Fine Food Broadcaster – 0007

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0007

Chapter 7 – On a Roll


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Ye Fei had never imagined that by using the edible rose oil to fry a potato thread, he had incurred the wrath of these foodies, and the guests in his broadcast channel wanted to beat him up. This is not something that he desires. One moment ago, he was hoping to turn them into fans of his channel.


It looks like he needs to explain something to these people. If not, he can forget about this new career. His new career had not even started, and is going to end so quickly?


Ye Fei was about to explain. Suddenly he paused in amazement. For in his channel, someone had gifted him with an electric scooter.




Ye Fei could not understand what was happening. One moment they were in arms and ready to beat him up. The next moment they reward him with a gift. So what should he do? Ye Chui just froze. He had no idea how to react.


Not only was Ye Fei stunned – even the ringleaders, ‘Eat the World’ and Gluttony was surprised by this change.


“Damn it, who is it? What the f**k are you doing. Right now we are in arms protesting his use of the edible rose oil to cook a potato. Which f**ker gifted him an electrical scooter?” ‘Eat the World’ is a ringleader, and he was offended when the members of his circle did not follow his instructions.


Gluttony also typed, “…… Brother, are you trying to create trouble?”


At this time, a guest with the nickname [Love Good Food] replied.


“[Eat the Word] and Gluttony, I am the one who gifted him with the electric scooter. Oh, regarding that, I could not control myself. Look at the potato thread. It really looks super appetizing. I admit I was a bit selfish, but I am a real foodie just like everyone here. The gift is not for the broadcast host. It is intended for the plate of golden sparking potato threads with a pink hue. Do not be mistaken.”


[Eat the World] humph, and gave in, “[Love Good Food], you are right. The plate of potato thread looks really good and appetising. Let’s do this, if anyone wants to reward the dish, they may do so. But we should be united and beat Ye Fei up. Now, I give everyone one minute if they want to reward the food. After one minute, we will go back to protesting this host.”


Everyone was surprised and stunned when they read [Eat the World]’s words.


Ye Fei was just sitting there with a dumbfounded expression on his face. His mouth was wide opened in amazement – it was so big that you could put an egg in it.


At this moment, his channel was suddenly swamped with small gifts. From claps, flowers, bicycle, electrical scooters, and small gifts continuous appeared.


It lasted for only one minute, but Ye Fei was stunned. He had lost count of the rewards. All he could see is mostly claps and flowers. Once in a while, someone will give a bicycle or electric scooter.


One minute is not a long time, but to Ye Fei, it seems an eternity. He was elated and lost in the pleasure of seeing his gifts increasing, and his eyes become like crescent moons as he grinned in pleasure.


“No, don’t! Do not stop!” Ye Fei prayed.


“All right, time’s up. Stop it! 1 minute is up!” [Eat the World] ranted. Everyone stopped.


Gluttony did not expect this reaction. Then he added a crying emoji, and typed, “Hey, it looks that we have failed to build a case against this host. Please let me know what you have gifted the food.”


“30 claps”


“50 roses”


“20 flowers, 40 claps”


“1 Mountain bike.”


“1 electrical scooter.”




Everyone was very excited as they report on their gifts.


Of course, the one who is the most excited is none other than Ye Fei. After the gifts had stopped, he was stunned to see that he had been rewarded $532 in a short span of one minute.




Ye Fei’s jaw almost hit the floor in amazement.


As a kitchen hand, Ye Fei only managed to earn $200 for a whole day work. And that is because he had worked from early morning until midnight. For that money, he was tired, exhausted and sore all over his body.


But right now, in the span of 1 minute, he had earned $532. Accordingly to the contract that he had signed, he will receive 70% of the money, while QQ broadcast station will receive 30% of the revenues. He quickly calculated. Right now, he just earned $372.40.


In just a moment, he had made more money than what he made from working all day as a kitchen hand with extra overtime. If not for the fact that [Eat the World] called them to stop, maybe he would have earned $400 or more. This is almost double of the most money he had ever earned.


