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Chapter 61 –


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Michael was surprised. It looks that the trial sale of the juicy hamburger was more successful than he had anticipated. This morning, there are even some people queuing up. He smiled and nodded his head as he acknowledged their greetings, flip the sign to ‘Welcome, please come in’ and allow the customers to enter the restaurant.

Moby was the first to arrive, and he joked, “Boss Mike, it looks like I need to queue up earlier in future. Maybe the queue will stretch to the other end of Arden plaza.”

Then he placed his order, “2 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice as usual. The hamburgers are better left for the young ‘uns. “

“All right, please wait a moment,” Michael nodded his head.

“Boss Mike, I want the new dish, what is it called again?’ A man with small eyes sat next to Moby, and immediately placed his order.

“The new dish is called ‘juicy hamburger’. It had been added to the menu.” Michael smiled and replied. This morning, the System automatically updated the menu with the name of the new dish and its price. This saved Michael the effort of changing them manually.

And at the back of the menu, Michael had added two new rules: You are not permitted to yell or shout loudly while dining in the restaurant.You must pay for your food – we do not accept credit!

As for the rest of the rules, he will slowly add them over time. After all, this is a fantasy world and he did not know what kind of situation he would encounter. If he met something he finds unacceptable, he could always add a new rule later.

Michael wants to give all customers a comfortable environment to dine in. If you were enjoying your meal and were disturbed by the shouts and screams of another customer, it will affect the enjoyment of your meal.

And the rule of paying for the meal is to prevent those who try to use their powers to avoid paying. The restaurant is a profit-maximising business after all. He had opened this restaurant to give a better life for himself and Amy, and is not running a charity.

Other than a few people whom he is very thankful for, e.g. Miss Luna, the rest of them must pay for the meal. The cost of the ingredients is not low. Michael could not afford to treat them.

“I also want a juicy hamburger. No, make it 2. Last night, I watched them eat, but did not manage to try one myself. It is such a torture.” A fatty also placed his order, and immediately sat down.

The other people in the queue come in, and most of them took a look at the menu. The juicy hamburger is 300 copper coins and is half the price of a plate of fried rice, and they opted to try the hamburger.

After noting down their order, he entered the kitchen.

The buns are already being warmed in the oven. The meat had been stewed. Therefore, all he needs to do is to insert the meat into the bun, and volia! A juicy hamburger is ready!

“Good morning, Grandpa dwarf Moby.” Amy carried ugly duckling and sat on the tall stool. She greeted Moby as well as a few customers that she recognised. But all her greetings are some weird nicknames for them.

For example, the man with small eyes is referred as ‘Mini-eyes Uncle’. The fatty is called ‘Huge mini-eyes uncle’, because he was so fat that his eyes are like slits, and his body is bigger than the mini-eyes uncle, so she added the words ‘Huge’ in front.

Regarding Amy’s unique and strange nicknames, the guests did not seem to mind it one bit, and just smiled and accept this nickname.

After all, the food here is really tasty, and this young lady is so adorable. In the face of the awesome combo of good food and adorable little girl, they could find it in their heart to be angry.

“Good morning, little boss.” Moby smiled as he nodded his head and greeted Amy. He saw that Amy was carrying Ugly Duckling in her arms and asked, “Oh, young boss, what are you carry? A cat?”

Everyone was also curious about the animal that Amy was carrying. Its shape and fur look like a cat, and the tabby white and orange strips made it look very adorable. Most of the cats that they had seen are single coloured cats. The most common being white cats and black cats. This is the first time that they have seen a cat with this unique marking.

Ugly Duckling raised its head and looked at the customers with curiosity. Yesterday, it was sound asleep most of the day, and this is the first time that it saw so many people.

When it noticed that everyone was looking at it, it bared its fangs and hissed.

“No, this is Ugly Duckling!” Amy shook her head, and placed her hand over Ugly Duckling’s head and chided it, “Ugly Duckling, you are not to snare and make loud noises! This will disturb the customers!”

“Meow ~” Ugly Duckling immediately conceded. It changed to a more comfortable position and nestled itself in Amy’s arm. It yawned lazily, glanced around, and ignored the customers as it closed its eyes and sleep.

Everyone felt as if they were looked down upon by a cat. They had a strange look on their faces. They could not be angry at an adorable girl, neither could they be angry at the tiny kitten.

“Ugly Duckling?”

Everyone was sceptical of Amy’s words. They could not see how a cute little kitten is ugly or a duckling.

But when they thought of the way Amy loves to give everyone nicknames, they suddenly understood and pitied the kitten. Since she named it Ugly Duckling, so it be! It is normal for owners to name their pets, and it is the pet’s misfortune to have an owner that named it ‘Ugly Duckling’.

Michael first took out the juicy hamburgers and served them to the customers. This is much faster to make. Then he returned to the kitchen to prepare the fried rice for Moby.

Moby did not mind it one bit. He may be the first to arrive, but he does not mind waiting a bit longer for the delicious and yummy fried rice.

‘Mini-eyes uncle’ took a sniff at the aromatic hamburger and immediately took a large bite. He chewed slowly to the taste of the meat in his mouth. After swallowing, he felt as if his blood is invigorated, and could not help closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure. His face had a look of pure bliss.

“Just this level of self-control?” The fatty, Harrison, looked at the ‘mini-eyes uncle’ with a look of contempt. Although he was eager to try the hamburger as well, Harrison was sure that he will not act in an uncontrolled and unrefined manner as this ‘mini-eyes uncle’.

As soon as he had taken a huge bite, his eyes widen in surprise.

The soft and juicy meat was filled with the tasty sauce and their own meat juice. When combined with the white colour bun, the taste made his whole body shook with excitement. All the cells in his body seemed to be cheering and dancing with joy.

As a fatty, Harrison is a foodie to loves to eat. His family owns 3 different banks, and money is not something that he needs to consider when eating.

Harrison had even eaten a feast that cost several hundred gold coins. It is made from all kinds of precious ingredients. He thought that this feast is the tastiest thing that he had ever eaten, until now.

When he compared the taste of the food with the juicy hamburger in front of him, the other foods suddenly paled in comparison. How could the food with a large amount of spice be compared with the thick, juicy and natural taste of the meat? Even the bun is so sweet and soft.

The amazing thing is that after he had eaten this dish, Harrison felt as if he had swallowed a bottle of fiery wine. It does not have the same gagging effect on the throat as a bottle of fiery wine, but it excites his blood cells.

Harrison feels as if his blood is raging and he felt a bit warm. He trembled, and perspired heavily.

“Arh—” Harrison did not manage to resist crying out in pleasure, and his voice was much louder than the moan of pleasure that ‘mini-eyes uncle’ had. He immediately opened his eyes, and saw Michael, who was carrying a plate of Yang Zhou Fried rice and serving Moby.

Harrison immediately praised, “Oh, I did not expect that this world had such a fine food like this. Boss Mike, you are genius!”

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