Fine Food Broadcaster – 0003

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0003

Chapter 3 – Debut


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Ye Fei’s kitchen is not a real kitchen. It is just a small area for cooking.


The entire kitchen has only one stand. Placed on top of the stand are all the stuff used to cook.


But what attracted Ye Fei’s attention are the two large things that were placed below the stand.


These two things are containers. It would be more accurate to say that they are storage boxes. However, these two storage boxes are very special. They are made of glass, but they are tough like plastic.


Ye Fei did not care what the containers were made of. What he was interested in are the contents of these containers. He immediately opened the containers to take a look.


And was stunned by what he had seen.


For the container only contains a large number of potatoes. Other than that, there is nothing else.


And the second container had more different stuff. But all these are cooking utensils. Knives of all shapes and sizes, spatulas, chopsticks and spoons etc. Some of these are made of metal, some are made from wood, and some are made from ceramic. Each of the items looks like a work of art.


Looking at the two boxes, Ye Fei smiled bitterly, “System, don’t tell me that I am to eat potatoes for the whole day?”


Broadcast System replied, “The first vegetable I prepared for you are potatoes because potatoes can be used to practice your knife skills. Right now, I will impart some basic knowledge of knife skills into your brain. Your first task is to practice the knife skills you have acquired. To become a great chef, you must have excellent knife skills.”


As soon as the system finished speaking, Ye Fei felt that his brain was implemented with something. Then suddenly the knowledge of basic knife skills appeared in his brain.


Ye Fei processed the information that he was given, and then he sighed. This explanation was too detailed. And he had never heard of many of the knife skills before. Even the master chefs in Heavenly River Palace restaurant,  the restaurant he works in, does not necessary knows all the knife skills.


“This is a theoretical article explaining the basic knife skills. The host is recommended to follow the explanations and practice the basic knife skills. I hope that the host will be able to master the knife skills in the shortest possible time.”


“This is just the basic level of knife skills? Then what would the high-level knife skills look like? And, how am I supposed to practice?” Ye Fei pointed at the potatoes and pointed at the knife.


[System], “From now on, all your movements will be recorded by the hidden camcorder and broadcast on the live network. Therefore, the host must work earnestly. You are not fighting alone. There are also billions of fans watching you.”


Ye Fei immediately ran to his computer to check. He discovered that the computer had been turned on. The page on the screen is the one on which he applied for on the QQ live broadcast platform. But when he saw the name of his broadcast, he almost fainted – it reads ‘Heavenly food broadcaster’.


“I …. I did not assign this name.” Ye Fei could not understand this change.


Broadcast System replied:“I assigned it for you。”


Ye Fei, “….. you are incredible. What you are doing is creating a lot of problems for me. This name is too impressive!”


“As a god level fine food broadcaster, why are afraid of people hating you? You should be proud of it. This is for your own good.” The system replied.


Ye Fei sighed in resignation. He discovered that he could not outtalk this system. No matter what it does, the same old words  —  ‘This is for your own good’, just like his mum.


How could he retort?


Ye Fei ignored the Broadcast System and looked at his live stream. Then he immediately laughed.


There is not even a single person watching his live stream. He was the only one in this room.


“Oh, this is the billions of loyal fans that you mentioned? How come there is not even one fan?” Ye Fei asked.


Broadcast System replied, “Right now you are only an iron grade 1 broadcast host. This type of host does not have any power to attract many people to watch. Therefore, if you want to have billions of loyal fans, you better work hard!”


Ye Fei looked at the star sign that represents the host rank next to his avatar. This is really the case. A grey-out star hangs there.


QQ live broadcasting platform has 5 ranks for each host- iron star, copper star, silver star, gold star, diamond star.


The diamond star rank hosts are divided into 4 colours: Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.


As for the other ranks, the hosts in each rank are further divided into 5 sub-ranks. That means that the Iron rank 1 host is the lowest level host. All it requires is less than 100 fans. An Iron rank 2 host has between 100 to 999 fans. An Iron rank 3 host has 1000 to 1999 fans; An Iron rank 4 host has 2000 to 3999 fans. Iron rank 5 host has 4000 to 5999 fans. If you have 6000 fans or more, you are promoted to the next category. Each subsequent category requires more and more fans that watch your broadcasts regularly.


As a newbie in the QQ live stream platform, Ye Fei does not have a single fan. Therefore he is an Iron 1 grade host.


“All right, to ensure that I have billions of fans, I will practice hard!”


Saying this, Ye Fei walked into the kitchen and picked up a potato. Then he picked up a knife and begin to practice his knife skills.


With the knowledge in his head, Ye Fei was surprised to discover that his knife skills were not as bad as he had made them out to be. Look at this potato, it was cut into slices. Although the thickness of each slice is irregular, it does not look too bad.


Ye Fei also felt that his movements with the blade are much smoother, and he was delighted.


In the past, he does know how to handle the blade well. With just the knowledge and no practice, he had already improved by leaps and bounds. If he practices hard, he definitely can reach the standards of the chefs at Heavenly River Palace restaurant.


The more he thought about it, the more excited he becomes. And the more excited he becomes, the faster his hands move.


A potato was sliced very quickly- in the span of a few seconds.


Looking at the slices of potato on the cutting board, Ye Fei nodded his head, “This is my first time cutting potatoes, and you look at these slices of potato. Other than the thick ones, the rests are thin ones.”


He even praised himself.


After he was done disgracing (praising) himself, Ye Chui picked up another potato and continued to practice.


Just as he was preparing, a person appeared in Ye Fei’s live stream channel.


This person nickname is ‘Eat the world’. From his name, you can tell that he is a foodie. Maybe only people like him will come to the food channel to watch broadcasts.


‘Eat the world’ enter into Ye Fei channel. He was momentary stunned as he remarked, “Have I entered the Mortuary?”


Then he exited.


But he did not exit for 2 minutes and he returned to this room. Then he said, “I really entered the Mortuary!”


Then he exited again.


Ye Fei did not notice this strange occurrence in his live stream broadcast. If he had seen these two comments, he will be furious.


After 5 minutes, Ye Fei’s knife skills improved rapidly. In this short period of time, he is able to cut the potato into uniform thickness.


At this time, ‘Eat the world’ came in again. Once he comes in, he remarked, “This live stream broadcast is quite interesting. All the other fine food broadcasters are just someone eating and drinking. But this guy, he is cutting the potato. This is much more interesting than them. Yi? Hold on….. this knife skill….. it is simply incredible!


At this moment, Ye Fei’s knife skills have already improved to a high level. He is able to support the potato in his left hand, while his right hand constantly move and chopped the potatoes. The slices of potatoes seemed to be like soldiers as they appeared behind the blade.


Ye Fei’s movements were very elegant, like that of a gentleman who was cooking his dinner and eating it.


“Oh… this broadcast host is much better than the others. Just watching this knife skills made me desire to watch on. I want to see what dish is he making today.




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