Strange World Alchemist Chef – 005

Strange World Alchemist Chef – 005

Chapter 5 – Grilled Spiritual Grass


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“These hands can even identify the properties of spiritual plants?”


Wu Xuan finally understood this special ability. It could only identify the properties of spiritual plants, but could not identify the properties of the normal plants. If it could identify the properties of normal plants, it should have activated while he was cooking the bean sprouts.


Of course, there is no need for the hands to identify the common plants. He is a chef, and should be able to know the characteristics of most plants. The only thing that he had not seen before are these spiritual plants. This skill is not a bad skill to have. As for how to make use of this skill for his benefit, he had not figured this out yet.


Wu Xuan recalled that Uncle Wu seemed to be surprised when he saw his hands. This means that Wu Xuan’s hands were not initially like this. It is very strange that the hands suddenly transformed.


Wu Xuan thought that maybe the memories of the soul whose body he had crossed over into may have a clue to this strange phenomenon.


He searched all the memories but could not find anything regarding the hands. All Wu Xuan found is that his former self had continuously tried to cook and repeatedly failed when he tries to practice martial arts.


When his search yield no results, Wu Xuan decided to think about something else.


Wu Xuan was thinking, “Why is this spiritual plant in the kitchen? Is it used to cook?”


He searched his memories again and come up blank yet again. There is virtually no useful information that he could gain from searching the memories.


As a Wu Family Clan disciple that could not practice martial arts, the past him could not even see a spiritual plant, let alone understand what is this plant doing in the kitchen.


“Why not…. Give it a try and use it to cook?”


Wu Xuan’s eyes narrowed. This is icy dragon grass has the ability to heal. Why not cook it and use it to see if it could heal his body? After all, it is here in the kitchen and not in the Elixir Pavilion. Maybe one of the elders want to eat it?


Wu Xuan took out a stalk of icy dragon grass – he dare not to take more of it. After all, this plant should be enough for him. Spiritual plants are very expensive. For some strange unexplainable reasons, he wants to use this ingredient to cook.


Maybe this is because of his character. As soon as he discovered a new ingredient, he would use it to cook! Wu Xuan’s personality is so twisted that he even travelled all over the world to discover different ingredients.


The new ingredient in front of him made his fingers itchy, and he wanted to give it a go.


“This icy dragon grass smells good and has a unique smell. I think that it is highly suitable to stir-fry it with chicken. But right now, I do not have any chicken. Humph…. Let’s try grilling it!”


There are grilled meats, and of course, there are grilled vegetables. As long as the vegetables are of a good quality, it is possible to grilled vegetables that taste better than meat.


Without too much hesitation, Wu Xuan picked up the icy dragon grass and walked towards the stove. Below the stove is a furnace, and there is some burning red firewood inside. This source of heat is not too strong and not too weak – perfect for grilling.


Wu Xuan was worried that if the heat is too strong, the icy dragon grass will be scorched.


Wu Xuan took a wooden brush and dipped it into the oil. Then he brushed the icy dragon grass with a thin layer of oil.


Suddenly his hands glowed with a faint white light. Wu Xuan also noticed this strange occurrence and was surprised, “These hands! Why did they light up again?”


This time, Wu Xuan did not get the information that he had obtained when he first touched the icy dragon grass. Rather, the only effect is that his hand was surrounded by a hue of white light. When he stopped cooking, the white light disappeared as well.


When he continued to brush the icy dragon grass with oil, the white light appeared again. When the salt was sprinkled on the icy dragon grass, the white light became brighter. Wu Xuan was puzzled by this weird event. He is rather clueless about the white light, and could not do a thing about it.


So he had no choice but to ignore the light and continue cooking.


After he had finished preparing the ingredient, he began to put icy dragon grass in the firewood. Under the heat of the firewood, the icy dragon grass was baked, and a mouth-watering aroma drifted into the Wu Xuan’s nose.


This scent is very special – it is like a warm current pouring into his body. It flows all over his body and warms up his hands and feet as well.


The white light continued to sparkle, even when he was cooking the icy dragon grass. Unless he stopped cooking, the light will remain in his hands.


After a moment, Wu Xuan judged that the icy dragon grass was ready to be consumed.


At this time icy dragon grass has turned yellow, and a strange and mysterious fragrance filled the room.


