Strange World Alchemist Chef – 001

Strange World Alchemist Chef – 001

Chapter 1 – Chef Wu Xuan


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“Little Xuan, wake up! Are you all right? Your head is bleeding, wake up…”


As if he was being awakened from a deep sleep, Wu Xuan shook his head confusedly. He regained some consciousness, and slowly opened his eyes. In front of him is an old man with an anxious look on his face.


When the elderly man saw that Wu Xuan had opened his eyes, the old man heaved a sigh of relief and said: “How come you are lying over here, and your head is bleeding … …”


The old man looked up at the ladder. He suddenly seemed to understand something as he continued, “Did you fell from the ladder? No wonder you take so long to gather the mushroom. It turned out that you have fell down, knocked your head and become unconscious. How are you feeling now?”


I didn’t die?


Wu Xuan was surprised. He could not understand what had happened. Before he could even recap what had happened, his mind was swamped with too much information, causing him to wince in pain. This information, as well as some memories that did not belong to him, instantly engulfed his consciousness. For a moment, he was overwhelmed and his head hurts. He almost blacks out again. Thankfully, this pain did not last for long, and it quickly subsided.


Wu Xuan was stupefied. From this information, he discovered a shocking thing: Right now he is in another body. The owner of this body shares the same name as him, but is not him!


Because this world’s Wu Xuan is just 17 years old. He is a member of a big clan, but his status is quite low – he is a chef.


And that is putting it nicely. He is just a kitchen hand.


His thoughts drifted back to his previous life.




Wu Xuan is a chef. It’s an all-around chef! But it is just a self-taught chef and an unlicensed cook. Basically, he can do extremely well as long as the ingredient can be eaten, and he can make simple dishes extremely delicious.


This rare skill was due to his being hungry when he was a young child. He would eat anything he could get his hands on. Even after his life had improved,  he prefers to eat his own cooking.


There are myths that Shennong had tasted a hundred herbs in the past [1]. In the modern world, Wu Xuan had tasted a hundred materials. He has no relatives, being an orphan since young. He grew up in a hostile environment. As a result, food is hard to come by, and he would eat and try whatever he could get his hands on.


Of course, he did not eat something poisonous like Shennong [1] and was not poisoned to death. On that day, he had climbed up the hill to search for a  rare ingredient. It was a fine day, sunny and pleasant.


Who knew that the weather would change so quickly? It suddenly rained cats and dogs. Before he could make his way down the mountain, a bolt of lightning suddenly hit him. He could only resist the electrical currents for a short period. Then he collapsed.


When he returned consciousness, he had somehow magically be transported into this world, in a body that is not his own. In his brain, he could still somehow knows what the previous person had known.


Right now the region he is living is called Dragon Empire, in the Xuanlong City, Wu Clan!


All kinds of familiar memories, strange memories filled his head. These confusing memories made him unsure if everything here is but a dream or this real?


But when a sharp pain in the back of head makes him feel that everything is real – he had somehow crossed over into this world.




“Little Xuan? Don’t scare me!”


“Oh, did he become crazy after hitting his head from the fall?”


The old man’s anxious shouts brought Wu Xuan back from his thoughts.


Wu Xuan managed to squeeze out a smile and said, “Uncle Wu, I’m fine. It is just that my head hurts. After some rest, I should be all right.”


He searched his memory and discovered that the old man in front of him was also from the Wu family clan as he was. Both of them are chefs, but Uncle Wu has been in this vocation for a much longer time than he.


Seeing that Wu Xian did not seem to be having any problems other than the wound on his head, Uncle Wu finally heaved a sigh of relief. He stood up and informed Wu Xian, “I will go and get some medicine for you, and we will dress your wound. You just sit down and rest for a bit and wait for me.”


After Uncle Wu stepped out, Wu Xuan slowly leaned against the wall and processed the memory in his brain. There were still things that he was not clear about. After processing this information, he finally knew more about the world that he had transmigrated to.


There is no advanced technology in this world. This world is somewhat similar to ancient times. However, one key difference stood out. In this world, the strong reigns supreme! Everything in this world is determined by strength! Without strength, there is no talk!


Wu Xuan is a member of Wu family clan. No, it would be more accurate to say that he is an orphan that was adopted by the Wu family clan. From young, he was provided for by the clan. Unfortunately, his meridians were blocked, and he could not practice martial arts. In simple terms, he is no different from an invalid in this world that is ruled by strength.


As a result, he could only be a servant disciple and become a chef.


