Fine Food Broadcaster – 0005

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0005

Chapter 5 – Special Cooking Oil


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Just when Ye Fei was deciding what dish he should cook, another person entered his live broadcast room. The nickname of this person is very straightforward – Gluttony. From his name, you could tell that this is someone who loves fine food.


Gluttony just comes in and immediately he typed into the chat room, “Yi? There is no one here?”


‘Eat the World’ angrily retort, “Gluttony, open your eyes and take a look, am I not a person?”


From the way he speaks, ‘Eat the World’ seems to know Gluttony. This is not strange at all. After all, the people who love watching the food channel is very small, much smaller than the fans of singing, dancing and language channel. The regulars who visit the food channel in QQ live broadcast more or less know one another.


Gluttony smirked: “I see you, but I’m very surprised that you are watching this channel. ‘Eat the World’, you are a well know fine food connoisseur. What are you doing here alone in this channel? Aiya, this anchor is only level 1. It is just a rookie. There is nothing much to look at!”


“It’s better to watch the channel from ‘Eat Rivers and Mountains’. This guy is going to eat 10 burgers, 2 pounds of noodles and 20 chicken fillets today. He had attracted many regulars.”


“Eat the World” sneered, “That is so boring! No matter who you watch, it is just one big eater after another. Oh yes, why are you here and not watching that channel instead?”


Gluttony said: “It starts live streaming at ten o’clock. Right now, there is still a little bit of time. I just nonchalantly browsing when I was attracted by the name of this broadcast room. ‘Heavenly food broadcaster’. This name is really bold. What do you think? You’re here for some time, how much had this anchor eaten?”


’Eat the World’ replied,“Not even 1 bite.”


Gluttony:“……Damn! Then what are you doing here?Let’s go,there is nothing fun watching a newbie eat… Yi? Wait a minute, what the f**k is this guy doing?”


‘Eat the World’ snickered, “You finally discovered that this room is different? To tell you the truth, this newly opened channel is very interesting. In other food channels, all the hosts do is to eat or drink a lot. But this channel is different. The anchor of this channel is named Ye Fei. You see the potatoes on the chopping block? He just cut the potatoes right in front of my eyes!”


“Gluttony, I tell you, that guy knife class ah, is so impressive. Just by watching his knife skills, I was so excited that I couldn’t help but applaud and threw some flowers.”




“See for yourself! 50 dollars worth of applause and flowers are the evidence. You know that I do not give these out easily.”


QQ Live broadcast will automatically tally up all the rewards and gifts to the hosts as well as how much they have gifted the broadcast anchor.


And next to the profile of ‘Eat the World’, there is $50 in large bold letters. This means that he had given this broadcast host $50.


Seeing this, Gluttony was surprised.


“Oh my gosh, ‘Eat the World’, are you for real?”


‘Eat the World’ replied, “This is definitely true! Just now the knife skills were incredible. I tell you, I am more interested in watching what he will do next. If he gives me a pleasant surprise, I will cheerfully reward him. What do you think? Are you interested in watching on with me?”


Gluttony hesitated. In one channel, he could watch ‘Eat the rivers and mountains’ break his record for eating. On the other channel is a new broadcast anchor that was highly recommended by ‘Eat the World’. He could only watch one channel. Which one should he pick?


After a while, Gluttony typed in a smiley face, “I will believe you this once. I want to see if this guy is as amazing as what you claimed.”


While ‘Eat the World’ and Gluttony was engaged in dialogue, Ye Fei had decided to cook the golden thread potatoes.


Golden thread potatoes depend on two factors. One is the potatoes itself. The other is the oil. Both of these ingredients are the key to making the best gold thread potatoes. Without good ingredients, it is impossible to make perfect golden thread potatoes.


The potatoes are given by the BS. The potatoes should be of a good quality. But the BS did not give him any oil. Therefore, he could only use the peanut oil he had.


Ye Fei is poor and often cooks at home. Therefore, he still has half a bottle of peanut oil. He took out a brand new wok from the utensil box and placed it on the stove. He turned on the fire and was about to pour the oil into the wok.


At this time, the BS voice rang out, “Host, the oil you are using is not from me. If you want to make the golden thread potatoes, I have already prepared a top grade edible rose oil. Please use it instead.”


Hearing this, Ye Fei almost dropped his bottle of oil.


Edible rose oil?


There are a small number of special edible oils that are quite new. These oils are extracted using high-tech, and scientists artificially add some of the nutrients needed by the human body to achieve nutrition and balance. However, these oils are very expensive.


Only the very rich can afford to use these new edible oils for cooking. And we are talking about the super-rich.


Ye Fei had never expected that he would have a chance to use these types of oil. The BS is really superb.


Ye Fei looked around and did not discover where the System had placed the oil.


Then he opened the containers for the potatoes, and discovered that the contents have been swapped. The potatoes inside it had disappeared, and were replaced by a pink colour container. The container is very elaborate and finely designed, and seems to contain 1 jin of oil.


Regardless of the contents, just the container alone is quite expensive.


Ye Fei carefully took out the container, then he slowly opened the lid.


At this moment, the scent of the roses immediately effused out from the container. Just one whiff alone and Ye Fei feel very calmed and relaxed.


“Oh, it really smells good. This is an edible oil and not a perfume?”


Ye Fei looked into the container, and discovered that the contents of the box are also pink in colour. This pink is not a liquid but a solid, as if the rose juice had solidified.


Looking at this box of rose edible oil, Ye Fei really had an urge to lick it to try the taste.


But he restrained himself.


He picked up a spoon from the container and placed a spoonful of oil into the wok.


He was unwilling to use too much of this precious oil. What if he used all up? There would be no more oil for him. This is a top grade product and something that money may not buy. He should use it sparingly.


“If you want to fry a top grade golden potato threads, you must use all the oil in the container. If you have any left, I will automatically take it back.” At this time, the voice of the system rang out.


Ye Fei was rendered speechless, use all of it? This is such a waste! We are just cooking some simple food – golden potato threads, and you want to use 1 jin of this high-grade oil? If others know about this, they will beat me to death!


Bhigh-grade heard that if he does not use all of it, the BS will automatically take back the remaining oil, Ye Fei stop hesitating and immediately took big spoonfuls and placed all of the oil into the wok.


“Let me be extravagant for once.”


He turned the heat to high, and in a few moments, the solid oil dissolved and the aroma of rose filled the room.


“Let the oil heat up for 2 minutes. Then place the potatoes threads into it. Fry it for 30 seconds, and serve. En, I got it.” Ye Fei looked at the oil and wait for it to turn hot. Then he grabbed the potato.


Usually, before you cook the potatoes, you will soak them in water for a short while to get rid of the starch content on the surface.


But the BS’s potatoes have no starch content at all. Hence, there is no need to do this.


Once the time is up, Ye Fei carefully placed the potatoes threads into the oil.


Then the sound of merry frying ring out, and Ye Fei felt that his soul was also flying when he heard this sweet sound.






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