollars in real-world money. And you want to pay $200 for it? Did you know that your offer is shaming the plate of golden thread potatoes?”

“*Cough, Cough*, I am saying that if the broadcast host is willing to sell it to me, I will gift him a Ferrari.”

Ye Fei saw the reactions on everyone’s face and was elated in his heart.

“Looks like it is going to be hard not to make more money!”

Contrary to his thoughts, Ye Chui said, “Sorry, brother! This golden potato thread is not for sale. Let’s not wait, I will eat it now.”

Saying this, Ye Fei quickly picked up some strands of the golden threads and immediately bit into it. The crunchy sounds of the golden thread potatoes immediately sounded out in the live stream.

At the same time, the same unique flavour of the potato threads immediately unleashed its explosive taste in Ye Fei’s mouth. Ye Fei enjoys it so much that he closed his eyes with pleasure.

He may be enjoying the taste, but the viewers, all of them foodies, are annoyed!

“Dammit! I can’t stand it! I want to eat the potato threads.”

“My tummy had been growling non-stop. It is such a sin to watch this live broadcast.”

“Aarggghhhh! Who knows where we buy edible rose oil? I wanna fry potato threads.”

“This type of oil is not just about having the money. Just now, I noticed that oil that the host used is the top graded pink colour edible rose oil. Even if you could purchase this type of rose oil, you may not necessarily fry it as nice as this live-stream.”

“Arrgghh! It really hurts.”

“Dear G.o.d, please let the broadcast host choke to death! Amen!”

“The one commenting above is an idiot. If the broadcast host died, what do we watch in future?”

“That’s right, no brains!”

“Dear God, just now I was in a drunken stupor and said the things I do not mean. Please ignore my previous comments. Amen.”

Just when Ye Fei was eating the golden potato threads, the live stream room was in chaos. It was swamped with hundreds of remarks.

The plate of golden potato threads was quickly eaten by Ye Fei.

He burped and rubbed his tummy, then he grinned and looked into the camera, “I guarantee that this is the best potato thread that I had the pleasure to eat!”

The viewers: “Host! damn you!”

==== At this moment, within the QQ broadcast network, in the song and dance department.  ===

Statistician Zhang Lei sat on a sofa and stretched his body, and adjusted his body so that he feels more comfortable. Looking at the statistics, charts and numbers in front of him, he smiled.

“The performance of the Song and Dance department had improved and is much better than last month’s. There are even some new talents in our live stream network that showed a lot of promise. This had increased our viewers by tens of thousands. It is amazing!”

Sitting next to Zhang Lei is a skinny man with a short goatee, named Ma Tao. Ma Tao is in charge of planning and promoting the live stream platform.

“Hehe, the song and dance section is the leading draw for the live-stream platform. I calculated, there are still 3 more days before the end of the month. If this goes on, we can look forward to a $5,000 increase in bonus this month.”

“Not bad, I heard that the monthly result for the Languages department is also not too shabby.”

“It should be. I do not have access to their department’s data, but I reckoned that their performance should be a bit poorer than ours.”

“En, right now, our broadcast network depends on our department and the languages department to generate revenues. The rest of the departments do not generate much revenue. If it was up to me to decide, based on these statistics alone, I would close down the other non-profitable departments. These departments are almost empty, and waste bandwidth and have no selling power.”

Ma Tao agreed, “This is especially so for the food channel department. I do not understand what is so nice about watching this channel. All of the people in that channel are just big eaters. Every single day, they would face the camera and eat and eat until they could not eat anymore. Just looking at these pigs makes me want to puke.”

Zhang Lei sneered, “That’s right. I heard that many employees from that department do not want to stay there anymore. Several of them had asked me in private if they could transfer here. It looks like the department employees had no faith in their department channel.”

Ma Tao snickered, “It is natural for them to feel that there is no potential there. If it is up to me, I would have jumped s.h.i.+p and left for another department long ago. But it is not so easy to join our channel. Everyone knows that our song and dance department and the languages department are doing well. If they do not have any relations.h.i.+ps with the higher-ups, they can forget about joining our department.”

“That’s right! Oh, this newbie nicknamed [Song and Dance Improvement] is not bad. He had just joined our channel yesterday. Today is his first live broadcast. His performance is really spectacular! d.a.m.n! He had already earned $15,000.”

“No way? This is a newbie. On his first live stream, he managed to get so many gifts? Zhang Lie, are you kidding me?” Ma Tao could not believe what he had heard. He immediately sat closer to Zhang Lei and looked at the real-time statistics on Zhang Lei’s computer.

When Ma Tao confirmed the statistics are real, he laughed, “d.a.m.n, this guy is really incredible. His gifts are still increasing. It looks like he can earn more than $20,000 in his first live stream broadcast. Imagine that! A newbie earning so much in his first live stream! Our channel had one more new rising star!”

“En, good things like this only happens to our channel and that of the language channel. If the other departments know about it, they will go green-eyed with jealousy.”

“Of course! Oh, yes, I am going to inform all via the announcement system. This is good news and to be shared by the company.” Saying this, Mao Tao immediately took out his mobile phone and tapped on the company group in the message app. Then he sent out a message to all the employees in the company.

Dear all, our song and dance department had discovered a new talent, [Song and Dance Improvement]. As a rookie, he had already earned $16,000 in gift in his first live stream. If this continues on, he would be the next live stream superstar like [Golden Horse Group] and [She Weiwei]. Let’s welcome him!”

When he sent out the message, Ma Tao could not help smirking in glee.

Zhang Lei saw the message and chided him, while laughing as well, “Hey, you are making enemies of our colleagues in other departments.”

Mao Tao laughed, “Who cares about these noobs? If they are capable, a talented broadcast host like this will also be attracted to their channel. When they finally got a talent like this, they can brag about it as well.”

Ma Tao’s message quickly spread throughout all the employees in the QQ Live stream network.

“Dammit! Another talent for the song and dance department?”

“Grr… why do all the talents join the song and dance department? I am filled with envy.”

“There are too many experts in the song and dance department.”

“Earning so much in the first broadcast? This is amazing!”

“That’s right! Most of the audience just watch a rookie with a measure of scepticism. Unless the host is very incredible, it is not possible to earn this much.”

“Hey, the song and dance department had a new rookie. Our language department must not lose out to them! Statistician, do we have any new rookies to watch out for? “

“Just yesterday, our languages department had a new rookie named, [Eloquence]. That guy is insanely good at working out the crowd and had already earned $15,000 in gifts. He is not inferior to the rookie that the song and dance department cow about!”

“Wow! That’s amazing! Our department could only watch on…”

At this time, Ma Tao, maybe angered by the Language Department challenged, launched another message, “The rookie [Song and Dance Improvements] had already earned $19,000. It is likely that he could earn more than $20,000.”

“So fast?”

“F**king unbelievable!”

Just when everyone was talking about the new rookies in the song and dance department and the language department, all the staff in the food department were standing in a semi-circle and watching a live stream as they watch the statistics jumped. Each of them was highly excited, and the two females in the department were so excited that they had clutched their hands into fists.


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