Fine Food Broadcaster – 0006

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0006

Chapter 6 – Beat Him Up!


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Watching this, the two onlookers in the broadcast room was astounded.

“Dammit! This…. is edible rose oil? Oh my gos.h.!.+ This broadcast host… he is a super wealthy man. I concede defeat. My goodness! This lad actually used a whole bottle of edible rose oil just to fry some potato threads. This is simply unheard of! Araugghh….” Gluttony could not keep calm.

‘Eat the World’ was also dumbfounded. A string of unreadable text appeared, and Gluttony could not understand what he was trying to say.

“Hey, Eat the World, is your computer spoilt? Why did you type a string of garbage?”

‘Eat the World’ finally replied, “I was so shocked that I could not type properly. Use edible rose oil…. This f**k b.a.s.t.a.r.d use so much edible rose oil just to fry that tiny little bit of potato threads? I want to beat him up. This is a real loser.”


“He is a real tycoon. I concede defeat. No matter what happens, this host tossed a f**king bomb. Use the super expensive edible rose oil just to fry a dirt cheap potato. This is the first time I have seen something like this.”

“But you look around at his environment. This host’s environment does not seem to be well to do. How could he be a rich man?” ‘Eat the World’ had a fine eye for details.

“Who knows? The rich men are very weird. I once met a very rich man who lives in a straw hut. Aiya, my heart is still beating so fast. This is big news. I will go and get more people to watch. This thing only happens once in a blue moon. How often do you see someone using a high quality and super expensive edible rose oil to fry a 25 cents potato?”

“Quick, let’s go and invite our buddies. This channel is really interesting!” ‘Eat the World’ shouted.

Saying that, the two of them disappeared from the channel.

The potato thread that Ye Fei cut was very fine and thin, and easy to cook. He counted down from 30 seconds, and waited patiently.

When 30 seconds is up, Ye Fei used a ladle that he picked up from the container to scoop up the potatoes, and placed them on a clean, white coloured plate.

Then he turned off the fire, and looked at the golden threads of potatoes.

This plate of golden thread potatoes is indeed worthy of its name. Every strand of thread is golden in colour. But unlike most other golden thread potatoes, there seemed to be a pink colour hue if you view it from certain angles. This is probably a result of the infusion from the rose oil.

The golden colour thread with a pink colour hue was so attractive and tempting.

“Oh, is this really my work? This is unbelievable.” Ye Fei could not believe it.

He grabbed a pair of chopsticks from the container, carefully picked a stray thread of potato, and put it in his mouth.

“Ka Cha~~~”

The sound of the crispy potato threads when it is bitten off rang out. Then Ye Fei felt as if he had taste the scent of 100 roses. The sensational taste exploded in his mouth, and is so delicious that the hair on his body all rises up in delight.

“Oh, it is delicious! It is have the taste of the oil, and the scent of roses. This is simply unbelievable! It is just like having a cold stick of ice-cream on a hot summer June, and makes the eater feel very cool and refreshed.”

“This potato threads may appear dry, but the insides are soft and tender. I have never eaten such a yummy potato thread. No. I have never eaten a potato thread that tastes 10% as good as this. This is so scrumptious.”

Ye Fei was intoxicated by the unique taste of this dish.

“Host, remember that you are on live stream and you are an anchor of this program. Never forget that. Now, your job is to share this dish with your fans.” Just when Ye Fei was elated and wanted to eat more, the voice of the BS rang out again.

Ye Fei suddenly trust the BS and no longer suspect it. A system that could provide the expensive edible rose oil had no need to lie to a poor man like himself.

Therefore, he quickly placed the dish in front of the computer, and use the webcam to display this dish into his live stream.

When he looked at his live stream room, he almost banged his head on the table.

“What is going on? How come there is no one there?” Ye Fei was very upset. He had created a plate of golden thread potatoes. And this dish used edible rose oil. But there is not even one viewer. What a letdown.

“Yi? No, that is not right.” Just when Ye Fei was very disappointed and wanted to turn off the live stream, he suddenly notice the $50 gift for him.

He clicked on the gift, and saw the message, “Congratulations! Your fan ‘Eat the World’ had gifted you with 30 applause and 20 roses.”

“Yi? There is a gift. A gift means that there is someone watching my live stream. And this person loves what I am doing. He had given me a lot of gifts. But where is this person? Had he left?” Ye Fei was thinking.

Just when he was guessing all sorts of things, he suddenly saw a viewer, ‘Eat the World’. This man was followed shortly by someone with the nickname ‘Gluttony’. They were the first to arrive, and behind them, there were 40-50 people.

Looking at this, Ye Fei was stupefied. What is going on?

As a broadcast anchor, as long as there is a viewer, it is a good thing. These people are the key to spreading the word of his broadcast show. He should not allow them to run away and should eat a word or two to improve relations with them.

Before Ye Fei could say a single word, the people who entered the room immediately broke up in a chatter among themselves.

“Him, it is him!” ‘Eat the World’ immediately typed.

“That’s right, it is him! I saw it with my own eyes.” Gluttony was the second to reply.

Then the chatter comes, fast and furious.

“He really use the edible rose oil to fry potato strips?”

“Is that the dish in front of us?”

“Oh my gosh, this plate of golden potato threads are so beautiful. Besides the golden colour, there is a trace of pink colour hue. This colour is super yummy. Food p.o.r.n for the eyes! I want to eat!”

“Eat what? This thing is fried using edible rose oil. If you eat it, you would have committed a sin.”

“This is a real loser. I really want to beat him up.”

“Beat him up +1.”

“Beat him up +2.”

“Beat him up……”

Ye Fei:”……”

What is going on? Why did they just enter this room and immediately want to beat him up. He did not do anything to offend them. How did he made this crowd angry?

“Excuse me, did you make a mistake? This is the first time I meet you. How come you immediately saw me and want to beat me up? Am I so repulsive that as soon as you see me, you become aggressive?” Ye Fei typed and added a smile.

“d.a.m.n, this guy is still smiling? What a beast!”

“That’s right, kid, you are awesome. You use a bottle of edible rose oil that cost at least $10,000 to fry potatoes to eat. Is your dad ‘w.a.n.g Jianlin [1]?’

“Is Sichong your brother?” [2]

Ye Fei was astounded. What is happening? He had just fried a plate of golden thread potatoes. How come everyone thinks that he is a relative of these two tycoons.

“My …. My father is w.a.n.g Jianlin, and my brother is not w.a.n.g Sichong. What happened? I just cooked a dish. If you have any grievance, just say it out. It is not good to hold in your grievances. Being angry will hurt your kidney.”

“Oh…. Host, can you be more serious? We are still evaluating you.”

“That right, I heard that angry can be bad for the heart and gives a heart attack, what does this have to do with the kidney?”

“But I heard that if you are too angry, your kidney will be affected arh..”

“Where did you hear it from? This is rubbish.”

“This is not rubbish! You see, the kidney is wood element, when you are angry, you are on fire. Fire will burn the wood. It is correct.”

“It is wrong! You bunch of rascals, I asked you here to beat this host to death. Why are you discussing about your kidneys?”

“Right, beat him up +19!”

“Beat him up + 20.”

Ye Fei was rolled his eyes. What on earth is happening?

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[1] 王建临Wang Jianlin, one of the richest men in China. He is like a Chinese Donald Trump and build his career from real estate. Just not so orange and without a hell toupee. (It is just a joke, Donald’s fans).

[2] Wang Sicong王思聪;  is a Chinese businessman and the only son of Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin.


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