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Chapter 58 –


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As soon as Michael opened the door, a blonde with short hair who was waiting outside the restaurant immediately raised his head and inquired, “Boss Mike, I heard that you have a new dish? My shop is a bit busy, but I have already informed my staff to cover my duties for me, while I rush here to try the new dish.”

“That’s right, but today we are only having a trial sale.” Michael smiled and replied.

This young man is named Plutoer Mushan [1], 27-28. He owes a shop in Arden plaza, and sells a type of incense that was imported from the human capital, Luo Si City. This incense is very popular with the ladies who love the various scents that the incense produced. His shop was doing so well that he hired 5 staff to man the shop.

Yesterday morning, he happened to chance across the restaurant. Seeing the exterior façade, he was impressed and curious and decided to come in to take a look. After having a plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice, he felt as if his life is now completed. He returned here for lunch and dinner as well.

Plutoer even brought two bosses who own the shop beside his to come here for dinner.

This morning he did not come. But he had probably heard of the new dish from his friends, and immediately queued up outside the restaurant, hoping to try the new dish.

“Then first give me one portion of the new dish. But what is this new dish?” Plutoer entered the restaurant and asked.

“It is juicy hamburger.” Michael smiled as he replied.

“Juicy hamburger? What is that?” Plutoer frowned. (Hamburger in Chinese reads as ‘Meat in Bun’ [2])

Plutoer knows what is meat and bun, but he had never tried these two things together before. Could these two things taste good when combined together?

Plutoer thought of the dish [Yang Zhou Fried Rice], and had inquired about the name of the dish before. But Michael only told him that Yang Zhou is a very beautiful place.

Looks like this boss Mike had a weird habit of giving the dishes that he made weird names. Although he does not like the name of these dishes, Plutoer acknowledges that Michael is an excellent chef and a rare culinary talent. Talents are often weirdos, and Plutoer could accept the funny names of the dish. He found himself a seat.

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded his head, enter the kitchen.

As he passed by the counter, he saw Amy was stroking the fur on the back of the tabby kitten, and seemed to enjoy the feel of its soft, smooth fur. As expected, having a cat as a companion is really infectious – you could not resist patting or stroking it in delight. This is especially so for a kitten that is so adorable. Even Amy could not resist its allure.

Michael had already prepared what he needs for the lunchtime crowd earlier. He picked up a freshly bake whit bun from the oven, cut it in the middle, add the mince meat into it, and added some sauce. Then he wrapped it in a plastic wrapper, and passed it to Plutoer, “Your Juicy hamburger.”

“Oh, it smells incredible!” As soon as Plutoer took the hamburger, he was captivated by the succulent smell of the meat. This smell is much more intense than the Yang Zhou Fried rice, and he gulped and swallowed hard. Plutoer was too busy in the morning and he did not have any breakfast yet.

The plastic wrapper is very clear and neat, and there is even a figure of a half-elf girl on it. Plutoer recalled that Micheal had a very cute and adorable half-elf daughter. Never did he expect that Michael

Michael would dare to use her figure to promote his business. This is someone bold, and interesting. He thought that Michael is a great father.

As a boss himself, Plutoer often interacts with other races, and understood the social stigma that most half-breeds face.

Plutoer is a merchant himself and could understand Michael’s thought. The young half-elf lady is really adorable, and most, if not all of the guests love and like her. But it seemed that she is not here today?

Plutoer caught another whiffed of the tempting aroma of the hamburger and he snapped back from his thoughts and focus on the present. He looked at the contents of the bag. The soft, white bun was spilt in the middle, and the meat with the inviting aroma was inserted there. Hamburger seemed to be a valid description of this dish [2]. But is it really juicy?

Plutoer was sceptical, but he could not resist trying the thing called a juicy hamburger. The allure of the smell was too tempting, and he took a large bite.

The scrumptious taste of the meat and the bun immediately unleashed its explosive flavour in his mouth. The juices of the meat flowed out, teased his taste buds, and leave them begging for more. The feeling is so satisfying.

This taste is unlike the mild taste of Yang Zhou Fried Rice and is more exciting. To compare them is like comparing the differences between drinking water from an oasis and drinking a fiery wine. The fiery feeling pours down his throat and immediately invigorated his blood.

“Arrhhh!” Plutoer closed his eyes as he enjoyed the wild rush, and could not help groaning in bliss. His blood was gushing throughout his body, and his heart was beating so quickly. It reminds him of the first time when he confessed his love to his first love. That time, his heart was pounding away like now,

like now, and his blood was flowing wildly like this as well.

For a moment, he just stood there as he reminisced about the past and examine his life.

Every day, Plutoer would meet and greet all kinds of races, and always a smile. He had forgotten what it is likely to truly smile in joy.

Right now, he finally found the real, genuine smile of his that he thought was lost long ago. This taste, it lightens the heart, and makes one smile in delight.

Ever since he had come to the City of Sin, Plutoer had endured, saved, kneeled, cried, lost, and won. In the end, he finally managed to open a shop of his own in the City of Sin. In the blink of an eye, a decade had passed. His memories of his hometown are becoming more and more blurry.

These few years, he had done well, and had forgotten the dreams of his past. When Plutoer first set foot in the City of Sin and saw the ma.s.sive ranges of shops in Arden plaza, he swore that he will open at least 10 shops here, and become a successful merchant.

After finis.h.i.+ng the hamburger, Plutoer suddenly raised his head and looked at Michael, and unexpectedly said, “Boss Mike, I think it is time for me to open a second branch of my business.”

“That’s great!” Michael smiled and nodded his head. Although he had no idea why his guest will suddenly say tell him about his expansion plans, Michael like the idea that the hamburger had inspired him to do more.

“1 more order of the juicy hamburger, please. I believe that this fine delicacy will become popular in the City of Sin.” Plutoer smiled as he placed another order.

“All right, please wait a moment,” Michael nodded his head and entered the kitchen to prepare another hamburger.

After he had eaten the 2nd hamburger, Plutoer took out thetook out the money from his money pouch. He looked at Michael as he inquired, “Boss Mike, I want to order  5 hamburgers for take away, so that my colleagues can try it as well. May I do that?”

“Today is just a trial sale. One person is limited to 3 hamburgers.” Michael rejected his offer.

To Michael, the trial sale is to attract more people to buy, and to prepare for the main sale tomorrow. Today, he does not have a lot of juicy hamburgers to sell.

“Then give me one burger, take away, please. One of the kids’ father had passed away, and he seemed inconsolable. I hope that the food will give him the courage and strength he needs to stand up again.” Plutoer nodded his head and did not insist.

As a merchant himself, he had conducted some trial sales before for new products to judge the demand for the new product. Therefore, he understood why Michael insist on this rule.

Plutoer left shortly with the hamburger. Michael kept the gold coins.

Then a new customer entered the restaurant and the first thing he said was, “Boss Mike, did you have a new dish? What is the thing that the previous customer was carrying in his hand? It smells heavenly!”Note:

[1] 普罗尔·木杉 – Pu Luo Er. Mu Shan. -> In Chinese -> Plutoer Mushan (the p.r.o.nunciation is similar).

[2] 腊汁肉夹馍 – the juicy hamburger in  Chinese is 肉夹馍 (Meat in Bun).

[3] Thank you for reading this chapter at prosperousfood com. I had a whopper at Burger King today as all these translations about juicy hamburger made me craved for one. It is not juicy at all. The meat patty is so thin.  I liked the greens on it although. And no, I could not finish it. It is too big. I am still sick and did not have my usual big appet.i.te either. Sigh. Oh, for a real juicy hamburger…..




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