Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0139

Chapter 139 – Can Gokuraku Jodo be Considered a Children’s Song?

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


“This…” Mike looked at Wayson Neo’s bitter face and felt a little sorry for the guy. Looks like this weedy, malnourished face of his was not the result of a promiscuous lifestyle, but rather an overly enthusiastic wife. For a man to be devoured down to this state, could it be that his wife was the ruthless tigress type?

“This customer, just what are you saying? Our restaurant don’t deal with medicine of any kind.” Abbé Mia looked at Wayson Neo in puzzlement, her expression perfectly earnest.

Though she did not know why this customer was kneeling so humbly before Boss Mike, if he wished to falsely accuse this restaurant of anything, she will be the first to protest!

Mike and Wayson Neo looked over at Abbé Mia. This girl was certainly a pure one, however, this was not a bad thing. She was, after all, still a young girl, there’s no need to explain anything to her. They both exchange a fleeting look, wordlessly agreeing to just skip over this topic.

“Dear customer, please get up first, ba. I swear, on the good name of this restaurant, that every single dish we sell is made from natural ingredients, with no added drugs or medicine.” Mike leaned over to help Wayson Neo up, and continued, “however, I must admit that each dish does have their own unique effect. Customers who ate the [Juicy Burgers] early in the morning will experience a great boost in energy for a great morning start. However for people who do not have much to do…”

Wayson Neo’s hand trembled, his wife had nothing really special to do everyday, but, well, he supposed one could say her daily job was milking him…

However, it’s not like he could refute what Mike said, plenty of people who came this morning bought [Juicy Burgers] by the dozen and ate them all quite happily. He had to admit that most of the people who left the restaurant looked especially energetic and eager to start their day. The most impressive reaction to the food was those lava demons. However, that had nothing to do with him since they were, well, demons.

“Looks like I’ll have to make sure not to let her eat any [Juicy Burgers] before going to bed.” Wayson Neo sighed. Then, he perked up and asked Mike with bright eyes, “Oh yes, Boss Mike, you mentioned that there’s something unique about each dish. What’s the special feature for your [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and that new product of yours?”

“[Yang Zhou Fried Rice] is good for promoting blood circulation, warms the body and have a nourishing effect on a weak body.” Mike said as he watched Wayson Neo went still at this news, before continuing, “the [Beancurd] is still at an experimental stage, but it seemed to have some special effects on the skin. I have a feeling that it will be a great hit with our female customers.”

Mike’s little pause after delivering the special effects of the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] had Wayson Neo feel a little awkward but then he began to grow excited.

He had always been on the look out for something that would improve his vitality, but most of the things available on the market have eventual side effects. Part of the reason why his body was in such a terrible condition was due to all those random medication he had been taking to cope with his wife’s demands.

When he heard that [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] had a nourishing effect on the body, he suddenly felt excited. This morning, he did not even have the chance to taste the [Juicy Burger] in his hand when it was snatched away by his wife after one bite of her  own [Juicy Burger].

As for the skin improving [Beancurd], it’s probably be the holy product his wife had been searching for all her life. As someone who applies pearl powder on her face everyday, she would definitely love this. Hopefully, he can use this [Beancurd] thing to distract her from the [Juicy Burger]. Otherwise, he would not have long to live…

“Dear customer, if you wish to eat something from this restaurant, you may come over during the lunch hour.” Mike retracted his hand, though he felt sorry for this young brother, there was really nothing much he could do about it. He could only hope that this young brother could benefit from the [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and help him deal with the [Juicy Burger] powered tigress at home.

“Boss Mike, if you would be so kind, perhaps you might let me try one of your [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] now? Just look at me, I’m starved to the point of not being able to move.” Wayson Neo stared pitifully at Mike, one hand clutching the door frame, looking as though the wrong move might sent him to the ground any moment.

“Apologies, we don’t serve anyone outside the business hours.” Mike shook his head.

“Money is no issue, I can give you double, triple the price even! Here’s 18 gold coins for one [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], you can have it now.” Wayson Neo reached into his breastpocket and was preparing to count the money when-

“This is the restaurant rule, I’m sorry, we can’t serve you even if you pay us ten times the price.” Mike rejected the man without hesitation. He pointed down the lane, “50 meters down here is a noodle shop, you may have your breakfast there before you go home. The [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] isn’t some magical pill, you won’t suddenly turn into a lively, athletic person after just one plate.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll just come a little earlier for lunch. I’ll sit down at some teashop, I really don’t dare to go home now.” when Mike did not waver, Wayson Neo could only helplessly conceded defeat.

“Bye-bye Weakling Uncle, please be careful when you’re walking alone, if you fall down maybe no one will help you up. If you can’t get up any more, you won’t be able to eat any rainbow rice.”

Wayson Neo frowned, this little girl’s tone seemed quite caring, but somehow her words were a little odd. Something was just not right…

“That’s right! What Weakling Uncle are you talking about? Though, I am a little weak looking, but this kind of nickname is just too weird, ba!” Wayson Neo started to scowl, but at the sight of Amy’s concerned little face, his heart wavered. What should he do? Forgive her of course.

After his marriage, the thing he wished for most was a child. However, his wife did not like little children, had never liked them. It’s been four or five years since their marriage, but so far, not even a flutter in her tummy. How lovely it would be to have a little girl like this, ah. He gave Mike a slightly envious glance, sighed once more, and slowly stepped away.

“Daddy dearest, do you think Weakling Uncle will be able to make it until noon?” Amy was watching Wayson Neo’s slowly disappearing back with some concern.

“Should be fine, ba…” Mike looked at Wayson Neo who staggered a little with some concern, and some suspicion. But then, he quickly turned away to smile down at Amy, he stroked her head, “Amy, didn’t you say something about learning a second song? Let’s go, daddy will set it up for you.”

“Yay, yay!” Amy quickly hopped up and down, clapping her hands. Ugly Duckling was squeezed up against her chest, its head flung left and right even as it clung desperately to her clothes, not daring to make a peep.

“Are you teaching Amy a new song?” Abbé Mia was also intrigued. These days, aside from teasing Ugly Duckling, Amy’s other hobby was singing along with the little singing elf doll. Their singing voices were really quite excellent.

Mike closed the door, went straight to the cupboard to fetch the music box, he fiddled with the switches for a bit, setting the next song to play and placed the music box on the counter. Finally, he placed the music box on the counter table, and they all waited for the music box to start playing.

Just what kind of song will it play?

The half sphere lit up like a circle of rainbow, the powerful strum of electric guitar echoed in the dining room, accompanied by rapid drum beats. The little elf figurine started its slightly stiff movements. This music, this rhythm, sounded kind of… familiar?

“[System], your mom! Can Gokuraku Jodo[1] still be considered a children’s song?”


[Gumihou: …just when did this story took a turn for the ecchi?]


[1] Gokuraku Jodo – Hit song by a 3 girl singing dancing group called GARNiDELiA, and get this, they’re a Japanese singing group that’s really popular in now. Features a lot of super modern Japanese cosplay style outfit with frills and cut outs incorporated into traditional Japanese kimono. Here’s a sample of their music.



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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