Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0150

Chapter 150 – You Can Wear It When You Learn Cooking from Daddy

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“En?” everyone stiffened, it was one thing to be called out by customers, they could just brash it out, but now they’ve been recognise by the boss’ daughter, and she had just straight out asked them if they were here to make trouble. Nobody really know what to say in the face of this sudden confrontation.

Amy’s words had also attracted the attention of other customers. Those who had not noticed this odd group of people were reminded by Amy’s words. Onion pancakes, and pork chops were some of the more famous dishes in Aden Square, it did not take long for them to match the faces of these people to some of the nearby restaurants. Curiosity and interest overcame them, were they really here to make trouble as Amy had said?

Klaus and Julian both looked over, to think that someone actually dared to make trouble while the two of them were here. Were they being looked down on?

Bradley was also looking over curiously, just who was so daring to come make trouble in this restaurant?

“I use to stand outside of your restaurant. Those big pork chops must be really yummy, right? And your onion pancakes smelled really nice.” Amy said as she nodded to herself. Suddenly, then she frowned. With narrowed eyes, she glared at the people in front of her, “But, why are you all here? If you’re here to eat, we’re very happy to have you. Daddy’s rainbow rice and [Juicy Burgers] are all really yummy.”

“But, if you’re here to make trouble, I can’t let you. When Amy gets angry, I can be real fierce!” Amy’s tone suddenly change, she held up her two little fists, lips curled back to show her little fangs, her tone perfectly solemn.

“Pu– how cute, ah,” Bernice looked at Amy’s slightly twitching eye, as she did her best to look fierce. Bernice’s eyes curved into little crescents, her own two daughters were all grown up now, and tended to do their thing outside the house and refusing to come home most days. It’s been a long time since she had seen such a cute little thing, and all her motherly instincts was bubbling over.

“We- we’re not here to make trouble,” Andrew waved a rather clumsy hand as he stared at Amy, feeling a little bewildered. This little girl was certainly tiny, and really cute, moreover, she had just praised his pork chops. Though it was a little weird, it was still welcomed, only, he was not actually sure how to explain their presence here.

“En, little lady, we’re here for lunch, not to make trouble,” Miles, who had calmed down quite a lot, said with a smile as he shook his head.

“Really?” Amy still looked a little suspicious, but she was slowly putting down her fists, and nodded, “Okay, then be good and eat, ba.”

Everyone nodded, and breathed a sigh of relief. For some reason, being stared at by this little girl was a lot more stressful than the thought of being glared at by the boss.

[So many nodding heads…][1]

“Apologies, the child is too young to really understand anything and tended to say whatever is on her mind. I’d ask everyone to please overlook her words.” Mike approached them with a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] in hand. He swiftly placed the plate on the table of a nearby customer without breaking his stride as he made his way towards them. He patted Amy on the head and smiled at Andrew and the rest.

It was clear that he had no intention of putting any blame on Amy.

They were all in the same business and for them to come over in a group like this, no one would believe it if they said they weren’t here to snoop around. However, it’s difficult to slap a smiling face. As long as they don’t make trouble, he will keep his thoughts to himself. Amy’s words could be taken as a warning on his behalf.

It’s fine if they’re here to eat, he’s happy to receive their money and they did contribute to the new customer mission, which was a favourable point in his eyes. However, if they insist on making trouble, he would not stay his hand.

“Un,” Amy held Mike’s hand, obediently quiet.

“How could we, this little lady is just too cute.” Bernice gave Mike a quick once over, a man in his thirties, a bit thin but has good lively eyes. His black and white outfit looked clean, even his black apron was spotless. It was a complete opposite of most chefs who usually ended up all greasy and scruffy looking from working in the kitchen.

“Boss, we’re all restaurant owners from Aden Square and just happened to get together for a chat. Since your business is the best around here, we’d thought it’d be nice to have our lunch here and see what kind of delicious meals are responsible for drawing in so many customers. Nothing else. I do hope you won’t misunderstand us. Miles said as he smiled up at Mike, he made no attempt to hid his identity and acted in a perfectly natural way.

Mike looked over the other man, about 40 years of age, medium build, and dressed in tailored black outfit with short sleeves. Miles’ hair was brushed back in a meticulous manner and he looked like someone who’s very detailed minded. He smiled down at Miles, “Welcome, we’re very happy to have you here. Your meals will be served to you soon, so please be patient.”

It just so happened that a couple of tables nearby were signalling for the bill, and he waved for them to sit at the newly available seats, and returned to the kitchen.

The customers had been eagerly anticipating a fight, but who would have thought that the matter would be resolved so harmoniously? It was quite disappointing actually. Since there was no show to be had, everyone eventually returned their attention to their meals.

“This boss seems quite reasonable.” Bernice said as she took a seat and flicked a strand of hair back. Though she was getting close to 40, her skin still looked quite good and supple, only her hands betrayed her age. Thanks to years of handling hot water and knives, her hands were wrinkled and callous, and looked like old woman’s hands.

“That’s true, I was never this tolerant when I was his age.” Bishop nodded in agreement, feeling a little embarrassed. He had nearly lost his temper over something a customer had said. If a bunch of his fellow restaurateurs came into his restaurant, he would probably have charge out of his kitchen with the biggest knife in hand.

“I have to say your temper hadn’t improve with age.” the bald uncle snickered, the rest of them laughed.

Old Bishop’s temper was volcanic, and his three sons were brought up in a very strict environment. However, thanks to this kind of up bringing, Bishop could now live a life as an ‘Arm-flinging restaurateur’[2]. Any one of his sons could be reliably count on to take over the shop any time.

“Who said that.” Bishop’s old face flushed, but since everyone had known each other for a decade or two, he didn’t actually pursue the matter.

“Little girl, you’re called Amy?” Bernice smiled as she addressed Amy.

“Yes’m.” Amy nodded, she looked interestedly at Bernice. She asked, “Flowery Apron Aunty, where’s your flowery apron?”

“I’ve taken it off, I don’t need it when I’m not cooking.” Bernice smiled at Amy, this little girl’s memory was really not bad. After some thought, she said, “Little Amy, do you like the flowery apron? If you like it, I can give you a little flowery apron just for you.”

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes, please! Amy can wear it when she learns cooking from daddy.” Amy started clapping her hands.

“Here’s you [Juicy Burger], please take your time.” Abbe Mia appeared bearing a tray and began handing out [Juicy Burgers] with a smile.




[1] For some reason, the author likes a lot of ‘smile and shook their head’, ‘smile and nod their head’, a lot of smiling and nodding or shaking of head… it kept making me think of bobble heads… I’ve actually… left out a lot of it already, in the name of creative licence *nods*

[2] Arm-flinging restaurateur – someone who does no work but orders people around




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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