Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0129

Chapter 129 – I, too, Know the Fireball!

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com

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“He actually won!”

Looking at the air where the giant Frost Dragon had been, the crowd was stunned into silence, before exploding into an uproar. When one compared the size of a giant Frost Dragon pitted against a tiny Klaus, his victory felt almost absurd.

“Wow, Halfsies Beard Old Man is really awesome! Really, super awesome!” Amy’s eyes were wide as she clapped her hands enthusiastically. Her clear blue eyes sparkling like gems as she looked at the staff in Klaus’ hand. “That stick is really awesome, I really like it…”

Mike couldn’t help the surprise on his face, it was really hard to believe that Klaus was 120 years old. However, the strength and agility he displayed were really augmented by magic. His ability to control the magic over his own body was nothing short of incredible.

“That old man is so scary!” the two lava demons behind Sargerass looked terrified. They had already been freaked out by the dragon, who would have known that this super scary old man would actually destroyed the dragon with just one hit. This kind of strength shook up their confidence quite a bit. This was the first time they realized that the humans they often sneered at as weak and pathetic could actually be so powerful and scary.

“That old man is the one whose beard was burnt up by that little girl from the restaurant.” Sargerass told them mildly, he had seen the old man in action bashing up a real dragon, and therefore was able to restrain his reaction.

“That little girl is super scary!” the tall skinny demon said with some shock, after some hesitation, he tugged at Sargerass’ sleeves, a fearful look on his face, “Boss, how about we eat somewhere else instead? This is the first time Kiel and I come to Chaos City, we can just pick any other restaurant and eat there, ba.”

“That’s right, it’s been a few decades since we’ve seen each other. We rushed here to see you the moment we got your message. We also have more brothers making their way here. Misty and I still want to have a good drink with Boss, it might actually be too exciting.” the short and fat demon nodded his head quickly.

“That restaurant don’t actually sell alcohol, it’s not like I plan to give you guys a welcoming dinner anyway. What I want is for you to try their [Juicy Burger]. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand why I called you over to Chaos City.” Sargerass just shook his head at these two demon’s antics, and did not bother to say anything else.

The other two demons exchanged a look, all they got from this line was that Sargerass was not going to change his mind, and did not dare to say anything more.

Sargerass was the most outstanding lava demon warrior in recent history and have led the lava demon clan against other demon races in countless battles.

However, 50 years ago he made a sudden decision to leave Demon Island. The reason he gave was that he wanted to find another way for lava demons to breakthrough their limits in order to reignite the glory of the lava demon clan. No news came from him ever since he left, until now.

A few days ago, they received news via a flaming bird, with the message that he had found a way to for lava demon warriors to breakthrough quickly, and for his band of warrior brothers to gather at Chaos City.

These past few years had not been good for the lava demon clans, quite a few of their clansmen have taken to a wonderer’s life. Thus, for now, only the two of them could come, however, they expected a few more clansmen to make their way to Chaos City.

Sargerass, this name carried the hopes of the lava demon clan. There were a few times they thought he had died roaming about the foreign lands, after all, it had been decades since they last heard from him. Some even suspected that this invitation was a trap made by other demon race.

The two of them came to Chaos City and found Sargerass at the agreed meeting place. Though it had been 50 years since they had last laid eyes on their leader, the mere sight of him ignited their warrior spirit immediately, the lava demon clan will no longer be oppressed by other demon races!


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“You’ve slowed down a lot, your speed is only a third of what it used to be. You’ve really gone old.” Julian’s gaze was fathomless as he looked at Klaus with some regret in his eyes.

“No, the truth is I am dying, if you still wish to fight me over this, only death will make me yield.” Klaus slowly tightened his grip on his magic staff, a sudden burst of fire raced up the entire staff, the fire eventually enveloping his entire body. A roaring fire within a field of snow, it was certainly eye catching.

Julian frowned, this time, he remained silent for a much longer period. Then, his rough voice sounded, “The people who have survived the war have mostly died off, who would have thought that the two of us stubborn old farts would survive till now.”

“People are meant to die eventually, we are old, there can’t be too many years in front of us.” Klaus’ face was serene. He looked at the old withered face of his opponent, so hunched over that it looked like he was carrying a large tortoiseshell on his back. It was true, survivors of that war had all died, one after another. There were only a few of them left.

“That’s right, since we are all about to die, I have no problem sending you off a little earlier.” Julian nodded, a cold grin etched upon his face. He brandished his short black staff once, sharp icicles burst out from around Klaus’ feet, at the rate it was growing, it looked like it would close in on Klaus like a birdcage.

Everyone’s heart rate quickened, the skill that Julian displayed this time was nothing short of a sneak attack. The attack was so sudden that it would be difficult even for Klaus to escape!

“You and I have pretty similar way of thinking. A smile appeared on Klaus’s face, he brought his staff down sharply on the floor, and the fire around him flamed out into a tall fire wall. Struck by the fire, the solid icicles made several cracking sounds, eventually shattering and collapsing into water vapour. The amazing sneak attack was thus easily neutralized.

Klaus thrust his body forward, dashing forwards towards Julian, smashing up random ice blocks that kept appearing to stop him. He looked unstoppable.

[Pang!] In a blink of an eye, Klaus appeared in front of Julian, the staff in his hand swing up without hesitation, and smashed into Julian’s head. With a loud crack, the wizard in front of his shattered into pieces of ice. It was an ice puppet!

“Klaus, I am right here…” Julian’s voice came from behind. Everyone looked towards the voice and had to blink a few times. There were countless number of Julian in the square, all of them wearing the same sneering expression on their faces.

“That’s a lot of Tortoise Grandpas, which is the real grandpa?” Amy looked left and right, appearing very interested in this development, trying to look for the real Julian but there was no way to really see which was the real Julian.

“Julian, you still like to play hide and seek games like this, as a great wizard, isn’t this kind of tricks beneath you?” Klaus frowned at the countless number of Julians.

“Klaus, you are the one who had deviated from the true path of magic. Do you even realize how many promising young mage ended up losing to those cheap soldiers and knights while trying to follow your bull headed footsteps? The way of a magician is to toy with the enemy and use subtle skills against their brute strength. Honour and straightforward fighting is best left to soldiers and idiots.” Julian’s voice rose with anger, his hands rose with his voice, readying himself for the next attack,

“Stop fighting, if you people fight any more it will damage our restaurant. Amy is really angry now. Amy also knows fireballs, if you don’t stop, I’ll burn you up with my fireball!”

A voice childlike voice carried across the square ringing threat.




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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