Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0145

Chapter 145 – The Boss Must Have Put Something into This

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


Though it was nice to look at, Mike was a still an ambitious cook aiming to become a master chef. Therefore, after watching five rounds of the dance, he left to continue with his lunch preparations.

Not only could the previous wooden doll not match the holographic projection in terms of rhythm, movement or expression, it also have a certain amount of intelligence. Aside from not being able to touch the viewers to help correct their pose, it was perfectly suited for teaching. It could also match Amy and Abbé Mia’s pace, and was the perfect specialized dancing teacher.

Abbé Mia had quickly moved two tables away to make a space in the middle of the dining hall, enough for two people to dance about freely. The window blinds had also been lowered to block any curious gaze from outside.

At first, she was embarrassed about being seen by Mike, but when she saw that Mike’s expression did not show even a trace of ridicule, and was instead looking at Amy with warmth in his eyes, she began to immerse herself in dancing.

Little Ugly Duckling was also hopping about happily on the side, joining in the fun in its own way. It definitely looked much happier now than when it had been running around the dining room.

“This is good too, what’s the use of just working all day and night without any fun?” Mike looked on as Abbé Mia clumsily held out her hands to imitate the dancing teacher with a little smile. Hopefully, this young woman would gradually escape the shadows in her heart and live a happy and rewarding life.

When lunch time came, Mike gave Little Ugly Duckling half a plate of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] in one bowl, and some chopped lean and fatty stewed pork in the other.

Mike had been a little worried whether the cat would actually eat the food, and he certainly never expect Little Ugly Duckling to go up to the bowl for a little sniff, let out a series of excited mews, flopped itself to the floor, shoved its face into the bowl and began eating most heartily. It certainly sounded exceedingly happy.

“It really is a cat that would eat anything.” Mike said, before losing interest cat to focus his attention on his own lunch.

“Daddy dearest, dancing is really fun. I want to learn it again later.” Amy took a large bite of her [Juicy Burger], and was happily talking with her mouth full.

A [Juicy Burger] between her hands, Abbé Mia also looked expectantly at Mike. After two hours of dancing lesson in the morning, her face was still bright red from the exercise. Looks like dancing was even more of a hard work compared to actual work, but it was certainly much more fun. She had never felt happier in her life.

“Alright, but you’ll have to wait until all the customers are gone first, we must not disturb our customers while they are eating.” Mike said with a smile. Starting from tomorrow, Amy will have magic lessons with Klaus.

“Daddy dearest, you’re the best!” said Amy happily.

Happiness glowed on Abbé Mia’s face, then she actually started glowing when her golden dragon tail popped out under the influence of the [Juicy Burger].

Mike laughed as he took a bite of the [Juicy Burger]. As they have all agreed earlier, Amy will have lesson with Klaus for three days, and the other three days with Julian, followed by a day of rest.

This was still acceptable to Mike, as Amy will be back for her three meals and will also have an afternoon break. It was kind of like sending her off to a day kindergarten.

Moreover, since her teachers were evenly matched in terms of strength, and were in competition for her approval, Mike did not have to worry about them being too strict with her. Moreover, these two teachers were terribly eager to outdo each other, so the chances of her learning something good was high. If any problems were to crop up with one particular teacher, it could be addressed by simply reducing time spent with that teacher.

Miao miao~

Very soon, Little Ugly Duckling had finished its bowl of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], it licked its oily mouth, tipped its head up to Mike and mewed twice, a grateful expression on its face.

Ever since Mike started giving it delicious food, its opinion of Mike had risen quite a bit. It was this close to hugging this man’s thigh.

“Little Ugly Duckling, you still want to eat? I’ll let you have some from my plate.” Amy said as she smiled down at Little Ugly Duckling, her eyes in cheerful crescents.

Little Ugly Duckling tipped its head at Amy, it squinted its eyes suspiciously at Amy’s smile.

Amy continued to smile, “Eat lots and lots, and grow and grow quickly, and then…”

Little Ugly Duckling immediately shook its head, shrinking away from Amy, a horrified expression on its face. No more! No more! No more food, please!

Mike looked into the two perfectly clean bowls. Little Ugly Duckling should be full from all that food. However, it looked like this little guy’s appetite is a lot bigger than its size. If he didn’t want this little guy to turn into a big guy in a few months, he might have to limit its food.

Every creature have their own weaknesses, looks like he’ll have to depend on Amy to monitor its food intake.

After lunch, Abbé Mia cleared the table, put the chairs and tables back to its original place. At Mike’s signal, she pressed the button to roll up the blinds. She ducked to look outside and felt her eyebrow twitched.

A long line had already formed from their door all the way to the plaza itself. When it reached the green hedges bordering the plaza, the line made a curve and disappeared from her sight. There were, literally, over a hundred people. It was actually quite a sight.

The people were all lining up obediently, there were demons, humans, dwarves, orcs, and elves all in one single line. This scene was quite unprecedented, no restaurant had ever achieved this kind of popularity before.

A few new comers came up to bang on the restaurant door when they felt the stares from a team of frightfully tall orcs and the stern eyes of some human men wearing the grey temple’s badges. They looked up at the silently lined up people and quietly made their way to the end of the line to queue up. The entire atmosphere was just too oppressive, not a single peep of complaint could be heard.

Several restaurant owners gathered together to stare enviously at Mike’s restaurant. There were some hatred in those gazes.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life in Aden Square. Tsk, tsk, the boss of this restaurant is just too much, too excessive, ah.” a lady boss in a flowered apron tsked disapprovingly.

“That’s right, we’ve already been in the business for a decade or two already, how did we lose to a restaurant that has only been in business for a few days?” a balding uncle with a rather shiny head said in puzzlement.

“Do you think it’s possible that the chef put drugs into the food? It’s the only reason why the customers kept coming back again and again, right?” a rather thin and dried up looking old person said with a gleam in their eye.

“That’s right! I, too, feel that there’s something fishy about this. Customers who came out of that restaurant all looked rather abnormal. This morning, I saw a young lady with a bag of something in her hand passing by my shop, when she took a bite of the thing, she suddenly started making all these weird noises. I’m sure the boss of that restaurant must have put some kind of drug into the food.” an old lady chimed in agreement.

“If that’s the case, we should all make a report to the Grey Temple, ah!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” the people around them chimed in with bright eyes. This was very important news, this shop snatched away too many customers and really impacted their business, ah.

“Aih, why don’t you guys just open your eyes and go have a look at what this guy is doing to improve his business? All you people know what to do is gossip here, day in, day out, no wonder your businesses never improve. And now you’re trying to stab other people in the back with false reports.” a fat old boss pursed his lips. Suddenly, he snatched off his apron and threw it against a nearby signboard.

As he walked away, he said, “I’ve also seen that girl you people talked about. The sounds made by that girl could only be made by people who had eaten the most delicious food. After being a chef for so many years I’ve yet to make my customers make such sounds, too shameful.”


[Gumihou: I’m glad to see a civil person among the other business owner.]



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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