Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0050

Chapter 50 –


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In this world, the power is concentrated in magic and close quarter combat. The gun had not been invented yet. In his memory, this world does have gunpower, but it is not used for war. It is only used to launch fireworks into the air when there is a festival.

The alchemists in this world consider any refining formula a treasure and top-secret and will not share their knowledge of gunpowder with the common folks. Therefore, Michael could not understand the item that Moby had invented. What could this item that could unleash a large amount of power?

He asked, “What kind of power are you talking about?”

Moby looks at Michael, hesitated a moment, put down his spoon and used his hands to gesture as he explained. “It is something like condensing a very small fireball. Then the fireball suddenly explodes in a large radius. Approximately this kind of power.”

Michael frown. Moby’s explanation is nearer to that of a bomb.

Although Michael was unsure what kind of power is that, if he wants a ranged weapon, a gun should be the best weapon for him. If the gun could withstand the explosive power, the bullet that it lurched will become a very damaging weapon, and can aim at someone from afar.

Michael had the idea and method to harness this power. After all, he is from Earth, and Earth is more technologically advanced than this backwards country. In America, he frequented shooting ranges and is familiar with handling guns.

But he did not inform Moby of his ideas. The key reason why he hesitated is that once guns appear in this world, the world

will plunge into chaos again. Its scary firepower could wipe out many in an instant, and plunge the world into war. It is not easy for the various races to live in peace, and he does not want this world to transform from a magic and close combat weapons era to that of a guns era.

If any of the races managed to master the gun, the balance of powers among the various races will be broken, and there is a chance that a warlord will declare war over the other races.

Ever since he had Amy, Michael only wishes for world peace.

The invention of guns is like a Pandora’s box [1]. Once it is opened, there is no stopping the flow of the evil that flies out from the box.

Michael had no intention of allowing this evil to escape.

Michael asked, “I am more curious about what you want to do with the weapon.”

“I want to kill a dragon.” Moby looked into Michael’s eyes and earnestly replied.

“Did you have a grudge with a dragon? Why does everyone want to kill dragons? Isn’t the baby dragons pretty and cute?” Amy was curious.

Conti wants to kill a dragon, and Grandpa Dwarf Moby also wants to kill a dragon. What is a dragon? Why does everyone want to kill it?”

Michael was surprised. The words ‘killing a dragon’ does not seem to be joking when it comes out from Conti’s mouth. His equipment, other than the donkey, is specially designed for killing dragons.

But Moby is another matter. If not for the fact that Moby is deadly serious, Michael would laugh out loud.

“Boss Mike, you must be thinking this is very funny, right? I also thought that is it a joke.” Moby suddenly laughed, as if everything he said to Michael earlier is nothing but a joke.

But he clutched his fists, and his voice turned low-tone as he spat out with hate, “But for me, this is the reason why I live, and the reason why I continued to forge weapons.”

“That red dragon swallowed my father and killed him when I was only 30 years old. Right now, it would occasionally appear and terrorised the villagers. If I do not kill it personally, my father will not rest in peace. But I am not Michael McGonagall, and do not have the power. I could only think of other ways to kill a dragon. For years, I had experimented with a weapon that could destroy a dragon with one hit. But now, it is laughable. Because if I have no way to lurched it at the dragon, I could not hit the dragon and all my efforts will be wasted!”

Michael looked at Moby who was clutching his fists so tightly that the veins on his arms were bulging. His eyes were bloodshot and the veins on his head were clearly visible.

Conti Nicholas wants to kill a dragon just to prove himself, and become a dragon slayer.

And Moby wants to kill it for revenge. The objective is the same, but the reasons they want to do it is as different as day and night.

“I am sorry to hear about your loss.” After a short hesitation, Michael could only apologise. He is not willing to compromise the safety of this world

this world just to help Moby fulfil his wishes of revenge.

But Moby had indeed warned him of a danger that he had overlooked: That this world is not safe. Although within the City of Sin, the grey templars helped to maintain order, should a real dragon were to attack, what would happen to him and Amy?

“System, do you sell air defence missiles? I want those that could automatically target a creature and lock on to a creature – the one with a tracking device on it.” Michael asked.

“Master, let me remind you that I am not a department store! I do not sell anything that you want to buy, including air defence missile system.”

“Relax, I love peace. I want to buy one just to protect myself. I guarantee that I will not use it to attack anyone or activate it. It will be totally self-activated.” Michael immediately assured the system. “Think about it, if that evil dragon suddenly attacks the restaurant, both Moby and I will surely die. Then there is no use for you anymore!”

The System hesitated for a while, then it suddenly looked down on Michael, “The problem is that you could not afford to buy one!”

Michael frowned. He could not deny this.

But the System had made things clear: If you have money, we can discuss the price.

Once he had several bags of dragon coins, he will place several air missile defences systems on the roof. If a dragon dares to attack the restaurant, it will be in for a rude awakening!

If the evil dragon that Moby wants to kill dares to come into the City of Sin,  Michael could consider letting Moby handle the air defence system for a small fee. Michael did say that he would not activate it, but he did not say a single word not letting Moby activate it.

This should yield some profits for Michael. After all, Moby is a rich dwarf. One weapon of his is sold for 1,000 gold coins.

It is all right. I have not mentioned this matter to anyone for a long time. It is very nice and relaxing here, and I could not help reminiscing.” Moby smiled, shook his head, and continued to eat his fried rice.

Michael turned around and walked towards the kitchen. He will not change his mind about this matter.

In this world, it is not necessary for someone to use guns to kill a dragon. In the past, Michael McGonagall had slain several dragons with just a sword and his Griffin mount.

“Boss Mike, is there is new dish today?” Just when Michael walked into the kitchen, the sound of Harold’s voice thundered out. Although he had controlled his voice, it is still quite loud.

“Loudmouth, you must obey the rules. You are not allowed to talk so loudly!” Amy glanced at Harold with a strict expression.

“I know, I know….” Harold immediately nodded his head. He had almost forgotten the rules. When he saw Amy, for some strange reasons, he complied.

“That’s right. Today the new dish is ready for you to try. This offer is only valid for those who have invested in the shop. The new dish is juicy hamburger.” Michael turned around and greeted Harold and Hagard, and smiled as he greeted them.


[1] More information on Pandora Box




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