Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0119

Chapter 119 – I’ll Bash Your Head In!!


Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


It was completely silent within the restaurant, so much so that they could clearly hear Amy swallowing down her spoonful of [Beancurd] with a satisfying [gulu].

“[Sweet Beancurds] is also really delicious, ah,” was Amy’s happy announcement as she opened her sparkling blue eyes. She immediately scooped up another spoonful into her mouth, and another, and another, not stopping until it clanked against an empty bowl.

“Is that so, well, which one do you like best?” Mike’s eyebrow twitched, Amy’s expression for [Sweet] and [Savoury Beancurds] were pretty much the same, total overwhelming happiness.

However, now that he thought about it, it was the same expression she had shown when she ate [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and [Juicy Burger] for the first time. A perfectly pure and unaffected happiness of eating delicious food, making her already cute face even more adorable.

After a short while, Amy picked up the little bowl to tip the contents into her mouth, not satisfied with that, her little tongue gave the bottom of the bowl a good swipe before reluctantly setting it down on the table.

“So, Amy, which one is tastier? [Savoury Beancurd] or [Sweet Beancurd]?” asked Mike with a smile.

“I think…” Amy looked at the expectant faces of Mike and Abbe Mia, settled down to think deeply. After awhile, she nodded her head, “It’s all very delicious. [Savoury Beancurd] could be eaten with [Juicy Burger], it’s all very fragrant and savoury, and yummy and made [Juicy Burger] extra super yummier. [Sweet Beancurd] is best eaten after [Savoury Beancurd] and [Juicy Burger]. The sweet taste afterwards makes me so much more satisfied, the feeling is really super nice. [Sweet and Savoury Beancurds] are both very, very super delicious, oh!”

Abbe Mia and Mike exchanged helpless looks, both had been quite sure that Amy would side with them, who would have known that Amy would make her own stand on this matter. She would have known that Amy would simply declare both as super, super delicious, making it looked like she’s standing half on their side. If the Sweet Faction and Savoury Faction actually came to blows, they would probably have to depend on relationships to get Amy to cross over to their side.

“Boss Mike, it is I, Klaus. I have some business I wish to speak with you, may I enter first?” once again, someone was knocking on their front door.

“It’s Halfsies Beard Old Man!” Amy looked at their front door happily, “Can we let Halfsies Beard Old Man try the [Beancurd]? I think he’ll definitely like the [Sweet Beancurd], since he’s such an old Old Man, he probably don’t have many teeth left. The soft [Beancurd] would be perfect for him.”

“I’ll go and open the door first, unfortunately for him, our restaurant haven’t started selling [Beancurds] yet.” Mike shook his head with a smile, his suspicion towards  Klaus have reduced quite a lot after looking through the man’s background. Moreover, the wizard have some clout and reputation on him. If he really wanted to find out more information on the elf princess, the wizard might have access to some secret information an ordinary detective couldn’t get his hands on.

“Julian! Why are you here too!” Mike was just about to open the door when he heard Klaus’ voice again, it sounded quite irritated and angry.

Julian is the name of that old mage running the potions shop. Sherlock also mentioned that two wizards at his door have some enmity against each other, it looked like this piece of information was quite correct. These two really did know each other, and it looked like their relationship was far from friendly.

“Klaus, I have been living here for close to 10 years. If you can be here, why can’t I?” the sneer was obvious in Julian’s hoarse voice. The mage’s voice sounded like a set of rusty metal sheets rubbing against each other, it was quite unbearable to the ear actually.

“That’s right! That’s right!” Charcoal Black’s voice piped up.

“You featherless chicken, another sound from you and you’ll be a roasted chicken.” Klaus said mildly as he glanced over at Charcoal, keeping most of his attention on Julian. He was feeling both irritated and anxious. “Just what is this sold bat doing here? Is he here to eat? Or, is he here to snatch Amy away as his disciple?”

“We are not afraid of you!” Charcoal Black said, but though the words were strong, his voice lacked actual strength. He shifted to the back of the cage, moving closer to Julian.

“There’s no need for you to educate my bird.” Julian’s voice was cold as his gloomy eyes stared at Klaus. The entire area around them seemed to have gone a bit colder.

“Humph, I need no permission to educate any creature. I’ve even lectured the king when he was still the crown prince.” Klaus did not appear weak as he countered back, dragging the temperature around them up to nearly scorching levels.

“Ting-a-ling!” Mike opened the door, Klaus and Julian both turned towards him.

“If you two gentlemen wish to quarrel, please do it somewhere else. We’re going to start our business soon, it won’t be good if this door is frozen shut or burnt up.” Mike opened the door to find that he was smack in the middle of these two wizards gearing up for a fight, it was quite unnerving to feel scorching heat on one side and freezing cold on the other side of his body. He felt quite helpless stuck between these two powerhouses.

As usual, Klaus was wearing his pure white wizard’s robes, the tall wizard’s staff in his hand. In contrast, Julian wore a pitch black wizard’s robe, a short magic staff in one hand and the bird’s cage in the other. Within the birdcage was a trembling Charcoal Black trying to hide himself with his two leaves.

Both Klaus and Julian looked at Mike with some shock. With their ability and reputation, if they ever decided to pick a fight in front of the palace, even the king would not dare to come out and ask them to fight somewhere else in order not to damage his doors.

Who would have thought that Mike not only dare to come out, he even asked them to take their fight somewhere else instead of mediating or even pleading for them to stop.

This was actually quite a unique experience for them both.

Klaus and Julian exchanged a glare, hesitated for a moment, before drawing their energies back to themselves.

“Boss Mike…” the two of them spoke at the same time, only to stop and glared at each other.

“Why don’t you two come in and talk, ba.” the two wizards looked like they were itching for a fight, and Mike could guess the reason for their quarrel. It looked like Julian was also here to take Amy in as a disciple.

“Very well,” Klaus nodded, and entered first.

“En,” Julian hesitated for a moment, before nodding and entering the restaurant.

Mike closed the door and rolled down the shutters.

Finding a magical teacher from the Chaos College seemed a little time consuming, since two famous and powerful wizards were already at his door, ready to fight each other for the right to take Amy in as a disciple, why not consider them?

Klaus’s background could be considered quite splendid. Within the whole of Nolan Continent, he was the only wizard that could boast of killing a dragon by bashing it on the head with a magic staff.

As for Julian, though his reputation did not stretch as far and wide as Klaus, the fact that he dared to challenge Klaus head on proved that he was no slouch and no weaker than Klaus. More importantly, he did not seemed to have any connection with the Magic Tower.

“Julian, 20 years ago you’ve ruined my opportunity to take in Irina as a disciple, if you’re here to do the same thing again I shall stake this old life of mine and bash you in the head!” Klaus suddenly turned around to snap at Julian.


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Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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