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Strange World Alchemist Chef – 006

Chapter 6 – Power


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Uncle Wu cries made Wu Xuan realised that he was wrong. But as to where he had done wrong, Wu Xuan had no clue. After grilling the icy dragon grass, the effect is quite good, and there is a strong healing effect. Maybe if it is used to create elixir, the effect will be better?


“Isn’t this used for cooking?” Wu Xuan looked at the box, and continued, “This box is placed in the kitchen. I thought it used for cooking.”


Uncle Wu saw the box and looked distressed, “How could it be used for cooking? The 8th Elder asked me to wash these ingredients, and return it to him tonight. Never did I expect that you would take it and used it to cook!”


Uncle Wu looked very stressed out as he walked over. When he saw the half of icy dragon grass in Wu Xuan’s hands, he could only sigh, as if the heavens had collapsed.


Looking at the bandages on Wu Xuan’s head, he sighed again, “Little Xuan, your head injury must have addled your brains. Common sense will tell you that spiritual plants are not to be used for cooking. If it is to be used for cooking, someone would have done it long along. The reason why we do not use spiritual plants for cooking is because the spiritual energy will be lost. That is why spiritual plants are only used to create elixirs. Did you forget about this common sense knowledge?”


Uncle Wu shook his head. Again he sighed. Unlike most chefs, Uncle Wu can practice martial arts. But he does not have a talent for it and is at most body strengthening level 3-4. He is already old and is unlikely to achieve a breakthrough in his martial arts cultivation.


In this world, all martial arts cultivation practicers start from the basics – body strengthening. Then they progress to Lianling level, Yundan level, Huaxu level, Wuling level and Lingwang level! Each level is further divided into 10 sub-levels. For example, a Lianling level 9 cultivator is much stronger a Lianling level 1 cultivator.


The higher level you are, the harder it is to progress to the next level. But high-level cultivators are at the apex of this world, and their strength is mighty and feared.


Uncle Wu may be weak in his martial arts cultivation, but he had very good knowledge of the current world. He may not know to refine or create an elixir, but he knows the common types of elixirs. Uncle Wu was very sure that if this icy dragon grass is used to cook, the spiritual energy and unique properties of this grass will be lost.


This is something that nobody could change. If spiritual plants can be used to cook, then any chef could easily cook spiritual dishes by using spiritual plants. There would be no need for alchemists. The alchemists command a lot of respect and power. If chefs could cook spiritual plants and retains the effects of these plants, then alchemists would become useless.


Wu Xuan searched his brain for memories regarding this, and he found it. Looking at Uncle Wu’s expressions, Wu Xuan believed in Uncle Wu. If cooking a spiritual plant can retain the special properties of the spiritual plants, why do we need alchemists?


But… but he really cooked the plant and the effect is very good! The effect is not weak at all, and his body had recovered by a lot.


He suddenly had a weird thought. The source of this strange occurrence must be because of his hands.


When he was grilling the icy dragon grass, his hands seemed to glow with white colour light. Because of this white colour light, the properties of the plant are preserved when cooking.


After all, when he first touched the icy dragon grass, all the information regarding this plant flowed into his head. It could be another special effect of these unique hands of his.


If his conjecture is true, then when he tries to cook other spiritual plants, the same thing should happen.


Having reasoned this, Wu Xuan was filled with excitement and anticipation. He did not expect that his hands have another special power. The bolt of lightning not only caused him to transmigrate, but also given him a pair of divine hands.


Wu Xuan had used his body to confirm that after cooking the icy dragon grass, the effect of this spiritual grass not lost. As to whether the effect of cooking the plant is stronger or weaker than that of elixirs is a question that he could not answer at this time.


But he understood one thing – just cooking a simple spiritual plant like the icy dragon grass will drain all the energy in his body. This must because his body is too weak, and the hands also need spiritual energy to work. Without sufficient energy, even if he wants to cook the icy dragon grass, he probably could not keep the spiritual energy contained within the plant and may lose all the special properties of this plant.


This is similar to that of an alchemist. All alchemists must expend a lot of mental and spiritual power to create the elixirs.


Then this brings him to the next puzzling question: how come his meridians are blocked and he could not cultivate, but he has the energy to finish grilling the icy dragon grass?


Uncle Wu saw that Wu Xuan had bowed his head, and though he was reflecting on his actions and regretted them. The scolding that he wants to unleash on Wu Xuan never sounded out his mouth, and he consoled Wu Xuan instead, “The icy dragon grass may be expensive, but the Wu family clan can still afford it. Luckily you have only cooked one. The amount we lost is not too big. Did you know that the plant you are eating now is 3000 gold taels per piece? This is not a small sum!”


“3000 gold taels for 1 piece?”


Wu Xuan was stunned. As a chef, he only earns a few gold pieces per month. And this salary is considered high. With his meagre salary, this sum of money would take him forever to pay back!


Then how come the martial arts cultivators do not think much about spending this colossal sum of money?


Just one piece of the plant is 3000 gold pieces. If he were to cook it, how many people could afford to eat it? After all one piece of icy dragon grass is like one stalk of vegetables. One mouthful is all it took to swallow it.


“That right, 3000 gold taels for 1 piece! This is a 2nd-grade spiritual plant. Luckily this icy dragon grass is a common 2nd-grade spiritual plant. If it is a rare 2nd-grade spiritual plant, you will be punished and expelled from the Clan!” Uncle Wu sighed.


Then he continued, “Luckily there is a ray of hope for you, and all is not lost. Now that the elders were delighted by the dinner you cook and wanted to see you, all you have to do is, to tell the truth. I believe that the elders should forgive you.”


Wu Xuan was not worried. Even if he was expelled from the Clan, he does not mind. He is a different person and has no attachment this place.


“Oh yes, we have spent a long time here, we better hurry and not keep the elders waiting. Later, you must be truthful. The Elders should not blame you. Understand?”


After leaving the kitchen, Uncle Wu constantly reminds Wu Xuan. Uncle Wu was worried that Wu Xuan’s loss of memory had been made him crazy. If Wu Xuan dares to scold the elders or something, then he is dead meat.


“En, I know, Uncle Wu.” Wu Xuan knew that Uncle Wu has his best interest at heart. Before he left, he finished the remaining icy dragon grass. The warm feeling continued to flow within Wu Xuan’s body. This feeling is really comfortable but strange!


Uncle Wu saw this, shook his head and sighed again. He did not say another word.


If Wu Xuan had shared the remaining icy dragon grass with Uncle Wu, Uncle Wu would be even more surprised. But he does not want anyone to know about his special ability and hence, he kept it a secret from Uncle Wu.


This skill is too amazing. It allows someone who is not an alchemist to create items with the effect of alchemy. What if he were to be imprisoned and conducted experiments on? On Earth, if he had this unique ability, he probably is a mice that they use to conduct experiments on. He believes that in this world, things will be the same – he will be caught by an expert and experiment on.


Unless he had the power to protect himself, he will keep this skill a secret from everyone. Right now, this skill is not very useful, especially when he does not have any spiritual plants. Also, he had not unblocked his meridians. Without which, he could not cook the higher-grade spiritual plants.








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