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Chapter 40 –


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“Reward: Juicy Hamburger experience bag. Please enter the chef training grounds to begin training.” The System’s voice rang out, and an experience bag suddenly appears in Michael’s brain.

“System, I also want to buy the hair-styling experience bag.” Michael informed the system. He had gained 3000 gold pieces today.

Therefore he still has 400 gold coins from his profits from yesterday. Right now he had completed the task, and should not need so much money at the short-term period.

This is the best time to purchase the hair-tying experience bag so that he can tie Amy’s hair for her.

“I need to calculate if I should sell the experience bags of non-related cooking stuff to you.” The system hesitated.

“120 gold coins. Cash.” Michael calmly replied.

“120 gold coins had been deducted. The experience bag is already delivered. Please check.” The System floated these words into his brain, and a blue colour experience bag was there as well.

“The [System] is really fast in grabbing money.” Michael sighed. Then he opened the blue colour experience bag. All the information regarding styling lady’s hair entered into his brain, and in one minute, he understood.

Right now, his brain discovered that there are over 100 ways to style a girl’s hair: Single ponytail, double ponytail, horsetail style, bun style…. With just one experience bag, he had learned so many things. The experience bag is really convenient.

120 gold coins are approximately $12,000 on earth. This learning fee is very expensive. Just to make Amy happy, Michael felt that this money well spent.

“Papa, let’s go out and play for a while? There are no customers until lunchtime, right?” Amy gently pulled Michael’s s.h.i.+rt, and her face was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Amy is at the age when she is hyperactive. That she is willing to help out in the restaurant and collect money indicated that she is highly matured and understanding. Michael could not find it in his heart to refuse this request. He smiled and nodded his head, “All right, but first I will tie your hair nicely before we go out.”

“Really?” Amy’s sky blue eyes immediately widen in excitement. But she looked at her father with a mixture of unease and scepticism: “Papa, the hairstyle you tie is the same one as yesterdays’?”

As soon as she thought about the hairstyle that her father done yesterday, Amy felt that she will become the laughing stock of all the other children if she goes out with that hairstyle.

“Of course not! I have just thought of a very nice new hairstyle. This will definitely make you look much prettier. Give your Papa one more chance, ok?” Michael thought of his failed attempt at styling Amy’s hair and he turned embarrassed.

Amy looked at her father’s face for a short while, before she hesitantly nodded her head, “All right, I will give you one more chance. If it is not nice, Papa you have to learn how to tie hair from teacher Luna.”

“It’s a deal!” Michael smiled and nodded his head. There is no need for him to learn how to tie hair from teacher Luna. Right now he knows how to tie the hair in hundreds of style. Maybe teacher Luna has to learn from him instead.

Michael took out 2 strips of purple colour ribbons that Amy gave to him, and combed Amy’s hair first. Then he begins to tie Amy’s hair.

As for how to style Amy’s hair, Michael did not even hesitate before choosing one hairstyle.

Amy is a young girl, and like all young girls, they are super cute when they have two ponytails.

Just to show Amy that he can do it as well, Michael decided to choose a slightly harder twin ponytail hairstyle.

Amy obediently sat on the tall stool, and her eyes darted everywhere. She was feeling a bit suspicious, and a bit looking forward to what her father come up with. Right now, Michael had kept the small mirror, and she could only see her new hairstyle after her father is done styling.

With the experience bag, Michael was not as nervous as yesterday. Although he was still a bit clumsy, he worked much slower. First, he divided the hair into two parts, then he braids one part at a time. Finally, he used the purple colour ribbon to finish it. A beautiful twin braid ponytail is created! 

Michael took a step back as he observed his work. Amy’s silver colour hair had been divided into two braids that drop down to her shoulders. Attached to the end of each braid is a butterfly knot, before ending in a ponytail. Her cute and pretty face with large round sky-blue eyes, combined with her black dress, is simply too adorable!

“Papa, does it looks good?” Amy looked down and saw one braid, and was eagerly asking her father.

“Amy, you better take a look at it yourself.” Michael did not reply. Instead, he took out the small mirror and placed it in front of Amy.

“Oh, my gosh—” Amy looked at her reflection in the mirror, and her mouth opened wide in amazement. She blinked as if she could not believe that the reflection on the mirror is herself. After a while, she finally looked away from the mirror and looked at Michael with newfound respect, “Papa, this hairstyle is super nice! It is much better than that of teacher Luna’s. You are incredible!”

“This much is nothing. In future, Papa will change your hairstyle for you. Let’s go! We go out for a walk!” Michael nodded, and carried Amy down from the tall stool. He took off his ap.r.o.n and grabbed a few gold coins. Then the father and daughter pair happily went out together.

“En En.” Amy was playing with her new braids and looked at her father. She was thinking, “Wow! My Papa knows everything! He is really the best!”

Michael felt the look of admiration from his daughter, but he remains calm on the surface. In his heart, he was elated. The 120 gold coins were indeed, money well-spent!

“Papa, look! That stupid bird was wearing tree leaves for clothes, and seemed to be hairless.” As they pa.s.sed by the potion shop, Amy stopped for a moment and pointed at a birdcage.

Michael looked up in surprise. The crow was still alive, and the birdcage that had melted was replaced with a new one.

Only the feathers on the crow’s head were unscathed. The rest of its body was covered with tree leaves, and it was glaring at them.

“You have already destroyed my palace and burned my imperial robes! What more do you want?” The black crow angrily asked. Today it is much more polite.

“Stupid bird, you must be nice! If not I will use my fire to burn you again.” Amy looked the crow and earnestly said.

“Stop, stop, stop!” The crow was anxiously jumping up and down the cage. Then it flapped its wings and said, “Forget it! Since you are quite adorable, I will allow you to address me as Fama Odin the king. In future, you are exempted from bowing before me. As well, I will not ask you to pay for my new palace and robes.”

Michael looked at the crow and wanted to laugh. Looks like this bird had become scared of Amy.

“You can call him Charcoal Black.” The green parrot in the other cage interrupted. Then she nodded her head and continued, “You can call me Sunny.”

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