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Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0128

Chapter 128 – Ultimate Single Hit

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


It was already quite incredible to see a magic user zipping about bashing up thick ice floe like walls as though he was tearing up paper walls. The moment he leapt into the air, everyone sucked in their breath, they were about to see the legendary move that made Klaus famous.

Seeing the way this old man move really overturned the impression that wizards and other magic users were weak chickens who relied on trash talking and incantations to fight. However, this old man was an unexpectedly efficient battle mage, ah! Against that scary Frost Dragon, he had merely used one gigantic fireball, and then depended mostly on light feet and heavy utilization of the magic staff.

“Is he Gandalf?” Mike frowned. If Julian’s control over ice magic was superb, then Klaus’ ability was using runes to augment his body in order achieve all kinds of difficult movements and increase his strength.

Both were the masters of their own field. If Amy could learn ice magic from Julian and battle magic from Klaus, she will have the opportunity to become a powerful magic user with practically no weaknesses. She could grow to be something that is completely unprecedent.

“However, I can’t say whether these two will agree or not. After all, these two were enemies that could not even stand the sight of the other.” Mike looked at the fighting pair a little worriedly. He had made up his mind, next thing to do was to see how he was going to get both men to accept Amy as their disciple.

“Wonderful, wonderful, daddy dearest, I want to learn all that!” Amy clapped her hands as she excitedly cried, “Smashing ice with a magic staff looks really fun, making dragon looks really fun too, and making snow. I can make a really, really big snowman everyday in front of the restaurant.”

“En, then Amy must ask them yourself, perhaps they will say yes.” Mike looked lovingly at Amy in his arms, his eyes bright. Perhaps he was being greedy, but as long as Amy wanted something, he will do his best to fulfil it.

“Okay,” Amy nodded obediently. Then, after some thinking, she said, “but, daddy. Both grandpas want Amy as a disciple, right? Maybe the grandpas are more worried about what daddy thinks?”

“En, it’s possible that you’re right.” Mike was a little stunned by Amy’s insight, looks like this little girl was a bit of a black belly miss herself.

The people around them held their breath as they stared at Klaus, their eyes tracing his upward trajectory, his tall staff flickering a faint red colour, the strongest red-gold light concentrating on the gem. The red red light spread from the gem to envelope the entire staff, it looked like the whole thing was on fire.

His opponent, the 20 meter wingspan Frost Dragon rocketed forward bringing the blizzard with it, strong winds roared across the floor, sweeping the floor clean of snow.

The three tornadoes which have been spinning lazily under the dragon shot forward Klaus, two small trees were ripped out from its roots and up minced into toothpicks, a rock was picked up and that to was crushed into powder.

The freezing blizzard screamed past, stinging the faces of the onlookers who retreated a few steps away with some amazement. This kind of battle was kind of dangerous for spectators.

A light collected within the dragon’s open mouth, as the light condensed, it grew brighter and brighter. It looked scarily powerful.

“Can Klaus actually defeat this dragon?”

Everyone was still trying to guess whether Klaus, who looked like an ant competing against a huge elephant in terms of size, had any chance of winning.

“Grey Temple members on a mission! Everyone, please step back!” at this time, a loud voice announced from behind the spectators.

Barzel came forward with with two grey temple members, chests heaving from mad running. He looked up at the huge dragon in the air, then switched his gaze towards the airborne Klaus, his expression extremely ugly.

As the captain of the Grey Temple team in charge of Aden Square and a Level 5 knight, his strength was naturally not weak and was quite capable of taking care of the everyday happenings in Aden Square.

However, as he looked up at the Frost Dragon and white haired old man battling it out, he could not help but feel a headache coming up. How unlucky, this was definitely not something that he could deal with properly.

A match between two Level 9 wizards, let’s not mention him, even if had the full team of Level 8 knights with him, all they could was stand about on the side and make comments. He did not even have the ability to try and mediate the quarrel. At best, he could only rush forward and waved his hands in an authoritative way at the spectators, “Evacuate the crowd, reduce the casualty rate as much as possible! Await for support!”

“Yes!” the two supporting members also have a rather fixed look on their faces. He had patrolled Aden Square for years, had seen and dispersed many fights and scuffles, but it was rare for them to encounter such a huge fight between two powerful wizards like this. They quickened their pace, trying to get the people to move away from the scene of battle.

The most troublesome thing for them was the increasing number of onlookers who were attracted by the sight of the floating Frost Giant. Dragon aside, the swirling snow itself was enough to attract people over due to the rarity of its sight.

“Break!” Klaus yelled, lightly pushing himself off a frozen ball of ice.

[Plang!] a sharp, clear sound rang through the air, the ball as large as a man’s head broke into pieces. Within the ice, a much smaller silver Ice Dragon slithered out, and attempted to attack Klaus.

However, the battle mage was too quick with his magic staff, as soon as the ball of ice cracked, the staff swing into motion and immediately the little dragon just disappeared into nothingness.

Some of the ice flurries that had been swirling in the air evaporated under the heat of the magic staff, creating a clear space in the atmosphere.

With nothing else to stop his attack, the magic staff once more aimed towards the dragon’s head.

[Peng!] the sound vibrated in the air.

The tall staff looked like a matchstick against the huge dragon’s head, the sight was almost comical, however, as the matchstick smashed against the dragon’s head, it seemed to carry the weight of 10,000 pounds. The loft dragon’s head caved in and tipped sideways unnaturally.

Red fire flashed and swarmed forward, covering the head of the Frost Dragon. A blink and the dignified Frost Dragon turned into Fire Dragon. With a loud [Peng], the dragon exploded into a dense fog.

“Same trick as before, no improvement at all.” Klaus landed lightly to the floor, allowing the mist to envelop his body as he sneered at Julian.


[Translator: Fight! Fight! Fight!]







Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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