Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0047

Chapter 47 –


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After hearing Amy’s voice, Luna finally felt at ease. She looked at Amy and was surprised at what she saw.

Today Amy was dressed in a pretty purple dress. And the golden colour flower on her dress is very nice. Her hair was neatly tied into two plaits. Just one look and you can tell that the person who styled her hair is very skilled. Amy’s clean face was filled with smiles.

This is a huge difference from the Amy she knew. The Amy she knew was dressed in rags, and her hair was very messy flow all over the place. She often squats at a corner by herself and looks very lonely. Today, the poor and pitiful girl had transformed into a pretty and lovely princess. While she was surprised at this huge change, Luna was also very glad to see this positive transformation.

After listening to Amy’s introduction, Luna was even more surprised. Based on what she knows, Amy’s father is often sick and ill. She had seen him once before – he was dressed in rags, hunchbacked, and walked very slowly. Half of his face was covered with beard. The impression she got of him is that he is an old man.

In just the span of a few days, this man had transformed so much that she could not understand it.

Luna politely nodded her head and smiled, “hello, I am Luna Feynidar. I had taught Amy maths before. I have not seen Amy for a few days, that why I come here to check up on her before I go to work.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss

Luna! My name is Michael, and I am Amy’s father. Thank you for taking care of Amy all this while.” Michael also smiled and nodded his head.

He could feel that this woman continued to be wary of him try to keep a distance from him. He likes this.

Teacher Luna treats Amy very well. Other than teaching Amy maths, allowing her into the classroom, and combing her hair, Luna often purchased some food for Amy. Amy would frequently take these food home to share with her dad.

It could be said that this teacher Luna helped Amy a lot. Michael appreciated it and keep his gratitude in his heart.

Although Michael McGonagall did not have any contact with Luna, he did check up on Luna’s background, as he did with anyone else that frequently interact with Amy. This is to assess if they pose any dangers to him and Amy.

Based on what Michael McGonagall knows, Luna comes from a noble family in Luo Si Empire. It is unclear why she had come to the City of Sin and end up as a Maths teacher in the Chaos school.

“You are too polite. Seeing that Amy is fine, I feel at ease!” Luna smiled as she stroke Amy’s on her head. When she saw Amy, she dropped her guard, and her smile is genuine and warm, like that of a doting mother with her daughter.

“Teacher Luna, I am doing well! My father has suddenly conjured up a large and beautiful house, and even cooked the super yummy rainbow fried rice and juicy hamburgers.” Amy smiled and held Luna’s finger. Then she looked back and asked her father

father for a favour, “Papa, please can you cook a plate of rainbow fried rice for teacher Luna?”

“Of course!” Michael smiled and nodded his head. He looked at Luna, “Miss Luna, if you have not eaten your breakfast yet, please come in and have a seat.”

“This….” Luna hesitated. She indeed had not had her breakfast yet. She had come all the way in the morning just to see Amy before heading to work. From here to her workplace, the Chaos school, it is a 20-minute walk. If she were to eat her breakfast here, she may be late for school.

“Teacher Luna, please come in and eat. My Papa’s rainbow fried rice is really ultra, super tasty!” Amy shook Luna’s finger and said with pride.

Looking at Amy’s expression, Luna could not find the heart to reject this request. She knew that Amy wanted to share the things she had with her. Luna smiled and nodded her head, “All right, then I will try the rainbow fried rice that you have recommended.”

“Please come in.” Michael opened the door and stepped back to allow Luna s.p.a.ce to enter.

“Thank you.” Luna politely nodded her head and held Amy’s hand as they made their way into the restaurant. She was impressed by Michael’s manners. It takes a gentleman to open the door for a lady. He is different from the other lecherous men that tried to get closer to her, and try to maintain a distance. This made her feel more at ease. Ever since she had arrived in the City of Sin, she had not met such a man like this.

Michael turned over the restaurant sign, and glance at

glance at the smithy next door. He was surprised that Moby had not come to eat his breakfast this morning. He turned around and entered the dining hall.

Luna held Amy’s tiny hand as she looked around the restaurant. The brown and grey colour interior décor made the place feels very warm and comfortable. When she examined the paintings on the wall, she was surprised by Michael’s taste in art – each painting was exquisite.

The brown colour wooden tables and chairs matched the interior décor and do not seem out of place. The beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling lit up the restaurant wonderfully, and made people feel very comfortable.

She had never been to a posh restaurant like this before. Even in the human capital, she could not find another restaurant as grand and welcoming as this place. She picked a seat near the window and said, “Then I will order one plate of the rainbow fried rice that Amy’s recommended. Thank you.” 

“All right, please wait a moment.” Michael nodded his head and smiled. He glanced at Amy who seated herself opposite Luna, and turned around and headed to the kitchen.

“Teacher Luna, this is really super scrummy!” Amy used her palms to support her face as she leans on the table with her elbows, and earnest informed Luna.

“En, I believe you, Amy.” Luna smiled and nodded her head. She saw a menu on the table, and picked it up out of curiosity. As her hand feel the soft and smooth leather cover of the menu, she likes this place more and more. When she turned the menu over, she was stunned.

The entire menu only has one dish.

“Yang Zhou Fried Rice?” Luna read it out. This should be rainbow fried rice that Amy recommends. But what is this thing called “Yang Zhou”? Is it an ingredient or a place?

When she saw the price, Luna frowned. 600 coppers for 1 plate?

Although she does not know what is the thing called ‘Yang Zhou Fried Rice’ or ‘Rainbow Fried Rice’, the price is insanely high. This price is enough for most people to eat for several days.

Right now, she is a teacher in the Chaos school. Her monthly income is only 30 gold coins. Although her family would send her hundreds of gold coins every month, she usually does not spend this money on herself. Rather, she would use this money to feed the hungry children in this city.

Therefore, spending 600 coppers for a meal is a very extravagant thing. But when she saw Amy’s face and the figure of Michael as he earnest cooked, she could not cancel her order.

This restaurant should have just opened. The menu had only one dish. The price is very high. She may be the first customer. Considering this, she decided to go ahead and spend the monies. Consider this money as an encouragement to this father and daughter pair.

Of course, she could only afford to do this once in a blue moon.

“Your Rainbow Fried Rice. Or should I say, ‘Yang Zhou Fried Rice?”

After a while, Michael walked out a plate of freshly cooked fried rice and place it in front of Luna.





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