Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0133

Chapter 133 – Dare Not Offend! Dare Not Offend!

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Although Bradley was now an senior mage with many juniors under him. In his youth, the most powerful magic user were Indomitable Flame God Klaus and Frost Master Julian, the fire and ice rivalry of the century.

These two were famous for their arguments on whether magic should be used in close combat fights or long distance area effect battles. From there on, the field of magic was split into two completely different factions and neither were willing to give in.

Unfortunately, 20 years ago Julian suddenly disappeared from the public eye, thus ending the hundred year old fire and ice rivalry. Those who looked up to these two mages as their idols felt his disappearance as a huge blow to the magical community.

However, if he were to believe Barzel’s report, it looked like the incredible War of Fire and Ice, which had suddenly dissipated 20 years ago, was seen again today. Right here within Chaos City, although oddly enough, the battle was over within minutes.

Naturally, what was even more shocking was that after the two battled it out, both actually entered the same restaurant for breakfast?

“Do you know why they suddenly got into a fight?” Bradley asked Barzel after some hesitation.

“We over heard them arguing over something called [Beancurd], apparently it’s some kind of mysterious delicacy.” Barzel’s expression was a little odd, after a pause, he continued, “after the fight, they both took in the daughter of the boss of this restaurant as their shared disciple.”

“Impossible!” Bradley sucked in a shocked breath, but then he quickly got his feelings under control. However, his eyes still betrayed his disbelief as he shook his head in a dignified manner, “Impossible! How could the Frost Master and God of Flame share one apprentice!”

“I have no idea whether they are the people you mentioned, but that is my report on the matter.” Barzel could not quite understand why the normally calm and rational Bradley would suddenly be so agitated, but he just nodded his confirmation of the facts.

“You leave first, ba. If it’s really those two, even if the church wishes to maintain peace, it’s not like we could really do anything to stop them. We’ll clean up this place tomorrow, and don’t let anyone spread the news around.” Bradley finally calmed down enough to give this order.

“Very well.” Barzel nodded, gave a salute, and then left the square with his two subordinates.

Bradley looked towards the restaurant, after some hesitation, he carefully smoothed down his robes and neatened his hair, acting just like a girl about to meet her idols. With some excitement and expectation, he made his way towards the entrance of the restaurant.

The restaurant door opened under his hand, the gentle chime of a bell announced his entrance, the low level murmur of a dining hall nearly filled to full capacity was revealed to him.

His eyes travelled over the heads of random customers and settled upon two tables nearest to the bar counter.

With their backs against each other were two old men, one with a short white beard and dressed in all white, the other hunchback and dressed in all black. Nobody else occupied those two tables besides them.

“Those two there, they should be Fire and Ice, ba?” Bradley slowed his steps, looking that the backs of these two legendary old wizards, the corners of his eyes felt unexpectedly moist.

These men were legends of their generation. To think that he would be able to see them seated together for breakfast in the same restaurant.. though, to be fair they weren’t actually sharing a table, but still! If word got out that this actually happened, the mages of his generation would think that he was making things up.

“That should be the half elf little girl, ba.” Bradley’s eyes fell upon Amy as he quietly pulled a nearby chair out and sat down. Then he opened up the menu and randomly chose something from it.

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“Miss Mia, it is I, once again.” Sargerass, trailed by Kiel and Misty, opened the restaurant door carefully. He smiled when he saw Abbé Mia.

“Welcome to the restaurant, dear customers.” Abbé Mia smiled happily at Sargerass, “will it be [Juicy Burgers] again today?”

The impression she had gotten from this demon these two days was quite good. Though his huge bald head and lava lines looked quite scary, she felt his character was not bad. He was always smiling at her and ordering nothing but [Juicy Burger].

“That’s right, I’ll have five of those today, as for those two, they’ll have three [Juicy Burgers] each.” Sargerass smiled cheerfully at her.

“Very well, please wait.” Abbé Mia nodded and turned towards the kitchen.

At this point, the dining room had pretty much filled up. The only table still empty was the one nearest to the entrance. It just so happened that it was the one that Sargerass liked to occupy.

“That half dragon girl certainly has a good smile,” Kiel gave a little hehe laugh, it was the first time that such a pure and beautiful smile was aimed at his direction.

“That’s right, she looks really pretty too. She certainly looks prettier than the girls from our tribe.” Misty also nodded in agreement, he pulled out one of the wooden chairs and was about to sit down when he finally noticed the iron chair in Sargerass’ hand. He tilted his head in confusion, “Boss, this shop already has chairs, right? Why did you bring your own?”

“You’ll understand soon enough, remember, when the food appear you must eat standing up. If you damage anything in this restaurant you won’t be able to pay it off even if you sold yourself .” Klaus had a rather sneaky smile on his face as he advice them.

“Alright.” though Kiel and Misty did not quite understand what was going on, but since Sargerass already said all this, they might as well just follow his advice. It had always been this way in the past.

Moreover, he said all those things with such a serious face, it was difficult for them to doubt his words.

“Big Baldy, please lower your voice when talking in the restaurant.” a tender little voice came from the direction of the bar counter. The entire restaurant suddenly became a lot quieter. Eyes flicked towards Sargerass’ direction. Even Klaus and Julian looked over at them.

“Whose snot nose little…” Kiel’s eyebrows draw into a straight line, and was about to slam his hand on the table and stand up when-

“Shut it!” Sargerass’ huge hand clamped over Kiel’s mouth, he sent a huge smile Amy and said with forced cheerfulness, “I understand, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Amy was hugging Ugly Duckling against her chest when she noticed the two other demons next to him, her eyes brightened. “Big Baldy, you brought Second Baldy and Third Baldy with you?”

“I don’t mind you calling them that.” Sargerass’ smile curved into a more sincere, and rather demonic grin.

“Okay, in that case I’ll call them that.” Amy happily nodded her head. The three Big Baldies looked like three big light bulbs sitting together.

“Hmm! Hmm!”

Sargerass released Kiel’s mouth and said on a low voice, “If you feel that your skull is harder than that dragon just now, you may finish your little speech at your own risk.”

Kiel’s eyes widened, and immediately ducked down, his eyes shifted ever so slowly towards Amy, who was busy playing with a bird and a cat. In a soft voice, he said, “Boss, you’re saying that she’s the restaurant manager’s daughter?”

“That’s right, and right now she’s the disciple of those two mages.” Sargerass nodded gravely. Even he would not dare to touch a single hair on that girl’s head.

“Can’t offend, definitely can’t afford to offend.” Misty swallowed hard. If that girl really was the disciple of those grand mages from just now, anyone who dared to provoke her was just asking for death, ba?

“Yi? Sargerass really did brought his clansmen here?” Mike happened to hear Abbé Mia’s meal order and the group of three demons were easy enough to spot. A pensive look appeared on his face. Well, they’re all here, but who knew how this group of fiery (literally) group of warriors will react to the blood agitating agent in the [Juicy Burger].


[Translator: Finally! A restaurant scene. Battles are fun and all that, but foodies live for restaurant scenes!]





Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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