Fine Food Broadcaster – 0002

Fine Food Broadcaster – 0002

Chapter 2 – Live Broadcasting


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No matter what, it is great to have a super system! At least much better than having nothing!


Although Ye Fei was frightened by the $1 million dollars requirement, he believes that if he works hard, the goal of having $1 million is not impossible to reach. A very popular broadcast host can easily earn $1 million in a month.


“Looks like I need to put in more efforts.” Ye Fei thought. He turned on the lights in the room, and was about to step into the ‘kitchen’ area to cook.


But when he turned around, he just stood there, rooted to the spot. On the only table in his room is a brand new black colour laptop.


“Woah…. This shit is real?”


The [System] had said that it would provide him with the necessary equipment, including a high-quality hidden camcorder, hidden microphone, and a powerful computer. He had thought that these items will be shipped by courier and will be delivered to his home at a later date.


Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that a laptop computer would suddenly appear in front of him, conjured out of thin air.


He was very curious about the new laptop computer. He slowly walked towards it, and looked around. This laptop computer is very strange. There is no electrical power cable and no Ethernet cable either. It just the notebook itself.


When he turned on the computer, he was immediately astounded.


This computer is ready for use immediately.


“Oh my gosh! This is a superb computer! It is amazing!” Ye Fei was surprised, but mostly he was delighted.


All broadcast host also want such a computer that was created with this superior technology. This thing is f**king awesome!


He clicked on a website, and the computer flashed. The entire page had been loaded instantly. It took less than 1 second.


“I seemed to have hit the jackpot!” Looking at the computer and the high speed of the network, Ye Fei was over the moon.


“Host, please create a QQ account and embark on the first step to becoming a host.” The voice of the [Broadcast System] rang out.


Right now, Ye Fei was too excited to be hungry. He sat in front of the table and used the computer.


Ye Fei had heard about QQ live stream network. Although he seldom used it, this network is very famous. There are rumours that there are over 10,000 broadcast hosts or hostess in this network. There are also a massive number of viewers.


QQ live stream network may not be the best network within the country, but it could be considered top 3.


After entering the QQ live stream network, he clicked on the ‘register as a broadcast host’ button. This takes him to a registration page.


Very quick, his registration is completed, and he had successfully registered as a host. He chose the topic to be ‘Fine Food’ category.


To ensure that all broadcast hosts can live-stream their skills, QQ live stream broadcast network has several categories. Some people are good at dancing. Some are good in singing and music. Some are good in stand up comedy (crosstalk), story-telling, etc.


There are even people who like to eat on live-stream! There are thousands of channels to suit all tastes.


And Ye Fei channel is regarding Fine Food. Therefore, he chose the food category.


When he was choosing the topic, his heart was uneasy. He had discovered that compared to other types of broadcast, there is too little broadcast about food.


He thought for a minute and finally understood the reason. Cooking requires real skills. A broadcast host that is capable of cooking, eating, and broadcasting is quite rare.


After completing the registration process, Ye Fei went to take a look at some of the broadcast channels. He discovered that there are many people watching this channel. For each broadcast host in this channel, there are tens of thousands of people watching them. There is a female host called ‘Meow Mi’ that had over 100,000 subscribers.


Looking at this number, Ye Fei felt his eyes were swimming.


100,000! Assuming each subscriber just donate $10, she would have earned $1 million.


“My God! This is f**king insane!” Ye Fei licked his lips. He was filled with envy and excitement.


“Host, do not envy others. These are just ‘small starlets’. 100,000 subscribers are peanuts.” The voice of the [Broadcast System] rang out in his brain.


Ye Fei could not tell if this system is really superb or is it just an empty boast. You must be very arrogant to say that 100,000 viewers are peanuts if you could not back up the claim.


“All right, I will wait and see the time when you back up your claims. Since I have a live stream account, and everything is ready, do we start live streaming now?”


“Please do not be too rash. Today you are dead tired and need some rest. From tomorrow onwards, you will embark on your road to being a broadcast host.


[Broadcast System] suddenly turned silent.


Ye Fei was filled with wonder. This system is really like a human. It could feel that he was very tired. Just this alone makes it an excellent system.


Since the [System] recommended that he should rest early, he did not continue to argue. He just cooked something simple to eat. After eating and washing up, he immediately fell asleep.


QQ Live stream broadcast is very busy right now. Most of the hosts begin the live streaming at night. Therefore, the company have to schedule their working hours to coincide with the majority of the broadcast hosts. At night, they were extremely busy.


But this is also relative to one another category.


For example, the dancers, singers and talk show hosts will create a new group, and they will have to promote these new live stream broadcast. Each day, there are more and more of these types of broadcast. The employees working in these divisions were so busy that they hardly got any time to rest.


But for the Fine Food category, it is the opposite. In one night, if there are 10 new broadcasters, it would be a miracle. Therefore they are relatively free.


“Ma Zi, I heard that you have set your eyes on a good broadcast host?” A young man wearing sunglasses asked a man named Ma Zi.


Ma Zi could only bitterly smile, “It is not ‘Not bad’. Glasses, do you know that the broadcast host name is called piggy? Once you heard this name, you will understand what he does. He is someone with a massive appetite. I watched his channel last week. He ate 50 steam buns in one sitting.”


“My god! As soon as I see this, I wanted to vomit. Our channel is called fine food channel and not called steam bun channel. This guy just broadcast himself eating steam buns, and each time he eats at least 40 buns. Aiyo! How can there be a broadcast host like him?”


“Haha, the world is big, there are all kinds of people. Although this program is called a food show, most of the hosts in our channels are big eaters. Did you think that people who can cook food will be broadcasting their skills live? So we have no choice but to promote these big eaters channels. ” Glasses said with a smile.


Ma Zi hummed and said, “I really admire song and dance colleagues as well as talk show colleges. You have seen how good their businesses are. Their monthly bonus is also much more than ours.”


“You can also apply to transfer there.”


“Stop joking. Most of the people working there are people who have relationships with the higher-ups. Hey ~~ It’s 11 o’clock. There are still people who register for food channel. Ye Fei, 20 years old…”


Ma Zi evaluated his profile and said: “Another big stomach king.”


Glasses smiled after seeing the profile, “Having a new host with a big Stomach is better than no new hosts. I need to use the washroom, please take over my duties for a short while. I will be back shortly.”


Ma Zi, “En.”


The night was quiet. The next morning, Ye Fei woke up bright and early. He was worried about living expenses and could not sleep well.


He was about to go to work when he heard the voice of the Broadcast System, “From today onwards, you need not go to work anymore. All you have to do is to be a Fine Food broadcast anchor.”


Ye Fei: “….. it is almost time to collect the monthly salary. If I leave the company, I will lose all my salary. How am I going to feed myself?”


“The Broadcast System has prepared all the ingredients needed for the live broadcast today. It is currently stored in the kitchen. Every day there will new ingredients. Therefore, the host needn’t worry about food or hunger. From now on, the host should try his best to become the best food anchor in the broadcasting industry. ”


As soon as Ye Fei heard that the system had already prepared some ingredients, he rushed into the kitchen.





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