Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0132

Chapter 132 – Money Really Makes the World Go Round

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


Mike eyed Barzel for awhile, but then removed his gaze quickly enough to smile at the customers standing in front of the restaurant. “Dear customers, you have certainly suffered a shock. However, I’m happy to announce that the restaurant is now open for business. Anyone who wish to come in may do so now.”

It’s perfectly normal for people from the Grey Temple to appear at times like this. It’s their job to maintain the peace of Chaos City after all. Considering his clientèle, it’s only a matter of time before he encountered them.

However, Mike had no wish to catch their attention. This organization had too much manpower and influence, who knew what they would discover if they looked too closely at his business. Mike had too much to conceal, his connection with Michael Alex was only one such thing.

Naturally, even person closest to Michael Alex were to stand in front of him, they would be hard pressed to believe that he was in anyway connect that great general. One was famed for cutting down dragons with his mighty sword, and the other a chef who’s only ability with blades was limited to kitchen knives and cooking.

“Boss Mike, you’re so awesome!” Plutoer rushed over to Mike with his thumb held aloft. Admiration filling his face. That battle just now really made him shake in his boots, to think that Boss Mike was able to not only remain calm through the battle, but able to also smoothly negotiated for the best outcome from two such powerful wizards. As a businessman, he really felt inadequate next to Mike in terms of negotiation skills.

Mike sighed within his heart, he was already worrying about the future now. Even with Julian forking out money for Amy’s three meals each day, which, to be honest would really help him out quite a good bit, he still had to find ways to gather enough money to purchase the next constitution improvement level.

Money, is really important, ah.

As long as he had money, he could do almost anything he pleased. At least, that’s what the [System] hinted.

“That’s right, hey [System], all the constitution level up packages are 10,000 gold coins per level, ba?” Mike suddenly asked out of curiosity.

“The price for the level above what you are striving for will be revealed once you’ve achieve that level.” [System’s] voice answered.

“[System], you won’t cheat me, ba?” Mike’s eyes curved into crescents, he felt that the [System’s] answer was just too vague. It looked like they intent to inflate the price as much as they could.

“We advice you to focus your attention on reaching 1,000 new customer mission and do your best to level up your own restaurant. Once the restaurant has been levelled up, there will be more chances for you to improve your bodily constitution.” The [System] swerved around the question, and did not say anything else after this little speech.

“Well, you sure are ruthless.” Mike sighed inwardly. The [System] was practically tempting him to the life of crime. For the restaurant to level up, he would have to spend 50,000 gold coins, that’s 5,000,000 copper coins, ah.

Yesterday’s takings was the highest he had to date. A total of 500 [Juicy Burgers] and 100 plates of [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] had been sold. The profit after deducting cost of ingredients was nearly 1,400 gold coins. So, it would take him roughly a month to collect the necessary amount for an upgrade.

Fortunately, this upgrade was not an automatic expense like the cost of ingredients which would directly deduct whatever he had put into the safe. Once the 50,000 gold is collected, he could still decide whether to spend it on physical fitness or a restaurant upgrade.

Mike checked the target meter for the 1,000 new customer mission. He had reached 410/1,000 new customers. The number of [Juicy Burgers] sold was quite high, and thanks to word of mouth, more and more people now knew about his restaurant. There were quite a few customers who came in to check out the restaurant out of curiosity. The strength of its reputation alone contributed greatly to the increase in new customers.

“This restaurant looked pretty interesting, it’s early in the morning but already there is a long line of people waiting to get in. Also, there’s those two wizards who got into a fight over its dishes, I should at least go and try once.” a young man dressed in some fancy looking outfit said to himself as he made his way towards the restaurant.

“It’s rare that I come to this corner of Aden Square, to think there’s really a restaurant here. Hmm, I guess I’ll have a look.” a rather gaudily made up middle age madam studied the restaurant with a critical eye, she also made her way inside.

Quite a number of the peanut gallery trailed in after Klaus and Julian into the restaurant after the end of the splendid show they put on. All were curious about the kind of food this seemingly quiet restaurant would sell.

“Curses! That rascal just took away all my customers again. Those two still haven’t paid me for my noodles, and even took away my bowls!” a random noodle shop lady had her hands on her hips, her face nearly on fire as she glared at the direction of Mickey’s Restaurant.

“Just who is the owner of that restaurant, ah? To organize such an outrageous way of attracting customers. A pitch battle between two great wizards, ah, how envious.” a rather fat fellow stood in front of a steam bun shop, he dug the dirt with his toe sadly. From early morning until now, he had only managed to sell 3 buns.

“Barzel, what’s the situation now?” not long afterwards, an old man with iron grey hair appeared hurriedly on a horse. He glance around the square, there still some piles of snow sparkling brilliantly in random corners. He leapt off the horse rather energetically and looked questioningly at Barzel.

“Bradley, you’re finally here.” Barzel quickly rushed up to meet him, grabbing the reins of the horse. This old man was a Level 7 wizard of the Grey Temple, a highly respected wizard. He continued in a low voice, “The battle is over, the damage to the square is quite contained and there were no casualties. The two opponents seemed to have reconciled their differences, at least they limit their quarrel to words and were now having breakfast in this restaurant.”

“That quick?” Bradley was a little surprised, when he received the message about the Level 5 Incident, shock was too mild a word for it. He made his way to the incident area as quickly as he could, worried that Barzel could not contain the matter by himself.

The magical traces left in the square actually freaked him out a little. The snow drifts were more than 20 cm deep and there were still some pieces of ice scattered across the grounds. Even more ominous was a rather large depression in the dirt, like something huge and heavy had hit that area with considerable force, nearby were three score marks that could only be left by three separate tornadoes under someone’s control. To leave so much destruction in so short a time meant that the two battling wizards were mages way above his level.

“Who was it?” Bradley asked with some trepidation.

“It was two old men, one is dressed in all white and carried a tall wizard’s staff. His beard was rather short, but the odd thing was that he did not use conventional magic, his battle tactics involved a lot of close quarter fighting. He actually leapt into the air and smashed a Frost Dragon down. The other wizard is dressed in all black, I guess he’s an ice magic user, he was the one who summoned that Frost Dragon…” Barzel quickly summarized the events that happened just now.

“The wizard in white should be Master Klaus, I’ve heard that he came into Chaos City just a few days ago. Who would have thought he would be involved in this matter.” Bradley was quite shaken by this news. He frowned again, “Master Klaus’ power could be classed in the top 3 most powerful magicians of the Magic Tower, there are not many who could go toe to toe with him. Therefore, that black dressed wizard… hunchback you say… ice magic…”

“Could it be!” Bradley’s eyes widened and flashed a nervous glance at the restaurant.

“What’s the matter?” Barzel was quite puzzled by Bradley’s attitude.

“Since there are no casualties, let us not pursue this matter any more. Tell them not to investigate into this, and there’s no need to clean this place either. Nobody should come near this corner of Aden Square for awhile.” Bradley shook his head and did not explain further.

“Could it really be Frost Master Julian? I never thought that these two masters would actually cross path with each other once more. When ice and fire next collide, who would come out as the winner.” Bradley thought privately, feeling strangely agitated.



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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