Strange World Alchemist Chef – 003

Strange World Alchemist Chef – 003

Chapter 3 – Five Taste Crystal Dragon


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“You know how to cook?” Uncle Wu looked at Wu Xuan in disbelief. This lad had been learning from him for so many years, he knew this lad like the back of his hand. It would be more accurate to say that whatever he knows, Wu Xuan knows. Whatever he does not know, how could Wu Xuan know about it?


Uncle Wu touched Wu Xuan on the head as he asked with concern, “Little Xuan, are you sure your brain is not damaged?”


Wu Xuan could not help smiling. “Uncle Wu, let me try and you will know for sure? I have just thought of a new recipe. Even if I did not succeed, we still have these dishes. There is nothing to lose.”


Uncle Wu heard his explanations and agreed with him. He really had nothing to lose and everything to gain. If the dish is tasty, then we can add this dish. If not, the other dishes are already ready to be served.


“But your head…. It is not so good….”


Wu Xuan smiled as he patted his head, “It is all right!”


Uncle Wu stood at one side, “Then you try. But there is not much time left. Little Xuan, can you finish cooking on time?” Regarding Wu Xuan’s words, uncle Wu was a bit sceptical. But he is a good sport, and let Wu Xuan try.


This sudden change in Wu Xuan’s behaviour is too weird for him to adapt.


Right now it is almost time for dinner. There is hardly much time left!


“Relax, there is sufficient time because I will only cook one dish!”


“1 dish?” Uncle Wu was surprised. One dish is not enough for all the elders and the clan head!


Wu Xuan ignored Uncle Wu’s stare, and proceed to pick up some vegetables. He picked up a heap of bean sprouts. No wonder he said he will only cook one dish. Looking at the large numbers of bean sprouts, it is indeed sufficient for all the elders and the clan head.


But just eating this dish of bean sprouts is too simple? Although Wu Xuan is right to select a clear and refreshing taste like bean spouts on a hot day like this, this is too simple – the elders are very fussy about their food.


Uncle Wu was about to voice out his opinion, but the next moment, he just stood there stupefied by what he had seen. Wu Xuan had already started preparing the bean sprouts. He peeled away the bean spout head at such a high speed that Uncle Wu was rendered speechless. Since when did this lad become so good in cooking?


“Uncle Wu, I noticed that we have some meat. Can you help me cut all these meat into minced meat?” Wu Xuan was peeling the bean sprouts, and called out.


“Mince the meat? All right!”


Uncle Wu took out the remaining meat – there were chicken, duck, fish, crab and bird meat.


“I have already prepared the bean sprouts. Let me help to mince the meat.”


Uncle Wu had just begun to cut the meat when Wu Xuan arrive! He turned around and took a look. Then he just stood there dumbfounded.


All the heads of the bean sprouts had been peeled. They look like pieces of sparkling crystals, as they were placed in a bowl of clear water.


Uncle Wu could not help but be stunned. There were so many bean sprouts, and Wu Xuan had already finished peeling them all in the blink of an eye? What kind of speed is this?


While he was standing there in a daze, Wu Xuan picked up the Chinese cleaver. Then Uncle Wu’s eyes seemed to be playing tricks on him, and he saw shadows flying by. He heard the sound of meat being cut rapidly.


When he turned around and took a look, he was astonished to find that a piece of meat had already been minced. This is magic!


Wu Xuan was also surprised. He thought that with this weak body, if he could be half as fast as before, it would be a blessing. Never did he anticipated that his speed was much faster than the him on Earth! This pair of sissy looking hands was very nimble, precise and quick. It was as if these hands are specially designed for cooking.


In a very short while, all the meat had been minced. Wu Xuan did not put them together – he separated all the meat. Then he added some seasoning to each type of meat. Finally, he raised his head and ask, “Uncle Wu, do we have fine needles? I do not need very fine ones, but I need something that is smaller than the mouth of this bean spout head.


“Oh, we do have! I will go and get it.” Uncle Wu was shocked by Wu Xuan’s cooking skills. The speed was too fast, and he suspected that Wu Xuan is now a martial artist. Otherwise, how do you explain the massive increase in speed?




Uncle Wu quickly returned with a box of needles. Inside the box were several needles of all shape and size. Wu Xuan selected some needles that were appropriate and washed them. Then he pierces the needles into the mince meat.


With a gentle poke, the meat was not penetrated by the needle. Under the astonished gaze of Uncle Wu, the needle was used to shove the meat into the opening of the bean spout head.


Just a few seconds is all it took to stuff the mouth of the bean spout head with meat!


“Little Xuan, you … you are not thinking of stuffing all these meat into the mouth of the bean sprouts?” Uncle Wu was amazed at the method of cooking this dish. He looked at the heap of bean sprouts. There were so many of them!


If he were to stuff each and every bean spout head, it will take a long time.


Wu Xuan understood Uncle Wu’s concern and he smiled, “If you are familiar with it, it will be quick. We still have a bit of time.”


Right now it is only late in the afternoon. It is still a few more hours before dinner. To Uncle Wu, this amount of time is very short. But to Wu Xuan, this time is more than enough.


While they were chatting, Wu Xuan had already stuffed quite a bit of bean spout heads. Uncle Wu saw the massive amount of bean spout heads remaining and he offered, “Let me help you.”


Wu Xuan did not raise his head, “Uncle Wu, there is no need to help. Have a rest at the side. Relax, there are more than enough time.”


Uncle Wu wanted to say something, but when he noticed that Wu Xuan was completely focused on his task, he swallowed the words he wanted to say. He just quietly stood at a side. The entire kitchen becomes very quiet. From time to time, you could hear the sound of cooking from outside of the kitchen.


Time passed very quickly. Wu Xuan had already stuffed most of the bean spout head. There is insufficient meat to stuff the rest, and the sky is turning dark.


“All right, now everything is ready, we can shape them.”


Wu Xuan begins to shape the vegetable, and in a short while, the bean spouts resemble a dragon! It is lifelike and looks like it will soar to the sky. The sparkling crystal heads made it looks like a crystal dragon. The meats that were stuff into the head looks like the scales of the dragon!


“I could not believe that this dish was made by you….”


Uncle Wu sigh. No matter how it tastes, just looking at the shape is enough to tell that Wu Xuan had a high standard. He could not make this dragon. All his doubts and suspicions were dispelled. Wu Xuan did not lie to him. He just did not know that Wu Xuan was improving at a very rapid pace.


To be frank, the old Wu Xuan could not make this.


This is the work of the transmigrated Wu Xuan.


Looking at the crystal dragon, he smiled. This time, the food looked very good, and everything proceeded accordingly to plan. His standards seemed to have improved, and this is the first time everything goes so smoothly.


He had to thank this pair of pretty, sissy hands. These hands are very nimble and agile, and he was also pleased with them.


“What is the name of this dish?” Uncle Wu asked.


Wu Xuan grinned, “5 types of meat were used to make this, and each meat has a different taste. I will call this dish five tastes crystal dragon!”


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