Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0143

Chapter 143 – The Shopping App is Now Activated

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


“Modify?” Amy looked up at Mike, then at the music box in his hand. Puzzled, she asked, “But, I think the Little Mushroom Elf is fine, why would we need to chher? Are you going to change her?”

“No, no, didn’t you say you like dancing? Little Mushroom Girl is a little stiff right now, after the modification, her dancing will look much better. Also, she’ll be able to teach you how to dance better, and even change into all kinds of different outfits, but, she’ll still be Little Mushroom Girl.” Mike said comfortingly, it looked like she had developed some affection for the little doll.

“Really? That’s wonderful, how long will it take?” Amy asked with sparkling eyes.

“Once it’s been modified, would her dancing be even prettier?” Abbé Mia also had a rather expectant look on her face.

“About half an hour, ba. You just play with Little Ugly Duckling first and it will be done very soon.” Mike said. Then, he picked up the music box and headed upstairs.

The [System] mentioned that it would take 20 minute for the modification, but this time Mike wanted to make sure that there was no weird or unpleasant surprises hidden in the music box before handing it back to Amy.

“…hic…” after swallowing down the [Savoury Beancurd], Little Ugly Duckling rolled to the ground, exposing its white, fluffy and very round belly. It’s eyes were slitted shut in satisfaction.

“Little Ugly Duckling, you can’t sleep after eating!” Amy immediately flicked one of the fluffy orange ears.

“Miao~” Little Ugly Duckling mewed lazily, pushing its head against Amy’s hand. It squirmed and flopped its way onto Amy’s feet, and settled down to sleep.

Amy retracted her hand and looked down at the Ugly Duckling with a frown. Suddenly, her eyes gleamed, and she whispered, “Once you’re all nice and fat, you’ll be all grown up, right? And once you’re all grown up…”

“Miao miao!” Little Ugly Duckling quivered and jumped to its feet. It mewed twice at Amy and then began to run around the dining hall. As it ran, it kept turning back to mew at Amy, as if to inform her that, look, it was doing its best to exercise now.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I think you can lie down now.” Amy was shaking her head, but, there was still that rather dangerous smile on her face.

“Miao!” Little Ugly Duckling’s voice picked up a few more notches, it had actually slowed down to a little trot, but then picked up its pace again when it saw that smile.

Mike, who was just starting down the stairs, could not help but smiled at their antics. Looks like Little Ugly Duckling’s lovely days of sleeping in were almost over.

While the music box was with the [System], Mike did not remained idle. He had gone to the kitchen to prepare ingredients for the lunch hour. Now that he no longer have to clean up the dining room or buy goats milk outside, it saved him quite bit of time. He spent it making more white buns. With two ovens he was not worried about not making enough buns for lunch.

When the [System] chimed its signal, Mike washed his hands and made his way upstairs. He passed by Little Ugly Duckling, who was now crawling its way around the dining hall. Amy and Abbe Mia, who was mopping the floor, looked up at him with great expectant eyes.

Mike went upstairs to pick up the music box. The general shape of the music box did not actually change much, but it had grown a lot taller, and the little elf in the centre of the glass sphere had disappeared. The mock snow on the ground had also disappeared, the only thing that could be seen on the ground were a few red dots.

Additionally, embedded into the base of the music box was a small screen about 4 inches wide. It looked like this fool had decided to bring in obvious modern technologies into this world.

“The holographic projection modification is now complete. As per the host’s instructions, the projected image will still be the elf. The [System] have also provided 10 sets of basic costume set. We can now supplement the costume set with a wide variety of luxurious clothing with different accessories to choose from, all you have to do is pay a bit of money for an upgrade, for better experience and fun-”

“Wait, wait… [System]! I only want a simple holographic modification. What’s all this pop-up adverts? You want to lure my kid into some kind of spend drift lifestyle?” Mike interrupted the [System]. This bastard seemed to have gotten more and more skilled at making money, knowing that the best way to get at his money was through Amy.

“Would the host please do not compare the [System’s] modification to those money trap games with their in-app purchase. The outfits, costumes and accessories provided by the [System] is of the most delicately made and exquisite of styles. The special effects that came with the costume change is both tasteful and beautiful. Thanks to the high quality holographic projection, fine details such as embroidery, stitching, and…” the [System] went on and on, clearly very proud of itself.

“What I want is a child lock option, or at least a parental supervision mode. Something that will stop all this random pop-up ads, also absolutely no embedded advertisement at all. Otherwise, I’ll just return the goods.” said Mike coldly.

“This unreasonable behaviour of the host will kill a child’s natural talent and curiosity, this is not at all conducive to the growth of a child’s heart or talent. It’s a form of educational tyranny!” The [System] protested.

“Tch, the talent and growth of children are ruined by money grubbing mobile game maker bastards like you, when I was a child I never played with video games or phone games all day, everyday.” Mike sneered.

“Shall we allow the little girl to decide for herself?” the [System] yielded a little and was now trying to negotiation.

“I seem to remember that there’s a three day return policy?” Mike refused to negotiate at all.

“Fine, all pop-up ads have been taken down, automatic deduction have been deactivated, and parental mode is now activated.” the [System] sounded a little frustrated.

Mike nodded with satisfaction, then he added, “One more thing, you sure you don’t have any rubbish like If U Do Do, ba?”

“How could If U Do Do be considered rubbish? It’s the purest form of an artist effort, as an art, it is…” the [System] started with some passion.

“Stop with that nonsense, just how many kinds of songs and dance music do you have in here? I want to have a look.” Mike broke through the [System’s] ridiculous talk. This thing was just too untrustworthy, looks like he’ll have to personally sift through the song list and find out what’s actually educational for children from the rubbish.

“Apologies host, the [System] have determined that revealing too many other world  dance music in this world could upset this world’s culture. Therefore the host may only view Gokuraku Jodo for now. Once the first dance had been learnt, the second song will be unlocked. As for the sing along songs, the host may now view the first 30 songs for free.”

“Fine, you got me there.” Mike’s hand trembled, he was this close to throwing the music box into the wall. Instead, he tapped at the 4 inch screen, it activated like a standard phone screen, revealing several options like [Dress up], [Dance Lesson], [Music Lesson] and so forth.

Mike tapped the [Music Lesson] option and glanced through it. Most of the songs seemed like normal children’s song. The first song was, of course, the Little Mushroom Girl song that Amy had just learnt. After that was the Two Tigers song[1], Duck song[2] and other such familiar songs.

“Shopping App is now activated. You may now proceed to the mall to buy all kinds of fun and popular Apps through this machine. Enjoy wonderful holographic games, puzzle games, and much much more. The hottest game right now is…”

A pop-up window had just appeared to cover the entire screen.


[Gumihou: … …]


[1] Two Tigers Song

[2] Duck Song 



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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