Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0137

Chapter 137 – For Juicy Burgers!

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


“This brother looks like he has some kidney issues[1], ah?” Mike noticed Wayson Neo with his tall thin body, the loose clothes made him looked even thinner. His face was quite handsome, with a high nose and sharply defined eyebrows, but his skin looked a little pale. His eyes were dull, surrounded by dark circles and dragged down by eye bags. He reminded Mike of those friends of his who spent all their days rolling around with loose women.

No, he should call them acquaintances. It’s not like they were real friends of his, and he was a class above those dogs.

Mike despised those men who exhaust their lives over women. Men who could not even control their own lower half have no right to call themselves his friends.

In truth, his circle of friends was not large, and he was quite accustomed to being alone. Or, it could be said that he preferred to be alone.

The state of this little brother was just too awful, if he went on like this, it would not be long before he ended up in bed forever.

Retracting his gaze, Mike focussed his attention on the rapidly increasing number on the new customer mission record. His lips curved up on its own. Klaus and Julian’s performance this time had garnered quite a lot of new customers, at this rate, it looked like it he might even manage to hit the target today.

“If it’s [Yellow Stewed Chicken Rice], Amy should like it too, ba. Hm, I wonder what what kind of special effects that dish will have.” Mike already did all the planning privately in his heart. Once the thousand new customer mission was completed, he will request for [Yellow Stewed Chicken Rice] recipe as a reward.

[Yellow Stewed Chicken Rice] was one of the three great cuisine of China, and as such, quite a few shops claimed to serve the original version of this wonderfully delicious recipe. In his past life, he had the chance to eat the several incredibly delicious versions of this [Yellow Stewed Chicken Rice].

Mike could hardly imagine the result of such a historical recipe, polished and perfected through several generations of cooking, created with the superb ingredients provided by the [System].

Both ovens were at full capacity, baking up the white buns needed for the [Juicy Burgers] and at the moment, no one had ordered [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], so Mike told Abbé Mia to sit down and personally sent out the final two [Juicy Burgers] to the customers.

“Boss Mike, we are very thankful for your [Juicy Burgers]. I trust our lava demon clan will continue to be your best customers when it comes to [Juicy Burgers].” Sargerass stood up as Mike approached, a grateful expression on his face.

Kiel and Misty also stood up, quickly straightening their clothes, their faces grave. Though they could not take Mike away, they could still buy [Juicy Burgers] from him. The burgers made by Boss Mike was a great assistance to them. After the third [Juicy Burger], Misty really did managed to breakthrough his second limitation. This kind of advancement was considered unbelievable in the past.

“You’re too kind.” Mike smiled, nodding at them. It would be good for the restaurant to retain Sargerass as a regular customer. Only, the thought of an entire group of lava demons bursting into flames in the dining room was rather headache inducing. When the time comes, perhaps he could discuss with Sargerass and arranged for his people to buy the [Juicy Burgers] as take ways and eat them outside, far away from the restaurant.

He swept an eye over the one tall and one short demons, he saw a flash of light in the plump demon’s eye, this fatty looked like a shrewd one. In contrast, the taller demon had a rather simple look on his face, that one was probably the straightforward type.

“That’s right, please let me introduce them. This is Kiel and that one is Misty, we’ll be working as a merchant party from now on.” Sargerass said, pointing at his fellow warrior brothers. After a pause, a grin spread across his face. “We will be The Burning Legion!”

“Kiel… Misty… Burning Legion!” Mike frowned as he looked at Sargerass and his party of three, feeling a little dazed. Was this something influenced by his presence? Or was this a some kind of alternate world history?

“Wait, did they establish this Burning Legion for the sake of eating [Juicy Burgers] everyday?” Mike’s expression became a little odd. Suddenly, an image of the Burning Legion Army[2] storming forward with their weapons held high, howling ‘For [Juicy Burgers]!’ ran across his mind.

The image was just too beautiful, they’d probably be able to conquer Azeroth with that kind of motivation.

“The Burning Legion!” Kiel and Misty’s eyes brightened, this was the first time they heard this name from Sargerass’ lips. However, the name inspired a rather majestic feel to it. Could there be any name as fitting, as imperious for a tribe of lava demon warriors?

“Good-bye, we shall return for dinner.” Sargerass also did not bother with too much small talk, he tipped his head respectfully towards Mike and sent another large grin at Abbé Mia. After paying for their meals, he turned abruptly and left, Misty and Kiel quickly trotting after him.

“Boss, how did you come up with a name like Burning Legion?” the moment they stepped out of the restaurant, Kiel rushed forward to ask.

“That’s right, this is certainly a good name. Just the sound of it is inspiring!” Misty nodded excitedly at him.

“This was something that Boss Mike mentioned before, I felt that it was not bad and decided to use it.” Sargerass rubbed his large bald head, not daring to take credit for the name. Then, he grinned again, “Since we have decided to form a legion, we’ll need a battle cry, right? What do you guys think?”

“Let it be ‘For the Burning Legion!” Misty said after some thought.

“I’m not sure, a battle cry has to be something that will inspire the legion warriors’ motivation and fighting spirit. Something that could excite them would be the best.” Kiel shook his head.

“What is your suggestion, Kiel?” Sargerass asked, Kiel had a good brain for a lava demon, lava demons were usually a stubborn, hard headed lot with one track mind, but he had always depended on Kiel to provide good counsel.

“For [Juicy Burgers]!” stars sparkled in his eyes as he shouted out loud.

“For [Juicy Burgers]!” Sargerass and Misty reflexively howled.

“Good! This is a most excellent battle cry! Just the sound of it gets my blood rushing!” Misty nodded, felling incredibly excited and moved.

“Yes, I think so too! Let’s go with this.” Sargerass nodded at his fellow warriors, he clapped a hand on Kiel’s shoulder. “Kiel, your brain is certainly the best. From today onwards you are the Burning Legion’s advisory officer.”

“Yes, Boss. Thank you, Boss.” Kiel smiled, though there were only three people within the Burning Legion, he was confident that it would continue to expand and eventually become the most powerful legion in the entire Nolan Continent.

When that time comes, the cry of ‘For [Juicy Burgers]!’ would reverberate across the Nolan continent. To think that they’d be the first to utter this powerful words, just the thought of it sent shivers down his spine.

“For [Juicy Burgers]!” the three of them cried out in unison, and then started to laugh out loud.

The sound freaked out by passers, they darted nervous glances at the three laughing demons, and sped up their pace.

… please read this at …

Within the Gaia Inn, Sally was earnestly folding a quilt, her slender fingers flattening the creases off the surface, gradually turning into a soft block of cloth about as wide as a pillow and placed it at the head of the bed. However, the moment she set it down, the creases popped up again.

“If it weren’t for the 10 copper wages I’d tear you to pieces!” Sally gritted her teeth, and then sighed at the quilt. She reached for her purse and shook the contents out onto her hand. A dozen over dragon coins rolled out, along with several copper coins.

“Should I go to that restaurant and have a rainbow rice?” the thought popped into her head as she tightened her grip over the coins in her hand.



[1] Kidney issues – Sexually exhausted, lol

[2] Burning Legion Army



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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