Today he had decided to cook some mushroom. The original owner of this body had climbed up the ladder to gather the mushrooms that were kept on the highest shelf of the storeroom. Unfortunately, the owner slipped, fell and hit his head in a freak accident. This allows him to transmigrate into this body.


He could not believe this twist of fate. But he had no choice but to accept it since he had no idea if he could still go back to his previous world.


Right now he is just a chef. He does not resent this job. In his life on Earth, he is also a chef. The only thing is that in this world where strength reigns supreme, a chef is considered a very lowly position.


He felt the back of his head. It really hurts. He also felt a bit uncomfortable. At this moment, he suddenly discovered that his hands are very beautiful. This made him surprised. As a man, how come his hands are so slender and white? This does not make much sense!


In a short while, Uncle Wu came back with some medicine and dressed his wounds. Uncle Wu is not very good at dressing the wound as he is a chef. But still, it is much better than nothing.


“Now do you feel better? If you still don’t feel good, then you go to the Elixir Pavilion. The psychiatrist there can examine your wounds and give you some healing medicine.” After dressing Wu Xuan’s wounds, Uncle Wu was still quite worried.


Elixir Pavilion is a place where Wu family pharmacists practice their craft and create elixirs. The conditions for becoming a pharmacist are very demanding, and the elixirs that they produced are in high demand by many martial artists. As a result, pharmacists enjoy very high status within the Wu family clan.


Of course, this career has nothing to do with him. He could not practice the basic martial arts, much less alchemy.


Wu Xuan stretched out his hand and pressed against his head. He was very grateful to Uncle Wu, and replied: “No, there is no need.”


While he appreciated Uncle Wu’s concern, he had no desire to walk all the way to the Elixir Pavilion just to be sneered at by the pharmacists there. He is just a chef. When he goes to the Elixir Pavilion, none of the pharmacists there is willing to help him.




Based on his memories, he was often looked down upon by the majority of the Wu family Clan members. Do not mention the elixirs for treating his injuries, he could not get the spoiled elixirs.


“Oh, how did your hands become so good looking? It wasn’t like this.” Uncle Wu was surprised he saw Wu Xuan’s hand as Wu Xuan pressed the bandage his forehead.


Wu Xuan saw that Uncle Wu was very surprised and it does not look like he was pretending. This means that his hands were not originally as smooth or white. This is really weird! Did these hands change when he crossed over into this body?


Wu Xuan immediately comes up with a white lie, “Frankly speaking, I don’t know this either. I think that maybe my hands have changed because I have been soaking it in water for some time.”


Then he tried to switch the topic to misdirect Uncle Wu, “Oh, yes, Uncle Wu, you mentioned that you have to cook? Then you better get going. If not you could not finish cooking on time.”


Uncle Wu, who wanted to ask a few more questions, was misdirected by Wu Xuan, and he exclaimed: “Oh, my gosh! I have almost forgotten about it! I need to hurry back to cook!”


He stood up, turned around and wanted to leave. Just before he leaves, he turned around again, and looked at Wu Xuan, “I’ll help you back to the room first.”


Wu Xuan waved his hand and smiled. “Uncle Wu, there is no need to trouble yourself. I can still move.” He stood up, but his body was very weak and seem to sway. He could barely stand.


Uncle Wu looked up and down and quickly said: “In this case, Little Xuan will rest today. Let me cook the dinner.”


As soon as he said that, Uncle Wu turned and left. He did not wait for Wu Xuan to reply. It seemed that cooking is quite urgent. If dinner is served late, all the chefs will be blamed.


In fact, Wu Xuan wants to help. Wu Xuan’s head is a little painful, but his injuries are not too serious. He could still walk and move around, abet a bit slower.


Wu Xuan’s eyes fell on his hands. Both his hands had suddenly changed. What really happened? What cause these changes? There are so many questions running through his mind as he looked at his hands.


“But this body is really weak. Even if he had slipped and fallen from the ladder, the injuries should not be that serious.” Wu Xuan sighed. This body is really weak. He could still function normally, but he could not do the things that other martial artists can.


Wu Xuan massaged his arms and looked around, whispering: “And where is this place? This place is quite cold. But it is now summer……”


He hurriedly left this chilly room. The warm weather outside made him felt much better.


After he left, the place where Wu Xuan used to lie on was covered with a thin layer of ice that quickly melted into water and evaporated.




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[1] Shennong is the Chinese God of Medicine. Said to taste poison with his own body. See



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