Strange World Alchemist Chef – 004

Strange World Alchemist Chef – 004

Chapter 4 – Surprise


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Uncle Wu thought for a while, and understood the meaning behind this name. There are 5 types of meats in each bean sprout. Hence the 5 flavours in the name. As to how these flavour taste, it is still a mystery.


“Little Xuan, how did you thought of this dish? I had never seen you make this dish before, but you seemed to be well practised when you cook this dish. What is happening?” Uncle Wu asked.


Wu Xuan smiled as he placed this dish into the steamer and steamed it. Then he replied, “I have just thought of this dish recently, and did not have an opportunity to tell you. Today, I suddenly recalled it, and grab the opportunity to show you.”


Wu Xuan did not dwell on this question for long. He does not want anyone to know that he had transmigrated into this body. Even if he tells them, nobody will believe him anyway. Comes from another world? Why don’t you say that you are the heavenly emperor reincarnated? If he says this, everyone will think he is crazy, and is talking rubbish. With his head injury, this would be doubly so.


At this time, it is very close to the dinner time. Wu Xuan had just steamed the food for a few minutes. Seeing this, Uncle Wu was very anxious as he asked, “Do we have enough time? Or should I take it up later?”


“No need, just wait for a moment, and it will be ready.” Wu Xuan grinned.


“Just a moment and it is ready? So fast?” Uncle Wu’s eyes widen in surprise. This is just the time it took for a cup of tea [1], and it is steamed. Usually, meat needs to be steamed for a longer period.


Wu Xuan shook his head, “This dish does not require it to be steamed for a long time. The meat is minced. This makes it easy to be cooked. If we steam it for too long, the meat will be overcooked. The most important thing is to protect the crunchy taste of the bean sprouts. If we steamed it for too long, it will be soft and lose it crunchy taste….. This dish is ready.”


He had just finished speaking and he immediately lifted up the lid of the steamer and take out the dish. The dish emitted a mild fragrance, with the hidden scent of the various types of meat. It is not very thick, but it immediately whets one’s appetite.


Wu Xuan took several plates and placed some soy sauce on each plate. He said, “If the elders prefer a thicker taste and not a mild taste, just ask them to drip it in soy sauce will do the trick.”


He turned around and looked at Uncle Wu, and discovered that Uncle Wu was looking the 5 flavour crystal dragon in a daze. He smiled, “Uncle Wu, why not give it a taste, and see how it taste?”


Uncle Wu shook his head. He does not want to destroy the dragon shape, “No need, I believe in your cooking skills!”


Wu Xuan’s eyes gleamed. He rubbed his nose with his fingers. He was very confident in this dish, and confident in his cooking skills. In his past life, his cooking skills had attracted a countless number of people. If he continued to be a chef, he is likely to be offered a job in a foreign country. But he likes to travel far and wide to pick the ingredients by hand. This resulted in the incident that led him to cross over into this world.


“Then I will serve this dish. Hope this dish will give me a pleasant surprise!” Uncle Wu carefully picked up the dish.


Wu Xuan was left in the kitchen alone.


Wu Xuan was about to make his way out of the kitchen when he suddenly felt dizzy and a sharp pain in his head. His world seemed to be swimming in a circle, and he was suffering from vertigo. Wu Xuan lost his balance and fell down on his butt.


Luckily, other than his poor buttocks, he was unhurt. He shook his head and sighed, “What happened? Why did I feel as if all my energy had been drained? ”


As soon as he relaxed, he felt very tired. He could not even stand up. After sitting on the floor to rest, his energy recovered a bit. He groggily shook his head to clear the dizziness. As the pain in his head eased, and his vision returned to normal, he tried to stand up. At this moment, he suddenly saw something in the shelf opposite.


It is a box. But this box is very different from the other items within the room. This box is made of jade, and makes anyone who seen it wonder what it contains.


With some difficulty, he managed to stand up. Wu Xuan walked towards the shelf to take down the box. As he took the box, he was surprised by how heavy this box is. It also feels warm to the touch. When he opened the box, a wonderful, exotic fragrance effused out. Inside the box are 5 plants. Each of the plants is identical in shape and appearance.


“What is this?”


Wu Xuan picked up one of the strange plants. As soon as he touched it, some information was transmitted to his brain: Ice Dragon grass, a 2nd-grade spiritual plant that is used to treat injuries. May be eaten directly and will restore the health of the eater when consumed. It can be used to create elixirs….”


This unexpected flow of information frightened Wu Xuan, and he threw everything into the air and leapt back in surprise and shock. The plants and the box landed on the floor of the kitchen with a soft thud.


When he discovered that these items are not moving, he decided to pick them up. These are quite valuable and he dared not lost them.


“What happened just now?” Wu Xuan placed the jade box on the shelf and murmured to himself – “Icy Dragon Grass, a 2nd-grade spiritual plant? How come there is such an ingredient?”


Wu Xuan searched the memory of his previous self for the information relating to this item. But it seemed as if the previous owner of the body does not know much about spiritual plants. All he knows are the most common plants that are used to make elixirs. Therefore, this icy dragon grass is something new to him.


Surprised by his experience, Wu Xuan tried again in an attempt to replicate the experience. He reached out and grabbed the Icy dragon grass again. As expected, all information relating to the icy dragon grass immediately appeared in his brain. Even the information on where it grows, and what type of environment it needs to survive are passed into his brain.


This time, he was ready for this information flow, and was not as scared and surprised as the first time. He began to examine what happened. As expected, when he examined in dept, he discovered that this hands suddenly have a white colour aura on it.


When he let go of the plant, there is no more such information. But he had already memorised all the information pertaining to the icy dragon grass. This is not the most important point. The most important point is that his hands can inform him about the ingredients!


