Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0142

Chapter 142 – You’ll Really be Fattened to Death

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


Dancing? Him?

Moreover, to the Gokuraku Jodo?

For a tone deaf Mike who was born with two left feet, well, let’s not talk about it at all. Still, he did his best to make a few twirls with Amy, but soon gave it up as a bad job  and settled down to watch Amy dance. A smile playing about his face.

Like her singing, her gift for dancing probably came from her mother. Though her movements were still a little childish and immature, she was learning the move very quickly and her movements grew smoother. She looked very adorable as she waved her hands and hopped about in time with the music.

Moreover, this was the result of learning form a small puppet with awkward, jerky movements. If she could learn dancing from a semi-intelligent, holographic dance instructor, she’ll definitely be able to master it even faster.

Little Ugly Duckling became too excited to just stand around the counter top any more. It hopped down to the stool, slid down its long wooden legs and began to bounce around Amy’s feet.

“Little Duckling, you won’t have to drink goat milk any more. I’ll let you have some [Beancurds], ba,” Mike said to the lively Little Ugly Duckling.

“Miao!” Little Ugly Duckling turned to looked up at Mike, it’s blue, gem like eyes lit up as though it really know what he was speaking about. In two bounces, it was rubbing against Mike’s ankles, purring in a most happy manner.

“Daddy dearest, can Little Ugly Duckling really eat other things now?” Amy paused in her dancing to ask Mike.

“En, it should be about time. Your Little Ugly Duckling grows faster than normal cats, so we can start by letting him have some [Beancurds], ba.” Mike said with a little smile, other world cats had to be different from the cats in his old world. It’s already about the size of the orange cat he used to own.

“But, isn’t the [Beancurd] all gone now?” Amy looked up at Mike in puzzlement.

“There is still a bit more, we’ll let it have whatever is left.” Mike stood up to make his way to the kitchen. After breakfast, he had managed to collect a couple bowls worth of the [Beancurd] and were put away in a warming cupboard. It’s still [Beancurd], but it’s flavour would be lacking compared to when it just came out of the pot this morning.

“Miao miao miao!” Little Ugly Duckling bounced around happily, it quickly rushed over to the kitchen to stared at Mike with unblinking eyes. This was the first time it was able to eat something other than goats milk, just the thought of it nearly made the little cat exploded in excitement.

“Only, I wonder flavour this little thing would like?” Mike looked at Little Ugly Duckling sitting by the door, it’s little face brimming with expectation. After some hesitation, he made one of each flavour, and served in little red-blue bowls he had purchased from the [System].

The bowls he’d gotten for Little Ugly Duckling were completely different from any of the bowls used in the restaurant. Although the little thing was carried around by Amy most days and was regularly bathed, there was no way Mike was going to let it share the tableware. At the very least, it might made the customers uncomfortable.

“Here’s the sweet one, and here’s the savoury one. Which one would Ugly Duckling like, I wonder?” Amy also came up to look at the slightly steaming bowls of [Beancurds] curiously.

Abbé Mia’s hands have also stopped moving, she too was looking at Little Ugly Duckling curiously.

“Miao miao!” Little Ugly Duckling’s eyes stayed glued onto the two bowls in Mike’s hands and swallowed. That morning it had already swallowed countless amount saliva while stuck in Amy’s arms. Now that it had an opportunity to eat, it stood up on its hind legs, its front paws waving eagerly as it tried to follow Mike’s movements, before finally flopping down on its back. It was actually really adorable and funny.

“Little Ugly Duckling, you looked really stupid. If you gets stupider than this, I don’t want you any more.” Amy said as she looked at the little cat’s behaviour.

“Miao~” Ugly Duckling quickly flipped up to its feet and rushed over to brushed its body against Amy’s legs, keeping a firm eye on the two bowls in Mike’s hands.

“Eat here, ba. Make sure you don’t upset the bowls or drop any food onto the floor.” Mike placed both bowls on the floor next counter after that little warning to Ugly Duckling.

“Miao miao!” Little Ugly Duckling nodded its little head, its bright eyes flicked left and right as it studied the bowls. It looked quite serious as it pondered over its choices. It trotted over to the left bowl containing [Savoury Beancurd] and sniffed delicately at the contents, then trotted over to the [Sweet Beancurd] for a little sniff, trying to decide which one to eat.

Three people stared at Little Ugly Duckling, all wanting to know just which one it would chose.

“I think the sweet one is very delicious.” Abbe Mia stated her opinion weakly.

“Savoury one has more intense flavours, and more appetizing.” Mike smiled.

“I think sweet and savoury are both really delicious. I think it’s best if you eat the savoury one first, then the sweet one.” was Amy’s earnest opinion.

Little Ugly Duckling ignored the people standing around trying to guess its choice, the fragrance of [Beancurds] have completely saturated its brain as it struggled to make its choice. It paced in front of the two bowls before stopping in front of the [Sweet Beancurd]. It carefully lowered its head and tentatively licked a bit of the red-gold syrup.

“Miao!” Little Ugly Duckling’s eyes brightened, and with an excited cry it started to chomp into the [Sweet Beancurd], now and then giving out a soft mew. The smell of [Beancurd] and sweet syrup started to permeate the air.

“It chose the [Sweet Beancurd].” Abbé Mia’s eyes brightened, she was delighted.

“Not necessarily,” said Mike, still calm. The little guy had hesitated between the two bowls for a long time after all.

Little Ugly Duckling cheerfully ate and ate, it eventually squatted down, wriggling its bottom for the most comfortable position, its front paws hung over the bowl. Most of its head was stuck inside the bowl as it did its best to lick everything up.

“Little Ugly Duckling, you’re so greedy and lazy, you’ll fatten yourself to death.” Amy looked at the little cat with some helplessness.

“10 little orange cat, 9 fatty cats, and one collapsing bed… looks like there’s a reason why that saying exits.” Mike looked at the cat, which hadn’t even taken its head out of the bowl as it wriggle its bottom about for the best seat. He shook his head helplessly, it looked like Charcoal Black’s prediction might actually come true, the cat’s weight might actually soar from here on.

Once the [Sweet Beancurd] was gone, Little Ugly Duckling finally lifted its head. It’s little face and whiskers all covered in crushed [Beancurd] and sauce. It was still swiping its face clean with its tongue when its eyes moved towards the bowl of [Savoury Beancurd].

Mike looked at the little bowl, it was completely empty, not even a drop of syrup was left.

He had thought that Ugly Duckling would walk over to the [Savoury Beancurd] and maybe sniff or taste the other bowl. Instead, it did not even bother to stand up as it scooted over to the [Savoury Beancurd], heaved its front paws up and over the side of the bowl and stuck its head in. Soon, happy sounds of eating could be heard. It sounded no less happy then when it had been eating the [Sweet Beancurd].

“Haha, looks like Little Ugly Duckling also like both. Only, in eats the sweet one first before the savoury one.” Amy said happily. She knelt down to stroke Little Ugly Duckling’s head, looking very pleased with its choice.

“It ate both?” Abbé Mia sounded a little disappointed.

“I guess it made sense, after all it’s an orange cat. What won’t it eat?” Mike said as he shook its head. Well, as long as Amy liked it, it’s good that she has a companion to play with. As Amy continued to stroke the little cat, Mike reached for the music box on the counter. “Amy, daddy’s going to modify this music box, I’ll give it back to you later, alright?”



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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