Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0151

Chapter 151 – Burning Legion, To Battle!

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“Shh, be quiet now, that’s a Green-Eyed Demon Snake. It’s magic core is worth 20 [Juicy Burgers],” they were in a marsh, hidden behind tall grasses, as Sargerass pointed out a three meter long snake with jade green eyes in excited whisper.

“20 [Juicy Burgers]!” Kiel and Misty’s eyes lit up, their breathing sped up a little. Each had a large bag in one hand and a black iron rod in the other.

They were in the Black Forest Marsh, about 29 li [1] from Chaos City. This area was the territory of dragons. Not just the Black Forest Marsh, the Silent Hills, the Pool of Darkness, the Thorny Valley… all laid in this direction. Magical beasts of all kinds roamed this area, not to mention the amount of rare herbs and wild beasts that could not be found anywhere else.

The number of dragon was relatively small, and most of them stayed on Dragon Island and travelled mainly by flying. As such, they were not at all bothered by city boundaries or country borders or even the long stretches of land with scary names. They could, after all, just fly over the whole lot. Instead, these dangerous areas were treated as natural defences for their land, only enemies with great power or flying mounts could even reach their island country.

It was thanks to these dangerous areas filled with rare creatures and plants that the south of Chaos City became a paradise for mercenary parties, heroes and knights looking to make it big. The Chaos City Guild received requests from all over Nolan City everyday in search of something from those dangerous lands.

The mission today came from the Leader of the Golden Dragon Tribe. The task was to obtain a certain herb, from the amount of reward offered, the task appeared quite difficult. Thus far, it was said that the total bounty offered by the Gold Dragon Leader had now reached 1 million copper coins. Normally, people would only offer about 10 copper coins for herb or ingredient gathering tasks as herbs could normally be found in large quantities at the edges of Chaos City. It was the perfect mission for weak and inexperienced beginners where the biggest mistake you could make was gather the wrong herb and be sent out again to find the correct one before you could be paid.

“Boss, we already have 20 [Juicy Burgers] in our bag now, if we add this to our haul, we’d have made enough money for tonight, and tomorrow morning’s portion.” Misty snickered cheerfully. He was cradling a heavy bag in his arms like a baby.

They were deep within the Black Forest Marsh, normal people can’t even get this deep within the marsh due to the poisonous mist that permeated this place.

However, their lava demon bodies were special. Right now, a faint red flame flickered on their skin, all poisonous mists were burnt off within 5 centimetres from their skin.

“Don’t lose your head, the Green-Eyed Demon Snake are quite tricky to handle. Once it gets underground, we won’t be able to get hold of it any more.” Sargerass said solemnly. “You two surround it from the sides, I will heat the swamp with lava so that it can’t escape that way and then use Wild Meteorite to seal off its escape route. You two get ready with your sacks, do your best to capture it alive. If you can get it alive, the value increases by half, that’s 30 [Juicy Burgers].”

“But, boss, didn’t you say that Green-Eyed Demon Snake are quite tricky? Could we really catch one just using burlap sacks?” Misty rubbed his head in puzzlement.

“You idiot, the tricky part is finding and capturing them, that thing has really powerful eyes. If you stare into its eyes for three seconds, you’ll fall under its illusion. It’ll be fine as long as you put it into the sack as soon as possible. It’s not even poisonous.” Sargerass smacked Misty lightly on the back of the head, “quickly now, once we got this one in the bag we need to make hast to the next location. If we’re lucky, we’ll encounter the Green Shadow Wolf. I didn’t manage to get it last time. That chap’s fur is worth 100 [Juicy Burgers].”

“Alright,” at the words 100 [Juicy Burgers], Misty and Kiel’s eyes brightened. They put their heavy sacks down and each took out a new burlap sack and began to stalk their way carefully around towards their target.

As lava warriors surviving on Demon Island, they were already well verse with the art of hunting, of moving soundlessly through under brush and in situating themselves in the best location for an ambush.

All three kept their eyes on the Green-Eyed Demon Snake, which was still resting quietly in the cool mud.

Sargerass placed his hands gently on the ground, the lava lines on his palms lit up, and fire poured out from his hands into the ground. Red lava could be seen creeping towards the Demon Snake not far away. Soon, the swamp began to bake and crack, flames suddenly shot up from the cracks!

The Demon Snake reared up in, bewilderment obvious in its bright green eyes. It had felt the sudden rise in temperature and when it saw Sargerass a mere 10 meters away, it stuck out its red fork tongue once, then swiftly turned to escape.

“In the name of Sargerass, I summon the Wild Meteorites…” Sargerass muttered under his breath, the flamed streaked mud flashed red once, and rose like liquid lava, balls of rocks shot into the air like comets, their tails flashing brightly. The comets struck the ground right in front of the Demon Snake, blocking its escape.

“Now!” Sargerass stride boldly towards the Green-Eyed Demon Snake roaring, “for {Juicy Burgers]!”

“For [Juicy Burgers]!” Kiel and Misty howled in unison. Though there were only three of them, their battle cry was very dramatic and heroic in the face of death.

The Green-Eyed Demon Snake shrank away from the falling meteorites, green light flashed in its large eyes as it tried desperately to search for a target.

However, before it could lock onto anyone, a sack fell over it and soon there was nothing but suffocating darkness. It was still trying to struggle when a loud roar of ‘For [Juicy Burgers]!’ stunned it like a physical blow.

“Boss, mission accomplished, we have gained 30 [Juicy Burgers]!” Misty said happily as he knotted the neck of the sack.

“Very good!” Sargerass also looked very happy, satisfaction bloomed across his face as he nodded approvingly. “Our first mission as the Burning Legion is a success.”

“For [Juicy Burger]!” Misty held up the sack like a trophy.

“Once our Legion grow larger, maybe we can even take down a gold dragon. We’ll be able to feast on [Juicy Burgers] for many years from something like that.” Kiel also could not help his excitement.

“It is my responsibility to consume [Juicy Burgers] for those who aren’t here, I shall certainly not shirk from this duty.” Sargerass smiled. He pointed a finger up and laughed heartily, “Onward, Burning Legion!”

Three figures charged into the mist, and soon disappeared from sight. From time to time, yells of [Juicy Burger!] could be heard…

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“Is this [Juicy Burger] thing really that delicious?” within the restaurant, the peanut gallery all studied the [Juicy Burger] in their hands. Eyes narrowed as they did their best to endure the richly delicious smells and properly investigate the item in their hands. What soon caught their eye was not the food itself, but the image on the packet. It was the silhouette of a little half elf girl.

They could immediately tell that this was the silhouette of Amy. Everyone in Aden Square was aware of the taboo of having half-blood citizens associated with their business. Unexpectedly, this Boss Mike actually bucks tradition not only by directly using his half elf daughter as the symbol for his restaurant, but also openly employed a half dragon girl as his waitress. His was the only restaurant in Aden Square that dared to do this kind of thing.

“Chomp!” Andrew was the first person to lost his self control and bit into his [Juicy Burger].


[1] li – 500 meters





Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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