Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0131

Chapter 131 – The Boss of This Restaurant is Not Simple

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“Can’t I learn both?”

While this was something that was crossed the minds of everyone, nobody else actually dared to give voice to it.

After all, these people were powerful wizards with over Level 9 abilities. Furthermore, one was a consecrated Magic Tower wizard while the other a secretive Dark Wizard. Their battle just now fully manifests the saying ‘Fire and Water don’t mix’. Who would have thought that Amy would just thoughtlessly blurted out her request like that?

Klaus and Julian were also stunned, to the point that neither said anything to agree or reject her pleading. Their eyes met, and hatred burned bright.

20 years ago, that elf girl had said something similar, after which the two of them had battled on and off for close to a year, neither wanting to give in. Eventually, they managed to work their aggression against each other and actually came close to working out a satisfactory solution when the girl was snatched away from them.

Although nobody said anything about it, this event was the most regrettable thing in their lives. Neither managed to become this unique student’s master, nor did they manage to achieve anything of importance.

“I think this is a very good solution, ah~ If I can learn Halfsies Beard Old Man’s flying magic, and Grandpa Tortoise’s dragon making magic, Amy will be very strong.” Amy clapped her little hands, an expectant smile on her little face.

“Actually, I think learning only one type of magic is enough. As long as you learn magic from me, you can just casually smash up a dragon on the head. There’s no need to learn his kind of frou frou magic. Aside from body augmentation magic, the only other thing you need to master is the fireball. As you have seen a single fireball is capable of taking down that dragon of his.” Klaus attempted to persuade her.

“For a girl to jump about with a stick is rather unsightly. You should learn my kind of magic. It’s a wonderfully pretty magic that could be used even by girls in nice dresses, the enemy would not even be able to touch the hem of your skirt. A graceful and creative magic, perfectly suitable for girls.” Julian also injected warmth into his tone as he spoke.

The corner of Mike’s lips curved upwards. From what he could see of Julian and Klaus’ expression, there was high a possibility that they would ended up making a compromise. As expected, it was best to let Amy handle negotiations on her own. It looked like these two grandmasters really wanted Amy to be their disciple. In fact, this was probably good for them too since they don’t have too many old friends or companions that age any more.

“But, I really want to learn both, please…” Amy tipped her head back and stared up at them with shimmering blue eyes, her voice especially tender.

Klaus and Julian looked at Amy, and felt their hearts soften. For the normally poisonous tongued little girl to suddenly act so spoilt, it really felt like anything could come out of this little half elf’s mouth.

However, since Amy was still young, even her poisonous tongue felt cute. To be faced with the full power of her pleading look, there was nothing they could do but dumbly nodded along with her request.

“Really? Grandpa Tortoise, Halfsies Beard Old Man, you’ll really teach me magic? Together?” Amy’s eyes sparkled, she grabbed Mike and kissed his soundly on the cheek. With a happy laugh she said, “Daddy dearest, Amy has two teachers to teach her magic now.”

“I…” Klaus finally regained his consciousness, he blinked rapidly and opened his mouth as though to say something.

“Good day, Master Halfsies Beard,” Amy said loudly to Klaus.

Klaus paused, studied Amy’s happy smile and swallowed whatever words on the tip of his tongue. His mouth worked, it took great effort, but he eventually manage to dredge up a smile, “Good day.”

“But…” Julian frowned.

“Good day, Master Tortoise,” Amy swiftly turned to Julian and launched her attack at him. After a brief pause, her eyes curved into crescents, “This way, I can play with Charcoal Black and Green Beans everyday, right?”

A tangle of emotions crumpled up Julian’s face even more at Amy’s beaming smile, finally, he nodded and said in his whispery tone, “Alright.”

“Hurray! I’m so happy!” Amy clapped her little hands, stars appeared in her blue eyes as she imagined the future where she mastered Halfsies Beard Old Man’s skill to fly in the air and Tortoise Grandpa’s snow and dragon making magic. It all seemed so fun and amusing, ah.

“So, is this an agreement?” the people surrounding them did not dare to even breathe too loudly. None of have could have foreseen that these two grand wizards who had been going at each other’s throats just agreed to be joint masters for this little girl. Moreover, she was merely a half elf and for all intents and purposes the daughter of a restaurant owner.

“Boss Mike, what do you think?” Klaus looked towards Mike. In the end, the final decision maker was this man.

“I respect Amy’s decision. Both sirs are indeed very powerful wizards, however, I do hope that you two will keep all the promises you made to her here, in front of this restaurant. This is my only requirement.” Mike’s expression was perfectly earnest. The truth was, this ‘only requirement’ actually included a lot of requirements.

“How cunning!” Klaus and Julian stared at Mike, completely in sync as these two words appeared in their minds. Those rash promises were made in order to cajole Amy over to their side. To think that Mike intends to press them to keep all those promises, this guy’s business sense was really extreme.

However, one look on Mike’s face and they could tell he was serious about wanting them to keep all the promises they had given in the heat of the moment. Here was a clearly doting father who had every intention of spoiling his very talented and adorable daughter.

“Although it is hateful that my apprentice have another master, I shall respect her wishes. It’s just too bad about her eye sight. Never mind, starting from tomorrow, you may have her for three days, and I shall teach her for the next three days, the seventh day shall be her rest day. As for all my previous promises, I shall keep all of it.” Julian raised his hand, and whatever remaining ice blocks shattered and melted away into the side walks. As he watch the retreating water, Julian coldly announced, “One more thing, [Savoury Beancurd] is still the best.”

“If not for Amy wanting to learn your ridiculously fancy tricks, do you think I’d share an apprentice with you? I’m fine with three days, we’ll base the time table according the restaurant’s rest day. I, too, agree with all the previous promises made before this restaurant.” the fire on Klaus’s magic stick dimmed, and fade away completely. He swung the now flameless magic staff and at Julian, “[Sweet Beancurd] is the true definition of deliciousness. If you’re unhappy about this, come and fight me.”

Mike set Amy down on the ground with a smile. He gave the restaurant clock a look and nodded at the two, “Alright, now that all is settled, Amy will start her lessons tomorrow. Since it’s now time for the restaurant to open, both are welcome to have breakfast here first.”

“Two [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], hmm, and one [Juicy Burger].” Klaus immediately walked into the restaurant.

“One of everything.” Julian said after spending eyeing Klaus’ back for a moment. He also made his way into the restaurant.

“Captain, what should we do now?” one of the Grey Temple members said to Barzel in a whisper. Since the battle was over in such a short time, the damage to the square was not serious. Although two small trees were completely destroyed in the battle,  the destructiveness level was less devastating that that time when a couple of orcs got into a fight with each other just two days ago.

“We must report the situation, however, there’s no need to interrogate the people involved. If I’m right, that white robed wizard is some kind of big shot.” Barzel eyed Mike for a moment and said to himself, “the boss of this restaurant is not a simple man.”


[Translator’s Note: Hmm, I’m fairly sure glass was shattered in the previous chapter. Author-san, are we really ignoring this?]

Also, there was a posting mistake yesterday, I skipped chapter 130



Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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