“I have hit the jackpot!


Looking at the massive figure on the QQ broadcast station, Ye Fei felt as if he was on cloud 9.


Just when he was happily counting the monies, he suddenly saw another gift. When he saw the gift, Ye Fei shook and almost fell down from his chair.


“My god! A Ferrari!” Ye Fei screamed and jumped up and down in joy like a woman.


Not just him, all the other people in the broadcast room were in chaos.


“My god, super-rich man with too much money to spend!”


“Even a Ferrari was gifted? Damn, this is too amazing! “


“[In pursuit of delicious food], you are really generous!”


“[In pursuit of delicious food] is a real rich person!”


[Eat the World] unhappily hollered, “[In pursuit of delicious food], what are you doing? Are you leaving the foodie group?


“[In pursuit of delicious food] typed a smiley emoji, “Everyone, don’t you think this is too much? So what if the broadcast host used the most expensive edible rose oil to fry a cheap potato? Is there anything wrong with that? No!”


“Not only is there nothing wrong with that, it also indicated that the broadcast anchor is a foodie like us who regarded us as pals. Think about it, how long as QQ broadcast station opened? How many hosts are willing to spend monies on rare stuff like edible rose oil to attract our attention? Just for this reason alone, I think that a Ferrari is not enough to express my appreciation!”


Saying this, [In pursuit of delicious food] tossed out another sports car.


This time, the broadcast room was not as quiet as before. The gifts come, fast and furious.


Claps, Flowers, Bicycle, electric scooters, and even cars.


Ye Fei was render speechless by this. No wonder people said that those who watch live broadcasts are fickle. One moment, they were out for blood. The next moment, his QQ station was swamped with gifts.


Ye Fei held his breathe as he stared at the numbers indicating his money jumps up.












Finally, it stopped at $20,000


The numbers may have stopped increasing, but Ye Fei’s heart was beating rapidly in increasing speed.


“My God! $20,000!!!!! My share is $14,000….. Wooooahahhhh!”


Ye Fei excitedly jumped. Never in his wildest dream did he expect to have to so much money from his first live broadcast. He felt as if he is in a dream.


“1 day $14,000. If I want to earn $1,000,000, then I need …. About 70 days?”


As soon as he calculated, he immediately sucked in his breath.


As soon as he thought of this figure, Ye Fei was filled with motivation.


Looking at the people in this channel, Ye Fei suddenly giggled, “Everyone, I know that you were unhappy about my using an expensive edible rose oil to fry the potato threads. But [In pursuit of delicious food] is right, as a host, I should focus on using the best for my viewers. Although edible rose oil is expensive, in my heart, the cost of this oil is nothing compare to the satisfaction I get when you watch my channel. If I were to cook the potato threads again, I will still choose to cook it with edible rose oil.”


Men are strange creatures – they do not respond well to threats but response well to praise.


Just now, these viewers are ready to beat Ye Fei for wasting money. After Ye Fei’s declaration that he was doing it for them, they immediately switched camp.


“The broadcast anchor is ready nice.”


“Darn, this is what I call a good broadcast host!”


“At least he is not like [Swallow the Mountains and Rivers], saying that he wants to eat everything on the live stream, but the camera is obviously edited and some of the scenes in the middle were cut.”


“I like this broadcast host. He is willing to spend money on expensive food to attract viewers. This is a much better host.”


“I will watch this live stream channel in future. Do your best!”


Ye Fei’s words managed to win over a large number of viewers.


Viewers that are interested in Fine Food are usually rich, as fine cuisines are expensive. Just dining at Michelin star restaurants can cost a lot. Therefore, they did not blink when they toss out the gifts.


The gifts keep on coming.




Seeing this, Ye Fei grinned mischievously, “Thank you for your warm words. Since I had cooked this plate of golden threads, I will not waste it. Next, I will eat the entire thing in front of the camera. Watch!”








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