Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0124

Chapter 124 – Acknowledgement from All


Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


Klaus and Julian looked at the happily clapping Amy, at her expectant little face promptly sent them back 20 years ago, to the clapping of that woman who egged them on to fight from the sidelines.

Irina’s connection with magic was unprecedented, her talent with magic was like a blessing from heaven. Whatever she attempted were mastered with astounding speed.

This was the main reason why these masters at their peak wanted her as their disciple.

With such a disciple, their lives spent learning magic would not be in vain. She would be able to absorb whatever knowledge they have to impart, furthermore, an elf who could reach up to 800 years old in age could only improve with time. This elf princess could live to be an even more incredible mage then themselves. Then, in the future, if they could be remembered as this powerful mage’s master, they would have made their mark in the history of magic.

However, in the end, none of their efforts bear fruit. Both were on the verge of some sort of compromise when the elf queen suddenly stuck her nose in, the end result was that neither of them got to have Irina as a disciple.

After that incident, Julian eventually made his way into Chaos City and opened up a potions supply shop. The truth was, he had no real desire to train a disciple, the altercation with Klaus over Irina was mostly to pick a fight with that haughty old wizard.

Who would have thought that the elf princess would actually be so talented. After getting to know her a bit more, he was determined to steal Irina from Klaus.

Irina appeared to get along well with both wizards, and did not seemed to know who to favour. On one hand she really want to learn Klaus’ gutsy magical style, after all bashing a dragon on the head was something that was really up her lane. On the other hand, Julian’s ice magic was something that was just so elegant and pretty and she could make all sorts of things with ice. She ended up learning a few magic tricks from both masters, and still haven’t picked any of them to be her teacher when she was carted away by the elf queen.

This was one of the greatest regret in their life, and each blamed the other for ruining this wonderful opportunity. Angry and regretful, both battled it out a few more times without managing to decide on a winner. Worn out and exhausted, both left, determined never to see the other again. This was actually the first time they saw each after 10 years.

“[Savoury Beancurds] is the best! Klaus, if you’re not happy about it, why don’t you fight me over it? Let our strength decide which is the best [Beancurd]!” Julian’s voice was bone chillingly cold, he sneaked a glance at Amy. Since [Savoury Beancurd] was so delicious, he was certain that it was Amy’s favourite. All he had to do was win against Klaus, be the champion for [Savoury Beancurd] and perhaps, eventually Amy’s magical teacher.

“[Sweet Beancurd] is the best!” Klaus’ expression was also solemn. Amy’s age was in his favour, children at that age all love sweets. Once he bash that Julian to a pulp, the probability of Amy becoming his disciple will increase. Looks like this battle will be his most crucial one. Winner wins all. He raised his staff and marched towards the door saying, “You want a fight, let’s fight. It’s been ten years since our last meeting, I’m afraid you’ve forgotten the taste of my staff, I shall be glad to remind you of it.”

“He he, look at you, you sure that’s not your crutch? Can you really still leapt around and bang that thing about like a real wizard?” Julian’s lips curled into a sneer, he took up his own smaller magic staff and headed towards the door as well.

“Wei! Master Julian, don’t you forget me, ah.” Charcoal Black’s frightened voice piped up thinly.

Little Ugly Duckling was currently pushing at the birdcage, making it tip over ever so slightly, occasionally he would stick his claws through the bars, determining the best way to get his paws on Charcoal Black. Unfortunately, his paws were too small, and could barely reached a third way in to the middle of the cage.

Charcoal Black had already plastered itself against the other side of the cage. Though that kitten was still looked quite, its fangs and claws looked awfully sharp and menacing, ah!

Julian did not bother with his pitiful cries as he went after Klaus.

“Daddy dearest, can we go watch?” Amy looked up at Mike pleadingly, this will be the first time she witness wizards fighting against each other.

“Of course, let’s go together Mia.” Mike said with a smile, he grabbed Amy’s little hand and headed towards the door, there was still about half an hour till the the start of the breakfast hour. Moreover, he too was curious what a wizard’s battle was like. From his inherited memories, he could tell that even in Michael Alex had never really watched two wizards seriously go against each other.

“Oh,” Abbe Mia agreed, anticipation on her face. The two wizards were going to fight over [Beancurds], as a member of the Sweet Faction, she wished to see Klaus win this fight, and spread belief of [Sweet Beancurd].

When a [ting ling] noise sounded, people who had been lining up since early morning looked up. They were surprised to see the door opening so early.

However, the person who came out was not Mike. Klaus came striding out with a severe face, everyone automatically stepped out of his way.

Though they have seen Klaus playing cheerfully with Amy, and had even lined up with them in the early mornings, they were all aware of Klaus’ status as a consecrated wizard of the Lost Kingdom and therefore deserve their reverence.

“Why did Master Klaus come out of the restaurant so early?”

“His expression don’t looked too good, do you think he’s been rejected by Boss Mike over Amy again? That Boss Mike sure is a curios one!”

“That’s right, if a master like him show interest in our brat, I’m willing to pay 500 gold each year.”

Everyone started to mutter and discuss the matter, they were actually quite envious of Mike. To have such a grand restaurant was one thing, to think that a consecrated wizard would actually show interest in his cute little daughter as a disciple, this was definitely a winner’s family, ah.

Klaus had just stride past them when the door bell jingled again, all eyes switched over and saw a stooping old man dressed in black came out with unhurried steps. Cold black eyes seemed to pierced through their souls.

Everyone automatically looked away, they all felt like they had been plunged into a freezing cave. This wizard was just too scary. A single phrase appeared in their minds, Dark Wizard!

Wondering between the light and the dark, justice and evil, a dark wizard’s existence had always filled the people with dread.

One step forward and you’ll lose yourself, a step back too much and one becomes a mage of evil. Thus was the life of a dark wizard.

Klaus paused his steps a hundred meters from the restaurant right in the middle Aden Square, and turned challengingly glare at Julian. The blue gem in his magic staff flared with red light, just like a fiery torch!

Julian walked past the peanut gallery without hesitation. When he was five meters away from the restaurant, frost began to appear around his feet, it spread out in countless crackling lines towards Klaus.

“In my name, come out Frost Dragon appear! Embrace the frozen north, all who see thee shall surrender…” Julian’s hoarse voice sounded like it came out of the great abyss, a dragon made of ice and snow appeared from the crackling frost, flapped its wings and surged into the sky.




[Translator: …. what just happened?]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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