Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0149

Chapter 149 – Little Ugly Duckling, You Have Something To Say?

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“No need to worry, they’re not here to make trouble.” Mike said with a smile as he shook his head. When Abbé Mia had spoken with them, Mike had already noted their expression and body language, and came to the conclusion that these people were not completely unreasonable. They were most likely here to investigate the reason why so many customers came to this place.

Naturally, even if they really were here to make trouble, he was not at all worried. Without calling in Klaus or Julian into the field, Amy alone was enough to beat them up.

Wanting to investigate your more successful rivals was a very admirable attitude.

As former heir to a business empire, Mike had nothing against this kind of proactive behaviour. Once the restaurant became even more popular in Aden Square, in Chaos City, and perhaps, even the whole of Nolan Continent, there would be even more chefs coming over to steal his recipes, right?

“Just give them whatever they’ve ordered, ba. I think they should like whatever they’ve ordered.” Mike said as he plated some [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and handing it over Abbé Mia, a rather obvious hint for her to just get on with her job.

“Oh, right, yes.” Abbé Mia quickly grabbed the plate of rice and after another look at Mike’s calm demeanour, she straightened her spine and rushed out with renewed determination, her smile refreshed.

That’s right, she believed that no one else in this world could make delicious cuisine the way Boss Mike does, not even after they’ve tasted it.

She had worked as a kitchen helper for many years, but she had never seen most of the spices and ingredients used by Mike. As for the cooking method, she had never even heard of some of the methods he was using.

Boss Mike was clearly a genius, unique cooking method aside, those hands of his was just magic. The way he handle the knife, the kneading of the dough, was not something any ordinary chef could do.

“Amy, are you hungry? Do you want anything to eat? I’ll treat you.” Klaus smiled at Amy, the smile turned into a smirk when he met Julian’s eyes.

Julian was the one who promised Amy that he’ll pay for her daily meals if she study with him. It actually cost quite a lot to pay even three days worth of meals, and this was the perfect chance to annoy Julian by reminding him of this extra cost.

“Humph,” as expected, Julian narrowed his eyes at him, frost formed over his spoon.

“No need, I’m full now.” Amy shook her hear, a little smile on her face as she smile up at Mike. “But, Master Halfsies Beard, if you really want to treat me, you can pay for my meals on days I study with you.”

Klaus’ smile went rigid. His intention was to tease Julian a little, he really hadn’t expected to be pulled into the same trap by Amy. Moreover, Little Amy did it so naturally that he found himself nodding in agreement.

“Little Amy, if you ever feel hungry at night, I can pay for your midnight supper as well.” a smile crinkled his face, his voice sounded hoarse, but gleeful. His wrinkly face folded further up into a goulish expression as he smirked happily at Klaus.

“Yay! Thank you Master Tortoise.”Amy nodded happily, she cast expectant blue eyes at Klaus, waiting to see what he would say.

“Alright, I’ll pay for your meals on days you come and study with me.” Klaus sighed as he nodded helplessly.

What else could he do against an apprentice who was always on the lookout to help her father save money? Seen from a different angle, this little habit of hers was actually quite adorable, ah. What else could he do but to agree?

“Well, it’s not like I could spend all my money in this lifetime anyway, even if I eat like this everyday, it would probably take me more than a hundred years to spend it all.” Klaus thought back large room where he used to carelessly dump the monthly allowance given to him by the royal family in the past hundred years.

A few years ago, Arthur had came to inform him that his money room was now completely full and he had to move all his money into a larger room, oh, and quite a lot of his money had to be converted to the latest currency because a lot of it was… well, not in circulation any more.

Klaus was not exactly clear about the specifics, but he did get the impression that he probably had quite a lot of money. After his meal, he should send a pigeon to Arthur and remind him to bring the money over. With this kind of apprentice, he’d probably need to spend a whole lot more money in the future.

“Master Halfsies Beard, you’re so nice.” Amy said happily. She was sitting on a tall bar stool, and was swinging her feet happily. The motion sent her little body swaying, waking up Little Ugly Duckling who was on the verge of falling asleep. The kitten cast a grudging eye at Amy.

“Little Ugly Duckling, you have some complaint against me?” Amy stopped swinging her legs, and held the cat up to eye level.

“Miao miao,” Little Ugly Duckling shook its head, it blinked huge eyes innocently, what could it say? Nothing, absolutely nothing, ah!

“If you have some complaints, you should just say it, ah. If you say nothing, how do I know what you think?” Amy said seriously.

“Miao?” Little Ugly Duckling hesitated, it seemed to be thinking over the credibility of Amy’s words.

“If you make a good point, I’ll definitely correct my behaviour. I’m a good girl who always try to change for the good, oh.” Amy’s expression grew even more sincere, as she patiently explained.

“Miao miao,” Little ugly Duckling hesitated once more. Finally, it pointed at Amy’s little legs, then made little waving movements with its own paws, and shook its head violently. Next, it mimed sleeping motion, and then looked up at Amy with wide, expectant blue eyes.

“I knew it, Little Ugly Duckling, you have some complaint against me. I have your confession now!” Amy scrubbed the little cat’s head roughly, seeing Little Ugly Duckling’s face pulled into weird expression pleased her very much.

“Miao—-!!” Little Ugly Duckling wailed, entrapment! This is entrapment, ah!

Amy only stopped after having her fill of fun, she cupped Little Ugly Duckling’s Face and stared down at it, “It’s unreasonable to ask me to stop swinging my legs, if you really don’t like it, you can just stay on the floor.”

Little Ugly Duckling took a look at the floor, then at Amy’s little legs, finally, it spinelessly nestled back into her arms and slept to the swaying motion of Amy’s swinging legs.

The customer turnover happened very quickly. After all, when face with such overwhelming deliciousness, eating trumps conversation and other none eating activities. Very soon, multiple chimes of spoons hitting empty plates rang out. Since the shop only offer two items on its menu, the queue shortened very quickly.

Quite a lot of the guests ordered [Juicy Burger] to take away, saying that it tasted even more delicious when eaten on the go.

“Yi? Onion Pancake Grandpa, Pork Chop Uncle, Flowery Apron Aunty,” as the lines shortened, the peanut gallery got closer and caught Amy’s eyes. Her eyes brightened as she pointed them out, calling them by a unique nickname.

The people being called out was stunned. First, they were shocked by the weird nickname, and secondly, just how did this little half elf girl recognise them?

Well, while the nicknames sounded a little strange, it was oddly fitting, perhaps too fitting. They exchanged glances and looked closer at Amy, this little girl had to be the Boss’ daughter, ba?

Amy looked at them with tilted head, then blurted out suddenly, “Hey, are you here to make trouble?”





Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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