Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0130

Chapter 130 – Can I Learn This Too?

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


Without Julian’s will controlling the screaming snowstorm, it collapsed with a dull thump into a huge snow cloud. Since he had been standing quite close to the restaurant, freezing snowflakes hit the faces of the milling customers stinging their skins like pricks of thousands of needles. The snowflakes stuck themselves to the glass windows, creating beautiful fractal patterns that spread and solidify with menacing crackling sounds. Then, with a final decisive [Crack], the entire glass shattering into tiny pieces, sending bystanders who had been standing too close  scattering into the snow cloud in search of safety.

Amy was busily squinting at the snow cloud, snowflakes dusted her cheeks and eyelashes, a few clung to the corner of her lips. After a short hesitation, a little pink tongue stuck out and licked up the brilliant little flakes. Her blue eyes brightened, “It’s so cold and prickly, yum!”

At Amy’s voice, Klaus and Julian stopped their movements, the swirling wind and snow sank peacefully to the ground, the raging flames around Klaus subsided.

The reason for today’s battle making Amy their disciple, though it had somehow evolved into a faction battle over [Sweet] vs [Savoury Beancurd], both understood that getting Amy’s goodwill was the most important thing in order to reach their goal.

Since both were evenly matched in terms of strength, they had to go all out in order to tip the balance even slightly in their own favour. However, this also meant that bystanders and immediate areas around them have a high chance of suffering an accidental hit. A fireball might accidentally made its way into a restaurant by way of a window for example.

The two mighty combatants exchanged a slightly nervous look, and did not continue their battle.

The peanut gallery had gotten a lot bigger, though it was still quite early in the morning, the number of people passing through Aden Square was quite a lot. Around the restaurant alone were a couple of hundreds of people all on their tiptoes, craning their necks trying to see what was happening. When the people heard that two powerful mages were at each other throats, all rushed over with not a hint of care for their lives, thinking that they would find safety in numbers.

Neither of them had stayed their hands during their attacks, if there was even a slightest hesitation or even a hint of doubt, death would be the only result.

Within Chaos City, the death of a resident was not a small thing, even though they’re both Level 10 grand mages, if they still wish to remain within Chaos City to tutor Amy in magic, they had to abide by the city laws.

Moreover, if Amy actually got angry and refused to be either one’s disciple, it’s a loss for everyone.

“[Sweet Beancurd] is the most delicious.” Klaus said, after some hesitation, the flames disappeared from his staff. He turned to Amy, “Don’t you think so too?”

“[Savoury Beancurd] is the one that’s truly delicious!” Julian’s sandpaper voice rasped up, at the sound of his voice, remaining ice blocks shattered into glittering pieces.

Loyal customers as well as random bystanders all looked to Amy for her verdict. They had thought that the fight would degenerate into a pitch battle that would blacken the sky and scorched the earth in an apocalyptic climax, who would have thought it would just stopped halfway at a little girl’s command? Curious eyes stared at Amy, trying to gauge her true identity.

“I think both are really delicious, ah. [Savoury Beancurds] are really yummy with [Juicy Burgers], it saltiness makes [Juicy Burgers] even more delicious. [Sweet Beancurds] are even more delicious after a yummy meal, why do you want to compare it?” Amy looked at the two person in front of her with puzzled eyes, her little face scrunched up, as she tried to understand their question.

“So… you like both?” Klaus and Julian, who had already prepared all the arguments in favour of their faction had to swallow their words. They could only look at Amy blankly, tongues stiff in their mouths unable to voice out their feelings.

“To think these two great wizards actually got into a fight over which dish from this restaurant is more delicious.” the crowd of people could hardly believe their ears, their faces incredulous. Soon, all eyes slowly fixed themselves onto the elegant exterior of Mickey Restaurant. Their eyes brightened, this restaurant really looked like it’s worth being fought over by grand masters, it had to be the number one restaurant in Aden Square. Only, nobody could really remember when such a beautiful restaurant was set up in this remote corner of Aden Square.

Also, how could anyone ignore the fact that two powerful wizards actually got into a fight over the deliciousness of a dish? Curiosity bubbled within the hearts of all the people around them, just what mysterious dish caused them to kick up such a fuss? A little restaurant like that can’t actually hire two major wizards to fake such a big ruckus just for attention, ba?

However, what made everyone even more incredulous was that these two people who looked like they were about to kill each other or die trying actually stopped at the words of a little half girl, they could not help but become even more confused over the matter.

“Has it stopped?” Barzel was also surprised, he had already resigned himself to the destruction of this corner of Aden Square. The plans in his head were all casualty control since it could easily just exploded into a Level 6 incident. He really hadn’t expect the two wizards to just stop on their own, and for a moment, he and his two Grey Temple subordinates did not quite know what to do.

Amy looked at the two old men in front of her and nodded earnestly, “Yes, all [Beancurds] made by daddy dearest is super, super delicious, I like the savoury ones and sweet ones too.” She nodded again, and did a little fist pumped, “Also, next time you want to fight, do it somewhere further away, please. You must not break the restaurant, otherwise I’ll be really angry. When I’m angry, I’ll burn you with fireballs. Halfsies Beard Old Man, if you don’t want to be Beardless Old Man, you have to be more careful,”

Klaus’ hand rose on its own to touch his beard. He had been keeping this beard of his for over 30 years, and treated it like a little baby. Who would have thought half of it would disappear under Amy’s fireball attack just a few days ago. He actually trembled a little at the threat against the remaining half of his beard, however, his smile was cheerful enough as he said, “Amy, did you see the way I bash that Frost Dragon with my magic staff? This is true magic, where martial prowess and magic arts becomes one. If you learn magic from me, you can also fly in the sky and be even more powerful than knights.”

“Humph, what trash talk is this? You dare call that measly jump of yours flying?” Julian’s lips curled into a sneer, he then softened his voice, “Little girl, if you learn magic from me, you can also summon a Frost Dragon like the one just now. Not only that, you can also make it snow any time you like, and make lots of puppets like the one just now, it will be really fun.”

“En?” the eyes of the others grew round at this. Wait, just what is going on? Did these two great wizards really just stopped fighting at the words of this little girl? Also, if their ears were working right, both were actually trying to talk themselves up in front of this child. The people around them couldn’t wrap their heads around these facts.

“To have to choose between a powerful close combat type magic and ice magic capable of conjuring a full size Frost Dragon, this kind of choice is really headache inducing, ah!” the people looked between Klaus and Julian. The battle had ended inconclusively, but the power displayed by the two wizards struck deep within their hearts. It was like choosing between two completely different types of food, both were equally delicious, but just how does one decide which was more delicious?

“Can’t I learn both?” Amy looked up at the two old men, anticipation sparkling in her eyes.








Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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