Fine Food Broadcaster – 0004

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0004

Chapter 4 – The Mighty Broadcasting System


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At this time, Ye Fei was giddy with happiness. He was fully absorbed in the joy of cutting potatoes, and forgotten that he is on a live broadcast.


As soon as the potato has been sliced, he would pick up another potato, and ‘dang, dang, dang, dang’ the blade would merrily chop the potato while ringing a tune on the chopping board.


His speed becomes faster and faster, and the entire room could hear the merry tune of the blade as it hit the cutting board rapidly. The sound is very fast, like the beat of the raindrops, and makes one wonder how many times a single potato was cut.


Ye Fei did not stop and repeated the process for one more potato. Then he put down the knife and heave a sigh of relief.


Looking at the slices of potatoes on the wooden chopping board, Ye Fei grinned, “Hehe, I have not have imagined that one day, my knife skills would be so impressive.”


This man is super vain. He is praising himself shamelessly again.


“Host do not be complacent. Your knife skills are only the basic knife skills, and right now, your knife skills are far away from mastering all the basic knife skills.” Just when Ye Fei was filled with confidence, the Broadcast System (BS) suddenly called out.


Ye Fei was dismayed. This BS is too much, just when I have some confidence in myself, you have to deflate it! My knife skills have never been this good, ok? It is not easy for me to find something I am proud of, and you have to ruin my moment of triumph? You are really……


At the same time, Ye Fei could not help being amazed. Right now, he had not yet mastered the basic knife skills, and already his knife skills are so awesome. What can he accomplish if he had high-level knife skills? He is excited and full of anticipation.


He wiped his hands, and replied, “Although my knife skills are puny in your eyes, for me, this is a massive improvement. All right, now we will cut the potatoes into strips.”


Cutting the potatoes into strips is slightly harder than cutting them into slices. This is because cutting potatoes into slices is just a simple movement – one hand holding the potato and the other hand just chop down.


But cutting the slices into strips is slightly different. The slices of potatoes will not sit there and let you cut them. There is some starch on its surface. As well, the potato has a natural water content. When combined together, the end result is – the potato is very slippery and sometimes moves when cut.


This is why a lot of people can cut the potato into equal width slices, but could not cut them into equal width strips.


Ye Fei did not waste time, and he picked up some slices of potatoes, then he arranged them neatly into a stack and begin to cut them.


At first, Ye Fei cut very slowly. He was afraid that some of the stacked slices will slip.


After he had cut several times, Ye Fei becomes bolder and bolder, and begin to take risks. He discovered that if he uses the knife skills well, the stack of potatoes slices will not slip or move.


In this way, Ye Fei felt that it is easier to cut the potatoes into strips than cutting them into slices.


The sound of the blade cutting onto the chopping board ring out merrily again, as if it was whistling a merry tune.


All that he is doing is secretly recorded by the hidden cameras that the system had set up.


At this time, in Ye Fei’s channel, ‘Eat the World’ was astounded by Ye Fei’s knife skills.


“These knife skills are amazing! This is much nicer than many of the chefs I have seen. Looks like this broadcast host’s program is much more interesting than that of other food broadcast hosts’.


“Host, how long have you practised your knife skills?”


“The melody produced on the chopping board is enough to tell how amazing these knife skills are. The sound is crisp and joyful, light and constant beat. This is really incredible.”


There is no one else watching this broadcast besides ‘Eat the World’. He just continuously chatted to himself. The more he says, the more excited he becomes, and when the sound of the blade reached a high in intensity, ‘Eat the World’ begin to donate claps and flowers.


Claps and flowers are the currency that is used to reward broadcast hosts. One clap, flower, or candy is 1 dollar. These are the basic currency and items.


Then there are cakes, beer, etc. Each of these represents a larger sum ($10)


A vehicle represents a huge sum – and you may choose which vehicle you like, such as Audi, BMWs, Mercedes etc. ($100)


In the next tier are the luxury items such as luxury cruise, luxury aeroplanes ($1,000) etc.


Then in the top tier are the spaceships and the satellites. These are at least $10,000 in real-world money.


Looking at the speed at which Ye Fei cut the potato, he tossed out the claps and flowers.


At this time, broadcast room was filled with claps and flowers.


Ye Fei did not even know about these. He was earnestly cutting the potatoes.


When he finally finished cutting, all the slices of potatoes have become potatoes strips.


Looking at these strips, all of them are equal in width and thickness.


Ye Fei was perspiring heavily. Although it looked easy, this is the first time that he had cut so many potatoes. He had been totally focused on his task and was afraid of making a mistake.


Now that he had finally finished, he can heave a sigh of relief.


Yu Fei thick-skinnedly asked, “This is so beautiful. BS, have you seen such beautiful potato strips?”




I am going to ignore you.


The round potatoes have been cut into potato strips. Ye Fei stopped for a moment. He knows that the system will not just gift him with knife skills. There should be some recipes. He wanted to find some potatoes recipes.


Just when he thought about this, several recipes suddenly appeared in his brain.


“Golden potato strips, level 1 fine food. Main ingredient: Potato, requires oil and ketchup.”


“Black pepper potatoes, level 1 fine food, main ingredient: Potato. Use cooking oil, black pepper and salt. “


“Roast potato strips, level 1 fine food, main ingredient: Potato, use dry chilli, oil, onions, salt and Agastache.


“Potatoes prawn balls, level 2 fine food, main ingredients: Potato and prawns, use cooking oil, onions, garlic, starch, dried peppers, milk, peanut powder, edible salt, soy sauce etc.”


“Mushroom and potato soup, level 2 fine food, main ingredients: Potato and mushroom, use salt, cheese, thyme, cellulose [1], soup stock etc.




Looking at the recipes in his brain, Ye Fei was stupefied. He had never imagined that a potato could be used to make so many different varieties of food.


The system listed several recipes that are related to potatoes. There are some soup, some Chinese recipes, and some western recipes.


“Oh my gosh, must you make everything so complicated? All I want to do is to cook the potatoes only, and you have to gather all the potatoes recipes from all over the world for me! But….. I love it!”


Ye Fei was elated. After a while, he calmed down. The knowledge in his brain is a treasure trove. He should not waste it.


Since the BS have been so kind as to give him so many potatoes recipes, then he should try the easier ones. En, ignore all the higher level ones first.


Ye Fei finally decided on one dish, “Golden Potato Strips” aka French fries.






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[1] 纤维素 – Cellulose. But as far I know this is not an ingredient. Very weird…. I think he is referring to fibre (纤维) which can be found in eggs, bread etc. One addition character 素 changed the meaning of the words.


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