Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0144

Chapter 144 – Miss Amy’s Brainwashing Technique

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A great silence descended upon them.

“It’s a miss, an accident… we must have missed one.” the [System] fell into an awkward silence, then a window popped up declaring that the advert had disappeared.

“This [System] is really unscrupulous when it comes to money. I’m afraid that they have really forgotten what kind of [System] they were supposed to be.” Mike shook his head in mock disappointment. He sighed, he really had no idea whether having this [System] with him was a blessing or a curse. “On the other hand, holographic simulation game and actual game pads? I guess I can look through those things later when I have time.”

Mike did not rush to test the holographic projection thing, nor did he bother to continue bantering with the [System]. Instead, he carried the larger music box downstairs, and was greeted promptly greeted by two pairs of expectant eyes.

“Daddy dearest, where’s Little Mushroom Girl?” Amy was looking anxiously at the empty glass sphere on the music box.

Little Ugly Duckling was sprawled on the floor, gasping for breath, eyes almost rolled back into its head from exhaustion.

No more, it’ll never eat a second helping of anything ever again!

Abbé Mia sidled closer as well, looking suspiciously at the music box. Mike said that he was going to improve the music box, but, now that the little elf was gone, who was going to teach them how to dance?

Of course, there was no way that Mike would lie to Amy, but, well, the situation was truly baffling. Could it be that the little elf would appear out of thin air later?

“Don’t worry, and don’t you blink. You’ll see some magic in a few minutes.” Mike did not bother with long explanations, he merely placed the music box on the table, and lightly tapped at the icon that would activate the main character.

Amy and Abbé Mia both opened their eyes wide as they stared breathlessly at the music box, their faces filled with expectations. Even Little Ugly Duckling lifted its head a little from its sprawled position to see what was going on.

The light that came out from the crystal sphere also seemed to be different, it had changed from the low quality flashing lights to something that looked more like white stage lights.

It was followed by the clear chime of bells as clear as crystals, the scattered lights flared and scattered, before gathering into a single ball of light within the centre of the crystal ball.


The clear sound of a single bell rang out, and the light in the middle of the crystal bowl suddenly flashed out in all directions in gorgeous colours, like an exploding firework.

“It’s so pretty!”

Amy and Abbé Mia cried out, their bright eyes reflecting the beautiful light. They had never seen such a wondrous sight in their lives, it was even more wonderful than the lantern lights put up during Peace Memorial Day.

Even more curious was that these brilliant lights did not disappear, but stayed suspended in the air in brilliant dots. Eventually, it converged into the crystal ball and in shone in brilliant colours of the rainbows.

When the converged light settled down, it sort of, shimmied down to the base, revealing a beautiful maiden with golden hair, long eye lashes and brilliant eyes. She was dressed in some sort of tight fitting, silver white dress that showed off her long legs very nicely. The maiden smiled at them, “I’m Annie, how lovely to meet everyone.”

“Wow! How wonderful.” Amy clapped her little hands and came closer, walking around the table once, her mouth dropped opened in awe. The original wooden elf doll was already so lifelike, but right now, with her pure white skin and beautiful smile that was not at all stiff or doll like, it really did felt like there’s a real tiny elf inside the sphere.

“It’s so adorable! But, is this some kind of summon?” Abbé Mia was looking at the little elf with amazement, and some suspicion. The light just now was quite similar to summon magic. This elf really looked like the real thing, moreover, it could speak to them. Could Boss Mike have really summoned a tiny elf?

Even the dispirited Little Ugly Duckling had gotten up and was making its way curiously to the music box, it craned its neck up for a better look.

“No, you’re not Annie, you are Little Mushroom Elf.” Amy seemed to have suddenly gotten over her amazement and shook her head at the little elf.

A very human expression of doubt appeared on the little elf’s face as she looked at Amy with incomprehension.

“So this is the legendary semi-intelligent being?” Mike also looked at the little elf with some surprise. Technologies related to holographic projections had already existed in his past life, the Hatsune Miku concerts came to mind.

The [System] was right to be proud of their holographic projections, the clarity of the image was really amazing, it was really like looking at an actual entity. Even the subtlest expression could be seen.

The level of intelligence was not bad either, though it was nothing like the [System], it was already much better than those idiotic AIs that could only answer questions via a set response.

This kind of technology was truly amazing, moreover, the [System] could still gain more knowledge, if it had not been such a miser, Mike would have great respect for for the [System].

“20,000 for a toy, well, looks like it’s really worth it. Now I’m kind of curious what kind of holographic games it might contain.” Mike looked at the happy Amy and smiled.

“Little Mushroom Elf is your real name. You must have forgotten it, you’re not Annie.” Amy said seriously.

“Is that so?” there was doubt on the elf’s face, the more she thought about it, the more she seemed to doubt herself.

“Yes, that’s right, you are Little Mushroom Elf.” Amy said, nodding with great confidence.

“I am Little Mushroom Elf?” the little elf repeated again.

“Yes, you are.” Amy nodded.

“Good-day, I am Little Mushroom Elf.” the little elf nodded along with Amy.

“That’s right, it’s good that you’ve remembered who you are.” Amy clapped her hands happily.

“Miss Amy’s brainwashing technique?” Mike looked on as Amy applied her personalized brainwashing technique, successfully mind you, with an odd expression. To think that the little elf lost her perfectly good name just like that.

“… but,” Abbe Mia opened her mouth, she was also quite incredulous how this little elf was persuaded to forget her own name and tricked into thinking this silly nickname was her true name. However, since the other party had accepted this other name, so… maybe it’s better for her to say nothing about it.

“Alright, if you two want to learn dancing, you may learn from Little Mushroom Girl.” Mike got ready to tap on the screen.

“If you wish to learn dancing, the choice of music now is only Gokuraku Jodo, do you still wish to learn?” the Little Mushroom Elf asked.

“Yes!” Amy and Abbé Mia both answered eagerly, their eager faces turned towards that curious little elf, all ears for her instructions.

“Very good, first we need to clear about 3 square meters of space so that we don’t hit things while we learn. Alright, now I shall first demonstrate the whole dance, then we’ll dance together.” Little Mushroom Elf smiled.

The Gokuraku Jodo music began to play, and the elf in her tight silver white dress began to dance.

“I guess, I’m the only person who’d ever seen an elf dancing the Gokuraku Jodo, ba…” Mike snorted as he watched the Little Mushroom Elf twisted her slim waist in the dance. He nodded to himself, “En, that certainly is a very nice view.”


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