“This is knowledge of medical herbs?” Wu Xuan’s eyes lit up and felt that this newfound ability is amazing.




—- At the dining hall —-


All the elders were frowning as they sat around the large round table, lost in their thoughts and troubles. The 2nd Elder Wu Tian looked around and discovered that of the 9 elders in the clan, only 7 of them had turned up. He asked, “Where are the 5th elder and the rest? They have no appetite again? Recently, they are very busy.”


Although they are high-level martial artists, they still need to eat. At very high level, they need not eat food, but they also need to take elixirs to provide their body with energy. Other than those who can absorb energy from the air and constantly replenish their body’s energy, the rest of them have to eat.


The 4th Elder Wu Quansuo smiled and replied, “Everyone was a bit busy preparing for the training that occurs once every 20 years. The 5th Elder and the rest are in charge of this program. Of course, they are very busy.”


Each clan elder is in charge of different things. Therefore, the period when they are busy is different from one another. It is normal for them to be too busy to eat. As well, some of the Elders periodically shut in and focus on their martial arts cultivation, and does not come out to eat. The end result is that it is very seldom that all elders are seated at the same dinner table.


This dining hall is only used to communicate with one another. Other than the special events, it is very rare for all elders to meet at once.


At this moment, Uncle Wu place the ‘5 flavours crystal dragon’ on the dining table. As soon as he entered, all the elders’ attention was focused on this dish, and they stopped chatting with one another.


When the dish was placed on the dining table, 2nd elder Wu Tian was surprised, “Is this is a new dish? I have never seen it before!” Just the look of the dish is already very visually pleasing. All the elders looked at it in curiosity. It is very obvious that this dish is made from bean sprouts.


Uncle Wu smiled and replied, “Yes, 2nd Elder. This is a new dish. This dish is not designed by me, but designed by Wu Xuan.”


“Wu Xuan?” 2nd Elder thought for a moment, and could not recall this person.


All the other elders have a puzzled look on their faces as well. But the 8th Elder Wu Xiao immediately recalled, “Wu Xuan… I remember him! He is the kid that we adopt! But it is a pity that he could not practice martial arts. His meridians points are blocked. I have given him some elixirs to help him, but even that did not work….”


Wu Xiao recalled the tragic events and sighed. The 8th Elder Wu Xiao [1] is in charge of the Elixir pavilion. He is not only an alchemist, his martial arts are formidable as well.


“Oh, so it is that kid, once you mentioned it, I suddenly recalled…” Wu Tian vaguely remembers something. But it is just a bit. There are too many disciples in the Wu family clan, and unless the disciple is very outstanding, the elders could not recall who is who.


“There are no other dishes?” The 2nd Elder asked.


Uncle Wu nodded his head as he replied, “Today there is only one dish. If you feel that the taste is too mild, you may want to add some soy sauce to go with it. The taste will be better.” He repeated Wu Xuan’s instructions. Regarding the taste, he had never tried this dish before. Uncle Wu was impressed by the looks of this dish. If it does not look so grand, he would not say these.


“It is just one dish, and it seems to be simple. This dish sounds very nice and looks very good. I do not know how it tastes. Even if it looks very good, if it tastes bad, it is just a vegetable….”


Each of the elders picked up the chopsticks and tasted some bean sprouts. After they chewed for a short while, their eyes suddenly lit up.


“This dish of bean spout is refreshing and it contains a trace of chicken flavour. The taste is quite mild, but you could taste it. The most interesting thing is that the taste lingers on the tongue!”


“Rubbish, this is the taste of duck!” One Elder sudden retorted.


“Yi, the one I tasted is the taste of fish….”


In the next moment, all the elders begin to make a mad rush to eat the bean sprouts. To the amazement of Uncle Wu, the crystal dragon was finished in an instance. All that is left is just the water residue from steaming the dish.


“What is the name of this dish?” The 2nd elder looked very satisfied as he leans against the chair. It has been a  long time since he had eaten something as delicious as this.


Uncle Wu regained his wits, and smiled with delight, “This dish is called 5 flavour crystal dragon. There are 5 different flavours, that is why it is called 5 flavour crystal dragon.”


“5 flavours crystal dragon…. It is indeed 5 flavours. I did not expect that such a simple dish have 5 different flavours. This is really amazing, hahaha….”


All the elders also smiled and grinned. The earlier heavy atmosphere was lifted. Just one dish had raised everyone’s mood, and make them livelier and more approachable.


The 9th Elder licked his lips and told Uncle Wu, “Please call Wu Xuan over. We want to meet him.”


Uncle Wu was very happy, and immediately nodded, “I will go immediately!” Looking at the happy faces of the elders, it is likely that they want to reward Wu Xuan.


Uncle Wu had just left when the 7th Elder joked, “Just now when I eat this dish, I felt that my cultivation had increased by a wee bit. That feeling is super amazing. But the effect is not so obvious….”


As soon as he said this, all the other Elders stared at him. Their eyes were gleaming and the 7th Elder was surprised at their behaviour.


“Me too!”


“Me also!”




Each of them looked at one another in amazement, and everyone was in a frenzy.


“This should be a coincidence. When you eat food that makes you happy, your cultivation may rise!” The 2nd Elder joked. He did not dwell much on this strange occurrence and attributed it to the fine food making them happy.


But he was still glad to have a mild increase in cultivation, and also happy to eat such fine food.






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[1] 壶茶时间 Time for brewing/drinking tea – This is about 5 minutes.


[2] The above paragraph named him as 8th Elder, but in this paragraph, he is addressed a 9th Elder. I am not sure which is the correct one, and for now, I will put him as 8th Elder. I may change this at a later time if the author constantly refers to him as 9th Elder.




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