“It looks like this experiment is quite successful. It smells so good! Let’s try how it tastes…”


Suddenly Wu Xuan’s head felt dizzy. His world was spinning again. He staggered and groggily moved a few steps to the side he regained his balance. At the same time, he was perspiring heavily.


“What is going on? Why do I feel that all the energy in my body is being pumped out?”


As he steadied himself, and recovered somewhat, Wu Xuan breathed a sigh of relief. When he just stopped grilling the icy dragon grass, he suddenly felt that his body had been drained of all energy.


Wu Xuan seemed to lack the strength and energy to control his movements. This peculiar phenomenon is like what happened previously. While he was cooking, he would not feel this strange effect. But once Wu Xuan had finished cooking, he was drained – both mentally and physically.


Wu Xuan shook his head to clear his head. His vision was much better, but his eyes were very tired. There is nothing he wants to do more than sleeping and resting. But he resisted this urge.


“Let’s taste it and see how it taste!”


Wu Xuan still turned his attention to this grilled icy dragon grass, and slowly placed it into his mouth. He had just swallowed the first bite when a hot stream of energy flowed from the throat into the body. It was the same feeling when he breathed in the aroma effusing from this ingredient, only that it is much stronger.


This hot energy flowed all over his body to the limbs. As it flowed along the body, it soothes his pain and refreshed him. The weakened status and drained of energy feeling in his body gradually recovered. Best of all, his head was no longer in pain.


Pleased with the effect of this food, he quickly took more bites to recover his energy faster. In a short span of time, half of the icy dragon grass was gobbled up.


When the icy dragon was eaten, his body mysterious seemed to heal. There is a warm feeling all over his body, as if he was sunbathing. On Earth, other than the herbs that cause the blood to clot instantly and hence stopping blood loss [1], there are no herbs like this dish that could produce an instant effect like this. Just eating a few mouthfuls of this dish immediately restore his body to peak condition is something that he dared not dream of.


Of course, there are a lot of plants that can produce an instant effect – just not an instant healing effect. Most of these herbs are drugs and may instantly cause hallucinations, a feeling of high, and other side effects. These drugs are very addictive.


“Oh, this spiritual plant is really a good thing! I didn’t expect that the effect is so good. My head had healed and my body had regained its strength.”


The injury on the head was not heavy, it was just a bump. Therefore, the effect on the head injury is quite quick. If Wu Xuan was seriously injured or had some of his flesh tore off, or if he had fractured his bones, the effect is not as good.


Before he could continue to examine the effects of this dish, he heard the sound of Uncle Wu’s voice.


Uncle Wu seemed to be very happy as he shouted, “Oh, Little Xuan, the elders wanted to meet you! The dishes you cooked is very well received and the elders are hungry. They were like hungry ghosts… Keke, they all snatched the food and finished the 5 flavour crystal dragon to the last bean sprout! It seems that you are right!”


Uncle Wu voice seemed to come from quite far away. This should be enough to tell how delighted and excited he was.


Wu Xuan smiled. No matter where you are, as long as you can eat, you will love to eat delicious things!


Uncle Wu’s dishes are also tasty, but he did consider the weather and the elder’s mood in cooking the dishes. Secondly, he did not have much variety in his dishes. Even if the food is delicious, if you eat too much of the same food, you will get sick of eating it. It is human nature to crave for different types of food.


It wasn’t long before Uncle Wu stepped into the kitchen. He immediately exclaimed, “What kind of smell is this? It’s fragrant, it’s peculiar and it’s familiar. What did you cook?”


Wu Xuan turned. Before he could open his mouth to explain, Uncle Wu saw clearly what he had in his hand.


Uncle Wu’s eyes almost popped out of his head. In a trembling voice, he asked, “This is this icy dragon grass? You…… you…. grilled the icy dragon grass?”


Wu Xuan sees Uncle Wu’s stunned expression and suddenly feels that something seemed to be wrong. Don’t tell him that this icy dragon grass is not to be used for cooking?


Wu Xuan nodded and answered, “Yes, this is the icy dragon grass. I did grill it. Is there any problem? The effect is quite good and the taste is good as well…”


“You… you….! How could you use a spiritual grass to cook! What a waste of resources!”


Uncle Wu’s mourns and wails echo throughout the kitchen, as if he had encountered an extremely tragic event.






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[1] Woah, this is real. I did not know that there are herbs that could stop bleeding in seconds. I am learning something new everyday – see


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