Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0046

Chapter 46 –


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“Beep! The wrapping bags for the hamburgers are ready and have been transported. Each time you use a wrapping bag, I will automatically deduct 5 gold coins.” The System’s voice suddenly rang out.

Michael turned around and saw a steel box about 20 cm tall sitting next to the stove. Inside the box are some yellow colour plastic bags. He picked up a bag from the box, and it feels good. In the middle of the back, the words ‘Juicy Hamburger’ could be clearly seen.

If you turned it around, there are the words ‘Mickey Restaurant’ at the other side of the bag. Below is a figure of a young lady. This logo is shaded out to protect Amy’s privacy, and only show the silhouette of Amy.

Although it is shaded out, the elven ears could be seen clearly. Any customers who have met Amy before would be able to recognise this figure as belonging to Amy.

“System, the figure you have designed is superb.” Michael nodded his head in satisfaction. He turned his head and look at Amy, who was happily nibbling and chewing the hamburger in her hands.

He wanted to tell Amy that her pair of half-elven ears will not be ridiculed, but rather, will be envied and loved.

Let the brainwashing of the population begins, starting from this logo design. Michael intends to use the foodies in this world to fight back against the misconceptions of half-elves, and hopefully, allow all the half-elves in this world to have a shred of dignity and acceptance by the population.

He believes that, sooner or later, this figure of the little half-elf girl will be remembered by the foodies.

“Yi?” Suddenly

Michael felt that his body is very hot. This feeling is different from the warm and gentle refreshing feel of the Yang Zhou Fried Rice. Rather it is more like a bunch of super spicy chilli peppers being stuffed in his mouth. His blood was boiling and his face turned red.

“System, surely you did not spike my food?” Michael endured the agony of this strange hot feeling. He was very suspicious. It made him lose his cool and befuddled his mind and he angrily lashed out at the System.

“Please do not insult me. All the ingredients I provided are of the highest quality, and have no poison or harmful effect to any creatures. Therefore I could not have spiked your food!” The System coldly replied.

“Then what is happening to me? How come after I ate a hamburger, I feel as if all the blood in my body is raging?” Michael does not believe the System. The hot feeling all over his body is no longer uncomfortable. Rather, it is getting more comfortable. This situation only increased his unease and affirmed his suspicions.

“Just now you did not listen to my explanation of the ingredients. That is why you did not understand the special properties of these ingredients. If you must blame someone, you have only yourself to blame.” The System replied.

Michael frowned. He did not expect that the System would blame him instead, “The pork is similar to that of the ham used in Yang Zhou Fried Rice. Therefore, there are no problems. Don’t tell me that the flour had a special property? The wheat from this flour is not grown using waters mixed with something

something strange?”

“The wheat comes from the Demon territories, in the wild Kirishima Island in the depths of the Undead Islands, where no demons dared to venture into. We have grown the wheat in this lush area. In this area, the wheat gets up to 12 hours of sunlight a day. At night, the wheat absorbed the nutrients from the beasts that died in this area.”

“When it is eaten, there is a beneficial side effect for those who ate it. For ordinary human, consumption of the flour milled from this wheat can promote blood circulation. For the more violent races, the effect will be a lot stronger, and can invoke bloodlines power.”

“Oh, that is great!” Michael nodded his head. Then his face turned red with embarrassment as he had a funny thought. What if his daughter asked him if she was drugged. How is he going to explain this to her?

“Papa, I feel very hot…..” Amy suddenly cries out.

Michael immediately walked out of the kitchen. Since the System had guaranteed that the hamburger is beneficial to the human body, he is not too worried.

He looked at Amy, who is turning red, and immediately thought of the last two times Amy had turned red. He suggested, “Amy, try creating a fireball in the palm of your hand.”

In the last 2 times, all Amy had to do is to release the fireball in her body. Each time she released it, the fire gets hotter and hotter, and the flames seemed to change colour. Then she would be all right. Hopefully this time it is the same.

“En.” Amy nodded her head, and raised her hand. Suddenly a ma.s.sive towering inferno

towering inferno burst out, and at least a metre high. The fire was very strong and danced in the palm of Amy’s hand.

Michael could only retreat – the flames are so hot that just by standing near Amy, he felt as if he was being cooked alive. The tower of flames raged on, and become strong and scary. Then the flames seemed to change in colour and become more and more purple in colour, until all the fire have turned purple.

Amy’s face also looked a lot more relaxed and much better after releasing these flames.

The temperature in the room increased rapidly, and the restaurant felt like a sauna room – with the temperature set to insanely high.

This new flames are more stronger and potent than the fire she had released before.

Amy looked at the fire that seemed to be disobedient and difficult to control. Then she earnest said one word, “Keep!”. The fire in her hands seemed to be grabbed by invisible hands, and condensed into a deep purple colour fireball.

Michael looked at Amy, who was playing with her new fireball. Then she crushed the fireball and the flames extinguished.He was proud of her, “Oh, my gosh, Amy is really a genius!”

And this hamburger could help to raise Amy’s natural bloodline powers – her ability to create fireball.s at will. Maybe he could cook more hamburgers for her and experiment.

Once he confirmed that Amy have no adverse effects after releasing the fireball, Michael then helped to plait her hair. She really loves this hairstyle, and it seems that it will be some time before she gets tired of it.

After keeping the comb, Michael saw that it is exactly 7.30 in the morning. It is time to open the restaurant for business. He walked towards the door.

After unlocking the door and opening it, he was surprised to see a lady standing there. The lady looks like she was around 20 years of age, and is quite tall and slim. She was wearing a grey colour cotton and linen dress, and on her shoulders is a white colour scarf with a detailed golden flower embroidered on it.

The lady looks like that she was about to knock on the door when the door suddenly open. Her hand that was stretched out to knock the door froze in mid-air. Seeing Michael, she withdrew her outstretched arm, but she asked, “Hi, is this Amy’s house?”

Luna was surprised to see Michael, and thought, “Who is this good-looking and well-kept man? Why is he here? Why is he using Amy’s home to open a restaurant? Don’t tell me …….~!” Luna suddenly panicked as her mind imagined all sorts of things happening to her favourite child.

Although the City of Sin was protected by the grey templars, there were still a lot of people who suddenly disappeared without a trace. Even the grey templars could not find out why.

“Teacher Luna, why are you here?” Michael had not spoken a word, but Amy immediately rushed towards the door. She could recognise the voice of her favourite teacher.

Her eyes were sparkling as she looked at teacher Luna – the appearance of her favourite teacher had given her a pleasant surprise. Then she pulled Michael’s ap.r.o.n as she proudly introduced her father, “This is my papa! The food he cooks is super yummy!”





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