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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 011

Chapter 11 – Special Power Unlocked


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Under the superior power of the white light, any ice walls in Wu Xuan’s meridians is quickly shattered, and shattered at a very rapid pace. Wu Xuan made use of this strange event to activate the [Hua Ti Jue] and gathered the spiritual energy in within his body.


Under his control, the white light becomes and faster and faster, and before he knew it, all the meridians in his body had been totally cleared and were unblocked!

When the last meridian is unlocked, suddenly his body swell with spiritual energy, and all his acupuncture points and meridians seemed to swell with energy.


The body swelled with energy, and Wu Xuan shivered as his whole body seemed to float in mid-air. It feels very comfortable. This is the first time that he had experienced this comfortable feeling.

After several minutes, the spiritualenergy begins to acuminate in his Dan Tian. There was no discomfort whatever.

His body seemed to become a lot stronger. He is now officially basic level 1.

At least accordingly to the [Hua Ti Jue], this is the feeling of achieving basic level 1 in cultivation. He had just barely started on his cultivation journey, but the first step is very difficult for him. It is a miracle that he could unblock his meridians.

While Wu Xuan was examining his body, some information suddenly flowed into his brain.

The knowledge of various spiritual plants, how to use these spiritual ingredients and to how to absorb martial arts were all opened to him.

The knowledge flowed into his brains rapidly. Wu Xuan seems to be swimming in this sea of information as he slowly absorbed the information. It took a long time before he had completely assimilated the information and opened his eyes.

Then he felt chilly and looked down and was stupefied by what he had seen.

His body was covered in a thick layer of ice!

All the water in the bathtub had completely frozen into a big lump of ice, entrapping him within. Only his shoulders, neck and head were not covered by the ice.

Other than the water in the bathtub, the entire room seemed to have traces of ice everywhere as well. If not for the fact that he had just learnt what happened, he would have thought that he had been transported into the ice age.

Accordingly to what he knows, when the white colour lay shattered the ice walls in his meridians, the frost energy contained within his body was ejected as well. Since the frost energy is very powerful, it immediately froze the water and turned this room into a virtual cold room.

Ka Cha!

He struggled and break free of the ice, and the ice broke apart fairly easily. When Wu Xuan climbed out from the bathtub, he noticed the water may be frozen, but it is no longer black in colour. The water is now colourless again. All the black medicine had been absorbed by his body.

Wu Xuan examined his body. His skin looks shinier and healthy, and had become more muscular. He no longer looked as frail and weak as before. He glanced out of the window. The sun is just rising. Looks like it had been one day. If he were to bath for a few days, Uncle Wu should have come in and wake him up.

In just one night, he had changed so much. Never would anyone imagine that anyone could change so much in the span of one night. It is like you cannot become fat just because you eat one elixir, but he had just ‘eaten’ one elixir and become much more muscular!

Wu Xuan looked at his hands, this pair of strange and wondrous hands. He knows that the white colour light and spiritual energy comes from his hands.

The information that he had previously is also a result of this pair of strange hands. This pair of hands has several powers:

The first power is the ability to recognise all herbs and plants. He had tried this before – the hand was able to identify the icy dragon grass, and all the grade 1 elixirs. But for it to be able to identify higher level pills, he needs to achieve a higher level of cultivation first.

The second power is that it can be used to cook all kinds of ingredients. The type of ingredients that he can cook is also dependent on his level. He had already tried this when he roasted the icy dragon grass. He reckoned that this should be his limit.

If he could cook all the grade 7 and 8 ingredients, then wouldn’t he become a God? The hands draw the power from his body. If he does not have the power to support the hands, then it will fail and he may even collapse in exhaustion or die.

From the information he gained, right now, he could only handle the 2nd grade ingredients. Combined with his cooking skills, he could almost achieve a 100% success rate.

If the alchemists know of this, they will be stupefied. How could a basic level 1 cultivator practice alchemy? This is something unheard of.

Of course, he could not practice alchemy. He could only ‘cook’ the ingredients to achieve a similar effect to elixirs.

The 3rd power is the ability to absorb martial arts! This power is very strange. Wu Xuan could not make heads or tails of this power. What does this mean? The information only told him that he could absorb martial arts, but did not elaborate further. He needs to examine this ability in more detail.

The 3 powers are so strange and wondrous. And the more amazing thing is that these informationare just the first tier of information. It means that he could learn more as he progressed further in his cultivation. Only when his cultivation is of a sufficiently high level could he unlock the higher tier information. He was looking forward to these.

After a while, he focused on his body. Now that he could cultivate, he can learn martial arts. He suddenly punched out in the air. This is just a basic straight fist, and his fist seemed to cut through the air with ease. His body is indeed much stronger.


Wu Xuan tried again, and this time, he channelled his icy energy into his fist. There is a sight coldness as the chilly energy exploded from his fist. But the chill is very minimal, and does not have much use in an actual fight.

Wu Xuan did not expect that he would have the power to summon the wind and rain. He is only basic level 1, and his power is limited. There are hundreds of thousands of cultivators like himself.

For Wu Xuan, being able to cultivate is the best thing already. In this world where might makes right, a person without the ability to cultivate is at the bottom of the social ladder. From Wu Zixin’s attitude, he learnt the value of cultivation.

To say it loud, the only reason why Wu Zixin looked down on him is that his cultivation is too low! If he wants to gain respect, he must have power!

“Oh, basic level 1 is quite weak. I should find a way to increase my cultivation.” Wu Xuan thought. Then he smiled, “it is time to go to the elixir pavilion.”

Once he reached basic level 1, he is entitled to collect some elixirs from the Elixir Pavilion to improve his cultivation. If he wants to improve his cultivation quickly, he needs to take these elixirs. This is the only way to breakthrough in a short period of time. If he were to slowly cultivate, it is unknown how long he will take to improve his cultivation.

Right now, there is an expressway opened to him. Therefore, he had no desire whatever to slowly cultivate.

The thing that he is eyeing is the [Body Improvement Elixir] that he had seen in the Elixir Pavilion. It is effective for him until he reaches basic level 3.

Wu Xuan wants power, and he wants it quickly.

This is to prove that he is not an invalid. He can cultivate!

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