Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0048

Chapter 48 –


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Luna was intending to order one plate of fried rice just to support Michael and Amy. She did not know what to expect and frankly, she did not expect much. But when she saw the plate of fried rice on the table in front of her, she was pleasantly surprised.

“It is so beautiful!” This is what she first thought when she saw the plate of fried rice in front of her. Then she immediately becomes curious, “What kind of knife skills is this? It could mince all the ingredients to become as small as the grains of rice. Also, looking at this cooking style, it seemed that everything was mixed and cooked at the same time. But in that case, how could the egg only envelope the rice and not the other ingredients?”

The mouth-watering aroma of the egg and the various ingredients drifted into her nostrils, and she swallowed hard.

“Teacher Luna, please try it!” Amy gently prodded, and was watching Luna anxiously.

Michael was standing at a corner, and observing Luna.  He hoped that this plate of fried rice could delight her.

“Then I will begin my meal.” Luna smiled, picked up half a spoonful of fried rice and placed it into her mouth. Very quickly, she found herself unable to resist this special taste.

There is no erosion of taste due to cooking with water. It is unknown how the chef had cooked this dish, but every ingredient continued to retain their individual tastes. In one mouthful, it is a mixture of crisp, soft, tender and refreshing. Each of the ingredients’ unique taste is so fresh and distinct, yet when they mixed together, they are in harmony. This is a taste that she had never experienced before. She had never in her dreams expected that food could taste this good. It was as if a new world had opened for her to experience.

After swallowing the fried rice, she felt a warm feeling coursing through her body.

It was gently massaging her sore and tired muscles, and the feeling is so comfortable that she was intoxicated.

“This is simply too delicious!”

When she looked at the plate of fried rice, Luna had one thought. That even in the human capital city, she had never tasted a delicacy like this. Just one mouthful, and she is hooked.

She could not resist taking another spoonful. The taste combined mushroom and bamboo shoots from the forest, prawns from the sea, chicken from the mountains, and the rice from the plains. This like a slice of food from all over the lands infused into one dish.

Her mind and the upbringing as a noble told her to mind her manners when eating. But in the face of such heavenly food, her hands seemed to be out of control as it repeatedly grabbed one spoonful after another and fed it to her mouth. In her haste to eat more rice faster, the spoon continuous ‘clang’ on the porcelain plate. All the manners of n.o.ble had disappeared – it was replaced by pure, naked hunger and a craving for more food.

Luna found her earlier thoughts to be laughable. How could something so nice have no customers except for her? Perhaps she is too early. After all, Michael was opening the restaurant when she appeared.

As for the price of 600 coppers, she still thinks it is expensive. But when she considered this grand and welcoming restaurant, and the quality of the food here, she felt that every penny was worth it.

She is living alone in the City of Sin, and an occasional indulgence should be fine. This type of fine food is the best comfort food, especially when she is feeling down.

Michael looked at Luna who seemed to be intoxicated by the taste of the food, and he smiled. Looking at guest’s expressions of happiness as they dig in should a perk that only the chefs enjoy.

Amy’s face was also filled with

with happiness. She looked as if she had done something incredible and to be proud of.


The sound of the spoon scrapping on the empty plate rang out. Then Luna looked down at the plate and discovered that she had eaten every single grain. She was very surprised. Before that, she was moving purely on reflex actions and did not know that she had finished the plate of fried rice. Looking at the plate that was so clean that she could even see her own reflection, Luna was dismayed and embarrassed. She was dismayed as she craved for more, and embarrassed as she had never expected to eat until the plate is so clean.

What made her more surprise is the warming feeling flowing all over her body after she had finished. It is much better than being submerged in a warm jacuzzi.

“Teacher Luna, is it tasty?” Amy looked at Luna and asked.

Luna took a piece of cloth to wipe her mouth as she nodded and replied, “En, it is very delicious. Your father’s rainbow fried rice is really marvellous.”

Then she raised her head and smiled at Michael, “The food you cook is very special and unique. The taste is really incredible.”

“Thank you.” Michael smiled and nodded his head. He could feel that Luna had dropped her guard somewhat.

“Teacher Luna, other than the rainbow fried rice, Papa’s juicy hamburger is also super yummy! Try one?” Amy asked.

Luna looked at the clock on the wall. It is now 7.10 am. Although she was tempted by the fine food, she shook her head, “No, thanks. Today your teacher has to go to work. I will come back another time to eat.” Saying this, she took out her purse.

“All right!” Amy was a bit disappointed. She wants to let teacher Luna [1] eat the tasty hamburger as well. Looks like she has to wait until the next time teacher Luna is free.

“Miss Luna, today’s meal is on me. There is

There is no need to pay.” Michael immediately informed Luna.

“[Master], I recommend that you should not allow your guest to eat for free. You should reject treating people, and become a respectable business that treats all guests equally!” The System voice rang out.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Michael asked.

The System hesitated before replying, “I am a System. I do not need such a thing called a girlfriend.”

“That’s right! An inflexible System like you do not even have a friend! How could you have a girlfriend?” Michael looked at Luna, “This lady treats Amy very well. So what if I waived the charge? You did not even have a girlfriend. [System], I pity you. You better continue to sell the ingredients.”

“……” the system replied in a series of dots.

“No, this is not right. Since I am dining at a restaurant, I should pay.” Luna rejected his offer to treat her. She took out 6 gold coins and placed it on the table, and stroked Amy on her head as she proceeds to leave.

“Then, please wait for a moment.” Michael did not insist. Some ladies are like that – they will feel uncomfortable if a man they have no feelings for treat them to a meal. Maybe Luna is this type. He is not a position to force her to accept his offer to waive the bill.

Michael immediately ran into the kitchen.

“Yi?” Luna was surprised, and after a short hesitation, decided to wait there.

About a minute later, Michael walked out with a plastic bag, and smiled as he gave it to Luna, “This is a new product of our restaurant. It is not available for sale yet. If you do not mind, maybe you could help me by trying it. Give me your feedback and see if there is any room for improvements.”

“All right, thank you.” Luna looked at the smile on Michael’s face, and Amy who was looking on, as if asking her to take it. Shetake it. She hesitated for a brief moment. But when she recalled the superlicious [2] fried rice, she decided to accept the gift. Also, Luna could feel that the father and daughter pair really hopes that she will accept it, and she did not want to disappoint them.

A thick aroma of meat whiffed out from the plastic cover. When she looked at the opened side of the plastic bag, she could see a snow white pancake. In the middle of this pancake was filled with some kind of meat. This should be the juicy hamburger that Amy had mentioned. Just the smell alone made Luna, who was about 70% full, hungry again.

Luna smiled at Amy, “I will be going now. Amy, if you want to come for lessons, you can come over anytime. As long as it is my classes, you may attend it.”

“Great, teacher Luna! But recently I am learning the multiplication table from my Papa.” Amy nodded her head.

“Multiplication table?” Luna was a bit sceptical. She does not know what Michael had taught Amy, but right now she is really in a rush. If she continued chatting she will be late for work. She nodded at Michael and left the restaurant.

“Boss Mike, looks like I am not the first customer for the day!” At this time, Moby happened to enter the restaurant. When he saw Luna who was exiting the restaurant, he gave way to her. His gaze was focused on the plastic bag in her hands, and he smiled the thick, mouth-watering scent of the meat that he loves to eat.

Immediately his eyes lit up as he asked, “There is a new dish today?”




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