Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0042

Chapter 42 –


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When Michael and Amy passed by the potions shop on the way home, an elderly man who was wearing a black colour robe was bathing the two birds.

Upon hearing the sounds of footsteps, Julian looked up at Michael, then his gaze turned towards Amy. He looked at her so intently that you could almost see the fire in his eyes.

Michael immediately used his body to block his line of sight, and smiled at Julian while nodding his head. Then he held Amy’s hand and walked towards the direction of the restaurant.

After walking a few steps, Amy raised her head and looked at Michael. She was puzzled at their behaviour today. “Papa, why didn’t we greet Charcoal Black, Green Beans and that elderly mage?”

“We have destroyed their birdcage yesterday, and I feel embarrassed if they asked about it. Also, I have already greeted them.” Michael explained. Although Amy tossed the fireball at the bird for its foul mouth, they were neighbours after all, and Michael does not want to have any conflicts.

The most important point is that the way Julian looked at Amy made him feel uncomfortable. He saw the greed in Julian’s eyes.

If he was still Michael McGonagall in his prime, he would have placed his heavy sword on the mage’s neck and asked, “What do you want?”

But now he is just a warrior with a puny 1.5 constitution, even weaker than most commoners. If he tried to do this, he will be attacked by the watering can that the mage is using to bath the bird. Maybe a fireball as well.

Therefore, before he understood the real intentions of this elderly mage, he must be curious and guard against this mage. He should not allow Amy to go out by herself.

“[System], how much to increase the body constitution?” Michael asked.

“The increase in body constitution is not for sale! If you complete the task that was a.s.signed to you, there is a chance that you may get an increase in body const.i.tution as a reward.” The System replied.

“1000 gold coins.”

“Not for sale!”

“5000 gold coins.”

“Master’s current level is not authorised to purchase it.”

“10,000 gold coins.” Michael continued to add.

The System kept quiet for a while. Suddenly some fireworks light off in Michael’s brain, and then it becomes some words, “Special item unlocked! +0.5 increase in constitution. Price: 10,000 gold coins.”

“Hehe, 10,000 gold coins is 1,000,000 copper coins. System, you are really greedy! This is 1 million! I need to sell 3,000 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice to earn this amount.” Michael ranted, then he suddenly smiled and said, “Also, I do not have so much money. Can I have it first and pay you later? Hahahaha….”


The system angrily replied, “If you want to purchase anything, we will deduct the money first. No credit!”

Michael loves to poke fun at the System. He had already calculated. He could not afford to pay 1 million copper coins in the short term. He reckoned he needs at least one month to sell 3,000 plates of fried rice.

Right now, he is almost ready to launch a new dish. The juicy hamburger should be easier to make than a plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. He could prepare the meat before opening, and he can heat up multiple buns at the same time. This means that the hamburger is a more efficient money making machine than a plate of Yang Zhou Fried Rice.

Michael had 2 key reasons for wanting to increase his constitution. One of them is to have the power to protect Amy. The second reason is to be able to carry and lift Amy up high.

Right now, his body is still very weak. He could easily carry Amy for a short while, but he could not carry her for long. Neither could he lift her high up. He wants to have a normal constitution and do what all fathers do.

After they returned home, Michael poured a glass of water for Amy. It is now 11 am. He entered the kitchen with the intent to cook lunch for himself and Amy before the busy lunch hour begins.

“Papa, come here quickly! The ugly duckling is going to hatch!” Amy excitedly shouted.

“So fast?” Michael was astonished.

Amy was squatting on the floor and hugging the egg. She immediately placed a finger over her lips and whispered, “Shhhh… Papa, be gentler when you walk over. Do not frighten the ugly duckling. I just heard some sounds from within the egg. It should hatch soon.”

“Really?” Michael was surprised and sceptical. This is not the season for eggs to hatch yet?

“Really, if you do not believe me, listen to it yourself.” Amy earnestly nodded her head.

Michael carefully walked over there and placed his ear against the eggsh.e.l.l. He listened for a while but did not hear anything.

He thought that Amy must have made a mistake because she was too anxious. Just when he was about to get up, his ears suddenly catch a “sha sha” sound from within the egg. He froze. This sound resembles a cat scratching on the wall. Then he heard something like the sound of the egg cracking. But it only lasted a moment, and then it stopped.

“Papa, is the ugly duckling going to hatch soon?” Amy was elated and her face was filled with anticipation.

“En, I guess it will hatch within these two days.” Michael nodded his head. This egg incubation period is much shorter than he thought. He was sure that this is not a swan’s egg. But he had no idea what type of egg is it. He patted Amy on her head, and informed her, “I will go and cook lunch for us. You continue to watch the egg.”

“En En” Amy agreed, and covered the egg with the towel. She continued to look at the egg happily.

Michael and Amy had their lunch. After they have cleared their plates, it is time to open the restaurant for business. As usual, Moby is the first to arrive, followed by Harold and the rest. A few other guests were also familiar face here, and all of them smiled and greeted Boss Mike.

After the restaurant closed at night, Amy informed Michael that today he had sold 90 plates of Yang Zhou Fried Rice. This should the limit of what Michael can sell in one day.

Under the word of mouth advertisement, there are now numerous guests within the restaurant. Of course, there are very few customers like Moby and the usual customers that could afford to eat in the restaurant for 3 meals a day. But there are many customers who can afford to dine here once every few days.

“Ugly duckling, you must be obedient and sleep well. Tomorrow you must hatch. Otherwise, I will burn you with fire.” Before Amy go to take a bath and sleep, she patted the egg on the floor and talked to it.

Michael smiled as he cleaned the tables. If the creature inside the egg could understand what Amy said, then it will tremble in fear.

After he had cleaned up the restaurant, Michael went upstairs. Amy was already sound asleep. He pulled the blanket to cover her so that she will not catch a cold and took a shower. Then he changed in his pyjama and climbed into the bed.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he immediately opened the experience bag for making a juicy hamburger. The recipe for making juicy hamburgers was quickly absorbed into his mind. Everything from the ingredients to each step, he had a full understanding of making the hamburger. All he lacks is experience in making these hamburgers.

After lying on the bed for a moment, Michael suddenly opened his eyes and asked, “System, shouldn’t you offer a new task and a reward at this time?”




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