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Imperial Chef Rookie – Chapter 07 Part 1

Chapter 7 (Part1) – This is a Brothel, You Know?


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Here you go. This chapter is more than 4100 words, and I have spilt it into part (a) and (b).





After she had left, I suddenly reacted. The more I think about it, the weirder it seems to be.


Who on earth is this? She just says she wants to take me away, means that I have to go with her?


Does she think that the world belongs to her? Is there any law in this country?


I am not going to sit here and wait for my death. I will follow them and find out who they are!


I immediately rushed down the stairs, and asked the waiter


“Did you see where the two gentlemen head off too?”


“It seemed that they headed in the North direction, I recalled….”


I did not listen to all his rumblings and rushed out like the wind.


Luckily, they are not fast. As I rushed up and search high and low for them, I finally saw them.


Right now, it is very late. Where are they going? What are these two weak women doing in a dark alleyway like this? Are they not afraid of trouble?


“This woman really got guts. Does she really thinks that as long as pretends to be a man, she will be all right?”


I was following them and thinking to myself. Then my crow beak [1] hit the nail on the head. Bad things happened immediately.


From the shadows, a few ruffians surrounded them.


These men looked very rough. One look and you could tell that they are not good men.


I immediately hide in a corner and observe the situation. I am just a chef, and do not know kung fu. I could not possibly defeat these bulky and muscular men. I need to use my brains.


“Who are you? What do you want to do?”


She looked very angry and unhappy.


A fat man immediately spoke out first,


“We do not have any evil intention, but recently, we are a bit short of money, and wants to borrow some money from these two brothers. Aiya, I did not notice it earlier, these two lads are very charming and handsome, I even wanted to …”


Then he smiled and walked forwards, and wanted to touch Mu Zhen’s face.


But Mu Zhen was quick to react, and immediately dodge. Then she coldly said,


“How dare you! You lowlifes! Do you know who I am? If you dare to lay a finger on me, your lives will be gone!”


As soon as they heard these, they immediately broke out in laughter. They thought she is helpless, and said these just to frighten them off.


The fatty sneered,


“Oh, I don’t know who you are! But seeing how soft your skins are, if I sell you to the brothel, I can get a good price! Hahaha!”


Then he slowly approached them. At the same time, he took out something from his shirt.


Suddenly, he tossed the thing at them, and he and the rest of the crooks immediately covered their mouth and nose.


These two women breathed in the powder and collapse on the ground, unconscious.


Then two men immediately carried them on their shoulders as the gang headed off.


I was hiding in a corner and saw everything. From the way they acted, they are highly experienced and seemed to have done it several times before.


I was anxious but helpless. There is no one around to help me.


Therefore, I could only follow them, and see where they brought the two women to.


I tailed them all the way to the back door of a brothel.


The fatty immediately knocked on the door and delivered them to the brothel.


This must be the brothel that that fatty talked about.


No, I must enter this place, and see how I could get them out of there.


I entered the main door. It is big and imposing, and there are some words on the signboard [Scholars Succeed Brothel]. There were also women with thick make-up that was trying to pull customers in.


At this time, I was very nervous. This is the first time that I visit a place like this.


I coughed and gathered my courage and walked in.


The madam in charge of the brothel noticed me and saw that I was dressed smartly. She enthusiastically comes over, and waved her handkerchief as she tried to get friendly with me


“Oh, what a handsome young man! What type of ladies are you looking for? We have all kinds of entertainment here. I can guarantee you that we cater to all fetishes. Come, ask two ladies to come over and let this man take a look!”


The old madam’s face was filled with a slab of makeup as thick as a brick. And her perfume stinks to the high heavens. I gagged and could barely breathe.


But since I have not found them yet, I could only pretend to be a lewd man in search of carnal pleasure.


“You said that you have anything I want? I do not like these women who have so thick make-ups. Do you have something different? [2]”


When I said this, I did not have any confidence. But I know that since the fatty said that he could sell them into this brothel, it means there is something fishy going on here.


Saying this, I took out some silver taels for her. As soon as she saw the money, she immediately becomes a lot more cooperative, and dismissed the two women. Then she pulled me to one side and said


“You want something different? Then come this way. You really have a sharp eye for details. I have some new products, this chance does not come every day, come this way~


I followed her, while observing the surroundings and keeping my eyes opened as I looked everywhere for them.


She took me to the back courtyard. But this place is different from the outside. All these people are males – be it the male prostitutes or the male customers.


There are a few men who winked at me, and try to use their eyes to seduce me. I feel very disgusted and was sweating behind my back.


“What type of man do you want? Take your pick.”


She took me to a room, and I immediately noticed that woman. Her maid was nowhere to be found. They were separated.


There also several 15-16 young boys there.


Looking at them, they are all unconscious. They should be knocked unconscious by the mixture and sold here.


I immediately pointed at her, and told the madam.


“This one!”


She saw that I had chosen a man, and immediately smiled,


“Sir, you have good eyes. One look and you picked the best of the lot. But since it is the best, we need to discuss the price.”


“Relax, I will not short change you. First, find me a room. I carry him over myself!”


Then I tossed her some silver taels.


“Oh, you are really thirsty! I will immediately make preparations.”


Then she happily kept the silver and made arrangements.


I squatted down and pick her up.


When I saw her lying on my chest, like a baby, I suddenly had a weird feeling.


This lady is haughty and proud, she is cold and fierce when not smiling. So fierce that nobody dared to approach.


But when she smiles, she is very pretty. Like a beautiful wine – her beauty will intoxicate you.


She appeared to be very powerful, but so stupid and easily tricked. Her exterior façade and her heart are not the same.




Who exactly are you?










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[1] Crow beak – saying bad things.


[2] I used bold to emphases the talking points so that you understand how the language is spoken. It requires someone to read between the lines to understand what is mean by emphasis.




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